A World Awakening

A World Awakening

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"A World Awakening" is a weekly broadcast dedicated to bringing the truth to light. Every Friday night from 9:00 - 11:00 p.m. ET Tony Rathman will guide me to you as a LIVE program on KGRAdb.com, YouTube and Facebook. The production will then be archived with unlimited availability. As I've always said, everything happens with purpose and reason in its right and proper time. The time is NOW. Join us on an illuminating journey, a destination like no other because they are interchangeable, one in the same. Knowledge is power but our superpower is love. All aboard the Mother Ship. Blue drinks are on the house! All bright blessings ~ Andrea

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A World Awakening
  • Laura Ockerman & Carrie Hopper - 06.10.22

    Episode 1

    Carrie Hopper and Laura Ockerman are paranormal investigators and Hosts of "A History of a Haunting" Podcast.

    Carrie Hopper - Co-host / Executive Producer
    HoaH was born from an idea she had that podcasts are AMAZING and the paranormal is her passion. She is a rare Arizona native, die hard Star...

  • Jacqueline Nunez - 05.27.22

    Episode 2

    Allow me to extend a proper introduction to Jacqueline Nunez, the next mistress of the house! I've embraced her as a soul sister and true kindred spirit. Gathering together, birds of a feather, tonight she will be among friends. Ken DeCosta, Cody Ray DesBiens and Satori Hawes will join us to welc...

  • Robin Wilt - 05.20.22 - Part 2

    Episode 3

    Robin Wilt is an astrologer, healer, psychic, and money witch. Her gifts started to come back online after her spiritual journey began in 2016 when her entire life was turned upside down. Struggling to overcome her own wounding and trauma, she began to look to alternative, spiritually based heali...

  • Reed Boettger - 05.13.22

    Episode 4

    Friday Night 9 PM EST, we welcome Reed Boettger who is a tour guide & part time caretaker for the Farmhouse in Rhode Island. He has visited nemrous haunted locations throughout New England & publishes his findings on his YouTube Channel "Grit Paranormal" His goal is to share to the world that ev...

  • The Keys to My Heart - 05.06.22

    Episode 5

    Tonight Andrea will be live from "The Keys" with Erin, Suzy & Anita. This should be a show full of laughter and fun!

  • Annie Russell - 04.29.22

    Episode 6

    Annie Russell creates with words, colors, glitter, energy, herbs, and spices.
    As a practicing Witch and Pagan, and having read Runes for over 25 years as well as being ordained Clergy in the state of Michigan, she connects to Spirit in order to assist clients with Psychic Readings, Home Cleans...

  • Erin Bush 04.22.22

    Episode 7

    Erin Bush is a certified reiki master, crystal healer, empath and medium. She is a former paralegal and executive assistant with over 20 years experience. In 2019, she experienced a massive spiritual awakening, causing her to completely re-evaluate her life’s purpose. In July of 2021, she decided...

  • Jeff Turner - 04.15.22

    Episode 8

    Jeff Turner is an author, lecturer, a former pastor and a poet. His words mesmerize the audience. His message is a profound one. Jeff will be my guest on A World Awakening as we introduce our listeners to a joint venture we've launched together called Soul School Sojourn. Because it is Good Frida...

  • Kristie London - 04.08.22

    Episode 9

    Kristie was four years old when she started to identify with the characteristics of her gifts. By the age of ten, Kristie was able to physically see masses of colors, shadows and light, which she later identified as Spirit. As she grew older, her gifts flourished. Kristie quietly learned to use, ...

  • Mike Clelland - Owl Be Seeing You - 04.01.22

    Episode 10

    Mike Clelland's 2015 book, The Messengers, was met with high praise. In it he explores the mysterious connection between owls, synchronicities, and UFO abduction. It was his first-hand experiences with these elusive events that have been the foundation for his research. The book is also a persona...

  • Karen Tatro - 03.25.22

    Episode 11

    Karen Tatro, a Certified Spirit Medium Karen Tatro lives in NH with her husband Steve and children, Nicole and Garrett. From the time she was a small child, Karen has had a deep connection with the spirit world. She could see, hear and feel the presence of spirits and knew that, beyond her intell...

