Dead Air - Ken DeCosta & George Lopez

Dead Air - Ken DeCosta & George Lopez

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Live on Sundays | 8:00 - 10:00 pm EST
Dead Air with co-hosts George R. Lopez and Ken DeCosta offers a wide range of live streaming and original content. Show discussions generally center around celebrities and experts in various fields of unusual phenomena, including investigators, Ufologists, Cryptozoologists, Demonologists, and Psychics.

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Dead Air - Ken DeCosta & George Lopez
  • LIVE investigation from The Paine House Museum in Rhode Island

    Episode 1

    Exclusively on Dead Air, RISEUP Paranormal will bring you a live investigation of the iconic Paine House Museum in Coventry, R.I. this Sunday from 8-10 pm on Dead Air. Viewers will accompany the group as they make their way through this amazing 18th century former stagecoach stop, inn and tavern.

  • Comedian "Paranormal Karen" Rontowski - 12.11.22

    Episode 2

    Karen has appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, Sirius Satellite Radio, Comics Unleashed,, Live at Gotham, Comedy Central and Mysteries of the Unexplained.

    After performing and hosting at paranormal conventions all over the world she created the hilariously odd web series ...

  • "Ghosts of Scotland" (Rick McCallum, Mikey Thompson, Cheryl Plumb, Jay Bluemke)

    Episode 3

    RICK MCCALLUM has been a professional stuntman, actor and stunt coordinator for over 35 years, and has more than 75 movie and TV projects to his name. He has been in many horror movies, most notably Hatchet 2 where he is chain sawed in half by his best friend Kane (hey, what are friends for?).. H...

  • Melissa St. Hilaire "American Witch" - 11.20.22

    Episode 4

    Melissa St. Hilaire grew up in the backwoods of Massachusetts, had her first mediumship experience at age three, began reading tarot cards at twelve, and has been mystified by the occult ever since.

    An Intuitive Reader and Medium at the Green Man store in North Hollywood, she offers Spellcraft...

  • "The Radikals" Danny and Lauren Perez - 11.13.22

    Episode 5

    Lauren and Danny, otherwise known as "The Radikals", primarily deal in residential cases that may require a specific approach based on negative aspects of the situation. To that end, they often work with people specializing in exorcism or demonology.

    Lauren's interest in the paranormal goes back...

  • Rev. Jason Bray - 11.06.22

    Episode 6

    Among the passion, ardour and mordant wit of Welcome to Wrexham, there are scenes in the docu-series involving a character who cuts a slightly incongruous sight. When Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney popped to St Giles Church, to capture a flavour of their adopted city, they found something much ...

  • Exorcist Bill Bean - 10.23.22

    Episode 7

    Bill Bean has often said that he could not be where he is today as a spiritual warrior, had he not gone through many horrific experiences himself. “I take the sufferings and torments of others very personally.” Bill Bean.

    Bill shares his testimony of insurmountable tragedy and torment, finding ...

  • The Evidence Show - 10.16.22

    Episode 8

    Hosts George Lopez and Ken DeCosta are also paranormal investigators with a combined 70 years in the field of research. Tonight they are going to present some of their most compelling documentation of the existence of spirits in our physical world.

  • John Zaffis and Tom Stewart - 10.09.22

    Episode 9

    Two guests join us tonight. In the first hour we welcome "The Godfather of the Paranormal", John Zaffis. John has over forty three years of experience studying and investigating the paranormal. He has had the opportunity to work for and with his aunt and uncle, Ed and Lorraine Warren. This sent J...

  • Paranormal Game Night with The Paranormal Couple - 10.02.22

    Episode 10

    The Paranormal Couple, Cody DesBiens and Satori Hawes join us tonight as we catch up on some new additions to their haunted museum, reveal a remarkable clip from a recent investigation, and then in the second hour the couple takes on the hosts in a few paranormally-themed games to get you in the ...

  • Chris DePerno - MUFON N.Y. State Director - 09.25.22

    Episode 11

    Chris DePerno is a retired Major Crimes Detective, a master interviewer and interrogator with 25 years of Law Enforcement experience. Chris, while serving as a Law Enforcement Officer, was awarded the Medal of Valor for going hand-to-hand with an armed gunman who was trying to disarm him. Chris w...

