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"Jocko" - 04.06.22

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  • "Jocko" - 04.06.22

    This WEDNESDAY night, April 6th, 2022, on the I Detective Show. What’s it like to be deep undercover, alone, venerable, and so dangerous that even today he still can’t use his real name. Well, our guest has done just that. He’s infiltrated the New York City mob and drug gangs and was highly succ...

  • Mike Solan - 03.30.22

    This WEDNESDAY night, March 30th, 2022, on the I Detective Show. Is it true, is the woke community going to really charge Police Officer criminally for no reason? Are crazy Prosecutors going to take Police Officers to trial just to have a fishing expedition and try to put Police Officers in jai...

  • Sergeant Chris Strom - 03.23.22

    This WEDNESDAY night, March 23rd, 2022, on the I Detective Show. What really happen with the corruption in Iraq? Our guest retired NYPD Intelligence Sergeant Chris Strom was recruited for the Phoenix Team and sent to Iraq to battle not only terrorist, but the corruption in the Iraqi and US Gove...