  • Michelle Reuss - 03.18.21

    Episode 12

    World-Renowned Psychic and Trance Medium, Psychometry, Para-Counselor, Ordained Minister, Demonologist/Exorcist, Channeling, Spiritual Healer, Remote Viewing Clairvoyance, Astral Projection, Parapsychology Dream Interpretation, Psychic Advisor, Riverside Iowa Paranormal Founder, Owner Thriller E...

  • Rob Stachowicz - 03.11 22

    Episode 13

    Rob Stachowicz is a paranormal investigator and the owner of Get Haunted, a paranormal services and events company. He has been investigating and researching the paranormal for well over a decade and has investigated many of America’s most haunted locations. From the Queen Mary to 11 nights at th...

  • Dana Stricker - 03.04.22

    Episode 14

    Join us on "A World Awakening" on Friday, March 4th at 9 pm Eastern and 6 pm Pacific time as we invite Dana Stricker onto the show.

    Dana Stricker Psychic/Medium. Born with the sight. Started to read professionally when she was 15 years old. Clairsentient. Clairaudient. Health Intuitive. Witch. P...

  • Kathleen Marden - 02.25.22

    Episode 15

    Join us for a special edition of "A World Awakening" scheduled for Friday, February 25th at 9 PM Eastern and 6 PM Pacific as we invite and talk with Kathleen Marden! (Re-broadcast)

    Kathleen Marden is a leading ufologist who, since 1990, has been researching the perplexing nature of UFOs and the ...

  • Christopher Rondina - 02.18.22

    Episode 16

    Join us on "A World Awakening" Friday, February 18th at 9 pm Eastern and 6 pm Pacific time as we invite Christopher Rondina on to the show!

    "Christopher Rondina is a New England-based author and legend-hunter with over twenty-five years of experience in the paranormal field. His research special...

  • Roz Drezfalez - 02.11.22

    Episode 17

    Join us Friday, February 11th at 9 pm Eastern and 6 pm Pacific time as we invite Roz Drezfalez onto the show.

    Roz Hernandez (she/they) is a comedian and actor based in Los Angeles. Sometimes known as the drag queen Roz Drezfalez, she has toured the country and performed everywhere fine drag perf...

  • Kristi Pederson - 02.04.22

    Episode 18

    Join us Friday, Febuary 4th at 9 pm Eastern and 6 pm Pacific time as we invite Kristi Pederson on to the show.

    Kristi Pederson

    Kristi Pederson is an internationally known psychic medium, author, and public speaker who specializes in helping people discover who they are so they can stand in thei...

  • Maria Schmidt and Neil R. Storey - 01.28.22

    Episode 19

    Join us Friday, January 28th at 9 pm Eastern and 6 pm Pacific time on "A World Awakening" with Andrea Perron. This week we will be discussing "Conjuring England's Supernatural Phenomena" as Andrea embarks on a paranormal and supernatural exploration of England. Special guests will be Maria Sch...

  • Cody Ray DesBiens and Satori Hawes - 01.21.22

    Episode 20

    Cody Ray DesBiens and Satori Hawes are paranormal investigators / researchers with The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), which was founded by Satori's father (Jason Hawes) in 1990. After working together on a few TAPS cases, they found that they had a connection to each other like no other. Co...

  • Carolyn Perron - 01,14,21

    Episode 21

    Join us Friday January 14th, at 9 pm Eastern and 6 pm Pacific time on "A World Awakening" as we get to talk with and interview Carolyn Perron. Carolyn is truly an Iconic figure and has lived a life like no other. Please join us to hear more from this amazing Lady, Mother, Paranormal Survivor, a...

  • Deb Johnson DeRousse- "Continuing the Conversation" - 01.07.21

    Episode 22

    Join us on "A World Awakening", on Friday, January 7th at 9 pm Eastern and 6 pm Pacific time as we welcome back Deb Johnson DeRousse to A World Awakening for an episode titled "Continuing the Conversation"

    Deb DeRousse is an author, lifelong spiritual medium, Reiki Master/Teacher, UFO and parano...