  • Charm City Paranormal - 09.18.22

    Episode 12

    With over 53, 000 subscribers to their You Tube channel, Charm City Paranormal was established in May 2020 and focuses on the historical research of some of America's most haunted locations. Venturing into massive abandoned insane asylums, spending the night in haunted manor's and castles, or tre...

  • Joe Chin "Ghost Hunters International"

    Episode 13

    Joe Chin has traveled the world investigating the supernatural and paranormal. Joe describes himself as a "happy go lucky guy" with a skeptical and curious side. That's probably what makes him so good at investigating the supernatural. His interests in the paranormal date back to his teenage ye...

  • Special Guest Nick Groff - 08.28.22

    Episode 14

    Nick Groff was born in San Jose, California and raised in New England. He has been fascinated with the paranormal since childhood, because of his passion for horror movies and some inexplicable experiences within his home and family. Two years after a near-death experience, while at home alone, h...

  • Conjuring House LIVE Post-Mortem Show - 08.21.22

    Episode 15

    A look back at last Saturday's live broadcast from the infamous farmhouse in Harrisville, R.I. with the special guests who participated to hear their thoughts and recount their experiences. Evidence clips gathered during the event will be shown and reviewed by our panel and chat room participants.

  • Return to the Conjuring House "LIVE" - 08.14.22

    Episode 16

    On a special Dead Air we take viewers live to the infamous farmhouse in Harrisville, R.I. where Andrea Perron returns to her former home to participate in a live public investigation of "The Conjuring House" with some very special guests. Tune in and follow the sessions and hear about the experie...

  • Roswell 2022 UFO XPO Preview - 08.07.22

    Episode 17

    UFOXPO is an interactive UFO Mixer & Social. We're fun yet informative and offer an open-form conference kick-started via mixer and live music. We bring Engaging Speakers, Celebrities, Raffles, and some Cosplay.

    Among the guests expected are:

    Thom Reed
    Kathleen Marden
    Ben Hansen
    Travis Walton

  • "Spooky New England" with guest Amanda Millette

    Episode 18

    Amanda Millette, a 26-year-old Vermont resident, has garnered over 500,000 TikTok followers in less than a year – and she has the SouthCoast, in part, to thank for that. Her in-depth stories of New England hauntings and spooky legends have captivated her followers, and it all started with the Liz...

  • Paranormal Pathways - 07.17.22

    Episode 19

    here are choices we make when we immerse ourselves in paranormal phenomena. Which path we take can lead to enlightenment or potential disaster. Tonight we discuss the difference with Rosalyn and Michael Lewis and Christine Downes.

  • Got Demons? Carl Johnson and Elise Giammarco Carlson of Panorama Paranormal

    Episode 20

    CARL L. JOHNSON has been investigating reports of strange phenomena for the past 49 years, beginning with his association with noted ghost-hunting couple, Ed and Lorraine Warren. As members of Parapsychological Investigatory and Research Organization: R.I.R.O., a research team based at Rhode Isla...

  • Jay and Marie Yates - 06.26.22

    Episode 21

    Jay & Marie Yates are more commonly known for their frequent appearances on popular paranormal reality television shows such as but not limited to; Ghost Adventures, Haunted Case Files Seasons 1-2, Paranormal Witness, Ghost Adventures Aftershocks, and Scariest Nigh of Our Life.

    Jay being haunted...

  • The Dead Air Family Special - 06.19.22

    Episode 22

    Sunday night at 8 pm Eastern, Dead Air welcomes the hosts of two of the most popular shows on "Dead Air: Full Spectrum" for an in-depth discussion of their show content and what makes Full Spectrum tick.

    Joining us will be Cody DesBiens and Satori Hawes from "LIVE from the Haunted Museum" and Ch...

  • Patrick Burns of "Haunting Evidence" - 06.12.22

    Episode 23

    Patrick Burns is a professional photographer and paranormal investigator, best known as star of the TruTV series "Haunting Evidence". He was featured in an Emmy award-winning Turner documentary "Interact Atlanta - 'Ghost Hounds' ". Patrick is a much sought-after speaker at various locations acros...

  • Occult Researcher and Author Michelle Belanger

    Episode 24

    Michelle Belanger is a psychic medium, author, occult expert, presenter, singer, and media personality. Featured on A&E's Paranormal State, Michelle has published over two dozen books, and is best known as an author for The Psychic Vampire Codex and The Dictionary of Demons. For a more complete ...