Discover Sasquatch

Discover Sasquatch

2 Seasons

Discover Sasquatch is an introduction to the Cryptid Realm and delves into the investigative process regarding these entities. Having multiple experience’s myself from Paranormal to a Bigfoot encounters, I felt it was important to create awareness to the public. On this show, we will focus on the evidence, interview relevant researchers in the field and explore areas of the Paranormal nature of Sasquatch.

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Discover Sasquatch
  • Spencer Jamison - 02.23.23

    Episode 1

    Raised in NC, grew up camping and fishing. Studied and taught a traditional Japanese budo from age 16, which led to many connected seminars and classes on wilderness survival, wild edibles, trapping, tracking, and other associated specialties. Began teaching myself metal forging at 23, which even...

  • Discover Sasquatch - Bryan M. Bowden

    Episode 2

    As a child, Bryan experienced some unusual events that drove his curiosity and would later propel him into becoming a boots on the ground UFO, Cryptid and paranormal Researcher and Investigator. Since 1977 he has used his spare time to explore those areas of interest, traveling the world in pursu...

  • Mark Green - 02.02.23

    Episode 3

    Mark green, of central Alabama, has been researching and investigating bigfoot and other weird phenomenon after his first encounter in January of 2007. This first encounter occurred in Loundes county wildlife management area. Afterwards, he found out that the beings were on his private hunting le...

  • Al Santariga - 01.26.23

    Episode 4

    Over 50 years of experience in all aspects of the paranormal field.

    Intuitive, Experiencer,
    Investigator, Researcher, Cryto Zoologist.

    Has appeared in a half dozen independent films, along with Network TV regarding all aspects of the paranormal.

    Founder of the Bronxville Paranormal Society.

  • Jimmie Barr - 01.19.22

    Episode 5

    Some of you may know Jimmie from his Childhood encounter, when he was 7-8 years old that was aired on the Travel Channel's show THESE WOODS ARE HAUNTED season 2 episode 7 titled "We're Goners" where he and his two older brothers had an encounter with two different sasquatches in the same evening...

  • Doug Hajicek - 01.12.23

    Episode 6

    Doug Hajicek is a successful Television Documentary Series Producer and Television Show Creator committed to bringing daring voices and innovative ideas to the screen. He is respected in the industry as a cutting-edge Credentialed Technologist, Camera Systems Inventor, and Wildlife Researcher and...

  • Nathan Reo - 01.05.23

    Episode 7

    Hello all my friends in Sasquatch Land. Hope you all had a great holiday season. Once again Thursday is here and once again we do not disappoint. This time it took a little bit of searching, but we have another great guest. Nathan Reo along with his two companions brought us on many adventures, a...