Discover Sasquatch

Discover Sasquatch

2 Seasons

Discover Sasquatch is an introduction to the Cryptid Realm and delves into the investigative process regarding these entities. Having multiple experience’s myself from Paranormal to a Bigfoot encounters, I felt it was important to create awareness to the public. On this show, we will focus on the evidence, interview relevant researchers in the field and explore areas of the Paranormal nature of Sasquatch.

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Discover Sasquatch
  • Mike Paterson - 12.22.22

    Episode 1

  • Tobe Johnson & Brett Eichenberger - 12.29.22

    Episode 2

    A true account of Tobe’s personal experiences looking into a living amongst the mystery of Sasquatch.

    He is also the co-producer of the 2 part Documentary 

    -A Flash of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed-

    A documentary of Sasquatch testimonies from researchers and eyewitnesses. The film covers historical...

  • Jay Bachochin - 12.08.22

    Episode 3

    Jay Bachochin is a family man in the state of Wisconsin. He is a graphic designer, cinematographer and film editor. Jay founded "The Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators" in 2007 to investigate and research UFO's and Ghosts. Since 2014, he has been on a solo quest searching for the Wisconsin Sasqua...