Dead Air - Ken DeCosta & George Lopez

Dead Air - Ken DeCosta & George Lopez

3 Seasons

Live on Sundays | 8:00 - 10:00 pm EST
Dead Air with co-hosts George R. Lopez and Ken DeCosta offers a wide range of live streaming and original content. Show discussions generally center around celebrities and experts in various fields of unusual phenomena, including investigators, Ufologists, Cryptozoologists, Demonologists, and Psychics.

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Dead Air - Ken DeCosta & George Lopez
  • The Fallout - 03.26.23

    Episode 1

    There has been an escalation of drama and claims of betrayal surrounding one of paranormal television's most iconic figures. Tonight we'll explore the bigger picture of what occurs when money, power and influence plays a vital role in what we see and what we don't on network television.

    Guests ...

  • Paranormal Game Show Night (Rematch) - 03.19.23

    Episode 2

    Tonight Dead Air hosts George and Ken take on The Paranormal Couple Cody DesBiens and Satori Hawes in a head to head match to test their knowledge of the paranormal field and each other. No fabulous prizes are being awarded, but the winners maintain bragging rights and display their firm grasp of...

  • Dead Air - Spirit Rescue at Glen Tavern Inn (CA)

    Episode 3

    Tonight we are joined by "The American Witch", Melissa Saint-Hillaire and investigators Mikey Thompson and Cheryl Plum from the Southern California Apparition Research Society (SCARS) for a public reveal of their investigation of the Glen Tavern Inn located in Santa Paula, California.

    Also, a h...

  • Voices from Beyond - EVP Specialists Tony and Cherie Rathman - 02.26.23

    Episode 4

    Tony Rathman Founder/Lead investigator Entity Voices EVP/ITC Specialist- prefers direct communication over other devices Spirit communicator 10 years of paranormal investigation Tony was a skeptic until his wife asked him to try paranormal investigation. The evidence we captured on the first atte...

  • Selling the Paranormal - 02.19.23

    Episode 5

    Ghost tours, ghost hunts and paranormal merchandising were once the domain of small, independent entrepreneurs, but over recent years larger companies have made inroads into those territories. How has their increased presence affected the smaller enterprises and is there room for both to thrive?

  • Dead Air - Alley Theater LIVE Investigation Post-Mortem

    Episode 6

    We review and present the evidence collected from our January 15 investigation of the Alley Theater in Middleboro, Mass.

  • Deb and Arjay DeRousse - 01.22.23

    Episode 7

    Deb & Arjay DeRousse are a Twin Soul couple with a passion for their mission of awakening and informing as many people as possible. They are the Authors of “Defeating The Archons, A Twin Soul Mission” and “Worlds Beyond Death, Examining Alternant Realms of Existence. They are public speakers, Par...

  • LIVE investigation from The Alley Theater - 01.15.23

    Episode 8

    The Alley Theater is a small, quaint, yet powerful venue for local and nationally acclaimed acts and productions. It is also a place where its former owners, patrons and assorted attendees come to check in on the goings-on there. Join RISEUP and "The Paranormal Couple" as they return to the theat...

  • Paine House LIVE Post-Mortem Evidence Review - 01.08.23

    Episode 9

    We welcome guests Cody DesBiens, Satori Hawes, Julie Demay and Erin Bush to join us for an analysis of the evidence produced on our December 18th live event from Coventry, RI.