Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence - Tony Rathman

Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence - Tony Rathman

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Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence is a Paranormal Evidence review show. Featuring 3 sets of Long Term Paranormal Investigator Couples, making up the Entity Voices Paranormal Investigations Team. The team consists of Tony and Cherie Rathman, founders of Entity Voices Paranormal Investigations and operators of the Copper Canyon Paranormal Research center. With over a decade of Paranormal Research Experience across the country and Internationally, and specialists in both EVP and ITC spirit communication. Next is Chris Allgood and Audra Keeler, husband and wife paranormal investigators with over 10 years of experience with backgrounds in both police investigations, early childhood paranormal experiences and Chris is also sensitive bringing an extra value to knowing what is occurring around us. Lastly, Ron Yacovetti and Lourdes Gonzales is a current couple who complete the Entity Voices Team with over a decade of paranormal research, specializing in Direct Radio Voice spirit communication! Together the team has well over 30 years of paranormal Experience, Education, and investigations.

The Entity Voices Team interacts with top paranormal investigators across the country bringing their best evidence captures to the show to review, discuss, and give insights on these spectacular captures done by those in our Paranormal Community. If you have not experienced Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence, you are missing something amazing!

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Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence - Tony Rathman
  • John Zaffis - 02.14.22

    Episode 1

    John Zaffis (The Godfather of the Paranormal) is a paranormal researcher born and based in Connecticut, United States. He starred in the SyFy paranormal reality TV show, Haunted Collector, and runs the Paranormal and Demonology Research Society of New England, which he founded in 1998.


  • Kory and Lexi McFadden of Married 2 the Void - 02.07.22

    Episode 2

    Join us Monday night, February 7th at 9 pm Eastern and 6 pm Pacific time as invite Kory and Lexi McFadden of Married 2 the Void!

    Kory and Lexi are a married Paranormal Investigation team, who search out the dark and twisted, to shed light on the truth. Join us as we invite them on to discuss som...

  • Bryan J Laverty - 01.31.22

    Episode 3

    Join us Monday, January 31st, at 9 pm Eastern and 6 pm Pacific time as we welcome Bryan J Laverty to the show. Bryan is a paranormal investigator and the founder of the Parapost Network and the SB7 whisperer.

    Bryan has been investigating the paranormal for 10 years years and is also a sensitive...

  • Jim Martin, Rick McCallum, and Dylan Rathman - 01.24.22

    Episode 4

    Join us Monday, January 24th as we speak with Jim Martin-CEO of the Spirit Realm Network, Rick McCallum-Founder of Hollywood Ghost Hunters, and Dylan Rathman, apprentice ghost hunter. We will be talking about the LIVE ghost hunt scheduled at the 1910 Globe Jail being shown live from the Spirit R...

  • William T Helms - 01.17.21

    Episode 5

    Join us Monday night, January 17th at 9 pm Eastern and 6 pm Pacific time as we invite William T Helms onto the show. William is a paranormal investigator and the lead investigator and founder at Catskill Area Society for Paranormal Education and Research - CASPER. Join us as William shares some...

  • Direct communication live with DRV and the EVOX - 01.10.22

    Episode 6

    Join us Monday, January 10th at 9 pm Eastern and 6 pm Pacific time on Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence! We are known to show you some of the best evidence captured from a wide variety of investigators and researchers across the country, but this show will be different. We still plan to show yo...

  • George Lopez and Sharon Coyle - 01.03.22

    Episode 7

    Join on this Monday, January 3rd at 9 pm Eastern and 6 pm Pacific time on Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence LIVE as we invite George Lopez Paranormal investigator, Podcast Host, and Author, along with Sharon Coyle, Paranormal investigator, and owner of the Rolling Hills Asylum™ One of the most ha...