Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence - Tony Rathman

Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence - Tony Rathman

46 Episodes

Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence is a Paranormal Evidence review show. Featuring 3 sets of Long Term Paranormal Investigator Couples, making up the Entity Voices Paranormal Investigations Team. The team consists of Tony and Cherie Rathman, founders of Entity Voices Paranormal Investigations and operators of the Copper Canyon Paranormal Research center. With over a decade of Paranormal Research Experience across the country and Internationally, and specialists in both EVP and ITC spirit communication. Next is Chris Allgood and Audra Keeler, husband and wife paranormal investigators with over 10 years of experience with backgrounds in both police investigations, early childhood paranormal experiences and Chris is also sensitive bringing an extra value to knowing what is occurring around us. Lastly, Ron Yacovetti and Lourdes Gonzales is a current couple who complete the Entity Voices Team with over a decade of paranormal research, specializing in Direct Radio Voice spirit communication! Together the team has well over 30 years of paranormal Experience, Education, and investigations.

The Entity Voices Team interacts with top paranormal investigators across the country bringing their best evidence captures to the show to review, discuss, and give insights on these spectacular captures done by those in our Paranormal Community. If you have not experienced Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence, you are missing something amazing!

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Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence - Tony Rathman
  • Keith Davidson & Joey Stay - 06.14.21

    Join us Monday at 9 pm Eastern and 6 PM Pacific time on KGRA media network as we welcome Keith Davidson and Joey Stay, both whom are paranormal investigators and hosts of TTABA (The Truth About Beer And) The Unexplained. Working alongside TTABA is S.U.D.S (Searching, Understanding, Discovering S...

  • What the EVPE team has captured 06.07.21

    Join us Monday night, June 7th on KGRAdb.com for the next episode of Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence. See, hear, and experience exactly what the EVPE team has been up to with their free time, where they have investigated, and of course what they have captured.

  • Matt and Amanda Harvey from Deep Woods Paranormal 05.31.21

    Join us Monday, May 31st at 9 pm eastern and 6 pm Pacific time as we invite Matt and Amanda Harvey are husband and wife paranormal investigators and are the founders and lead investigators of Deep Woods Paranormal which originated in 1991 and are based out of Bryan, Texas. They travel throughout ...

  • Mike Ricksecker 05.24.21

    Mike is the Publisher and CEO at haunted Road Media, Ghostorian at Society of the Haunted, Investigator of the unexplained, convention speaker, Podcast host of Edge of the Rabbit hole on KGRA, and producer of The Shadow Dimension six-part series about A researcher investigating shadow phenomena, ...

  • Special Guest Jim Martin 05.17.21

    Join Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence Live Monday, May 17th at 9 pm Eastern and 6 pm Pacific time, as we speak with Jim Martin. Jim has been to some of the most iconic haunted locations across the county and also to some of the most remote and unknown places. Jim not only investigates the para...

  • Christine and Daniel Peer - 05.10.21

    Join us Monday 5/10/2021 at 9 pm Eastern and 6 pm Pacific time as we speak with Christine and Daniel Peer of The Connecticut Paranormal Research Team.

    The Connecticut Paranormal Research Team is based out of Northeastern, CT that consists of a research group headed by Christine and Daniel Peer.

  • Chris Sanders - 05.03.21

    Join us Monday Night at 9 pm Eastern and 6 pm Pacific time on Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence as we speak with Chris Sanders and review some of his top paranormal captures. Chris Sanders has been a Paranormal investigator for 14 years. Chris's number one goal is is to help out families in need...

  • Miranda Young "Ghost Biker Explorations 04.26.21

    Miranda Young (Ghost Biker)

    Miranda has always been interested in the paranormal for as long as she can remember. As a child, you could find her in the library reading books about ghosts and folklore, or visiting with her grandmother who would often share stories about growing up in the Appalach...

  • Guest Tim Woolworth - 04.19.21

    Join us Monday, April 19th at 9 pm Eastern and 6 PM Pacific time as we welcome Tim Woolworth a noted paranormal researcher, speaker and author to the show,
    Tim Woolworth is an authority on EVP/ITC spirit communication. Instrumental Transcommunication, or ITC, is the use of independent, third-par...

  • John Huckert & Bill Murphy - 04.12.21

    FOX’ “Sightings’” famed ‘Ghostwriter’ Polaroid image case homeowner, JOHN HUCKERT, and Syfy Channel’s “Fact or Faked: ‘Paranormal Files’” host researcher, BILL MURPHY, will be on-air LIVE Monday, April 12th at 9 PM Eastern and 6 PM Pacific time On Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence on KGRAdb.com


  • Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence - EVIDENCE REVIEW NIGHT!

    Join us on Monday 04/05/2021 at 9 pm Eastern and 6 pm Pacific as Entity Voices digs into years of investigations and brings forth amazing evidence captures for the audience to review right along with us. Give us your comments, your thoughts, and your opinions on Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence...

  • Rich Moschella & Marci Keck - 03.22.21

    Rich Moschella: Founder - Team Lead
    Founder and team lead for the New Jersey Paranormal Project, Rich has been interested in the paranormal as long as he can remember. He has learned a lot about ghosts over his years of research and first-hand experiences with the paranormal. Coming from a famil...

  • Austin Maynard - 03.08.21 - Part 4

    Austin is a paranormal investigator, a passionate paranormal experimentalist, promoter, and independent historic preservationist at Underground Paranormal Network which he founded. Tune in on Monday night as this is a show you will not want to miss

  • Chris Stanton - 03.01.21

  • Steve and Katie Hultay - 02.22.21

    Join Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence Live on Monday, February 22nd as we talk and review some of Steve and Katie's best paranormal evidence. Steve and Katie Hultay operate Hultay Paranormal and have since MAY 12TH 2005. Steve Studied Electronics and Communication engineering and together both ...

  • Philip Gibson - 02.15.21

    Episode 6

    Join us Monday, February 15th at 9 pm Eastern and 6p Pacific as we invite our special guest Philip Gibson onto the show. Philip is a Paranormal Investigator and co-founder of Hart City Paranormal

    Join us as we will discuss and review some of Philip's best evidence clips. This is a show you won'...

  • Guest Joe Rainone - 02.08.21

    Episode 6

  • Mike Simpson - 02.01.21

    Episode 5

  • Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence - 01.25.21

    Episode 4

  • Soul Sisters Paranormal - 01.18.21

    Episode 3

  • Guest Jason Emerick - 01.11.21

    Episode 2

  • Guest Anthony Simonelli - 01.04.21

    Episode 2