Dead Air - Ken DeCosta & George Lopez

Dead Air - Ken DeCosta & George Lopez

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Live on Sundays | 8:00 - 10:00 pm EST
Dead Air with co-hosts George R. Lopez and Ken DeCosta offers a wide range of live streaming and original content. Show discussions generally center around celebrities and experts in various fields of unusual phenomena, including investigators, Ufologists, Cryptozoologists, Demonologists, and Psychics.

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Dead Air - Ken DeCosta & George Lopez
  • Dead Air Looks at America's Haunted Hotels and Inns - 12.19.21

    Episode 1

    Sam Baltrusis, author of Ghosts of Salem and featured in "The Curse of Lizzie Borden", has penned more than a dozen paranormal-themed books including "Mass Murders" and "Ghosts of the American Revolution". His latest work is titled, "Haunted Hotels of New England."

    Sam has been featured on seve...

  • Our viewers share their paranormal encounters! - 12.12.21

    Episode 2

    ver come across a ghostly entity? Had an encounter with a UFO? Seen a creature that defied logic? Sunday night at 8 pm Eastern on a special "Dead Air" we are opening up the phone lines to YOU, our viewers, to share your own paranormal experiences with us. There's something out there and you might...

  • The True Story of an Extreme Haunting - Sean Austin - 12.05.21

    Episode 3

    Though Sean Austin has always wholeheartedly believed in the ‘unexplained’, becoming a paranormal investigator was by chance. After over a decade of supernatural experiences that still baffle him to this day Sean continues to search passionately for evidence of the unexplained.

    Sean was a featur...

  • The Paranormal Couple and the Nexus of Spirit Communication - 11.28.21

    Episode 4

    Cody DesBiens and Satori Hawes are popularly known as "The Paranormal Couple". Beyond their as paranormal investigators, they also travel the country displaying and discussing items they have collected or been given possession of in their "Paranormal Couple's Haunted Museum of Objects, Oddities a...

  • Sheena Metal - 11.21.21

    Episode 5

    Dubbed "The Queen of Observation" by her Talk Radio fans, Jenny Sherwin, better known by the stage name Sheena Metal is an entertainment icon who has anchored numerous radio shows for over 15 years in Los Angeles. Her current top-rated talk show, “The Sheena Metal Experience” airs daily on the Ci...

  • Post-Mortem The Dark Zone's Conjuring House live event - 11.15.21

    Episode 6

    Tonight we will visit with some of the main principles involved in the Dark Zone Network's "The Conjuring House: Homecoming" 3-day live stream event that took place Oct. 29-31.

  • An evening of UFO disclosure with Lee Speigel - 11.07.21

    Episode 7

    Lee Speigel has presented credible, compelling UFO stories to the public since 1975, when he produced and wrote a documentary record album, “UFOs: The Credibility Factor,” for CBS Inc. This was the first time that a major recording company offered a UFO-related product via a prime-time TV infomer...

  • Dead Air Halloween Special - 21st century Witches - 10.31.21

    Episode 8

    noun: a religious practice involving magic and affinity with nature, usually within a pagan tradition.

    Nothing says "Halloween" like witchcraft. Eons old, yet tragically misunderstood. Tonight we visit with two women who will bring witchery into the 21st century and dispel many of th...

  • Exclusive preview of The Conjuring House Homecoming" live stream event. 10.24.21

    Episode 9

    George and Ken are joined by investigators Kristin Luman, Brandon Alvis and Mustafa Gatollari, current and former farmhouse owners Cory Heinzen and Andrea Perron along with Producer Jay Bluemke and Supervising Producer Kristine Augustyne for a sneak preview of the Dark Zone Network live event on ...

  • The Exorcist - Bishop James Long - 10.17.21

    Episode 10

    Bishop James Long knows plenty about complicated cases involving the supernatural. Since he was 5 years old, Bishop Long knew that he wanted to be a priest. However, he knew that he was also called to study Demonology and at the age of 9, he began to study anything he could on the subject.

  • A Tale of Two (Very Haunted) Dolls 10.10.21

    Episode 11

    Sunday night on Dead Air, at 8-10 pm EST, we will take a detailed look into who are possibly the two most iconic and haunted dolls in the world. Annabelle, who remains under the ever-watchful eye of Tony Spera and Robert the Doll (making his Dead Air debut) with Key West tour guide David Sloan.