Innerspace TV

Innerspace TV

2 Seasons

INNER-SPACE TV is a casually interactive hour-long program that interviews the subjects of extraordinary life events. The show is judgement free, personal, and hosted by those who have lived through extraordinary events themselves. We take you closer, we take you there.
Content includes, UFO’s, near death experiences, space programs, remote viewing, empaths, bigfoot, pyramids, ancient ruins, apparitions, the afterlife, and the unknown. Hosted by: Thom Reed & Matt Moniz

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Innerspace TV
  • Frank Renda - 02.28.22

    Episode 1

    Frank Renda, has an engineering degree in computer technology. He's a robotics builder, whose Droids have been featured in numerous articles, and at conventions, Comic Cons, UFO Conventions, and even the International UFO Museum in Roswell.


    INNER-SPACE TV is a casually interactive hour-lon...

  • Ava Groves - 02.21.22

    Episode 2

    Ava Groves is an actress best known for her role as iCandy. A Paranormal Investigator on the hit TV show Paranormal After Party on Fox56 and The CW TV networks. She also just filmed a horror movie called GO straight to hell. She is an intuitive tarot reader and proud sponsor of the Thom Reed - UF...

  • Debbie Jordan-Kauble - 02.07.22

    Episode 3

    Debbie Jordan-Kauble was the subject of Budd Hopkins Book Intruders. She has since gone on to author her own book, Extraordinary Contact.

  • Travis Walton - 01.31.22

    Episode 4

    In 1978, Travis wrote a book about his UFO encounter, The Walton Experience, which became the basis for the movie “Fire in the Sky” He has passed numerous Polygraph Tests, and remained true to his Encounter. He is a trusted friend and someone I support unconditionally. Thom Reed

  • Tracy Tormé - 01.24.22

    Episode 5

    Tracy Tormé Is a screenwriter and television producer, known for his work on Sliders, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Fire in the Sky and Saturday Night Live.

  • The Brothers of Alien Rock - 01.17.22

    Episode 6

    As showcased in TIME Magazine: The Brothers of Alien Rock are hard hitting rockers who played the storming of Area 51. Their loud, their friends and they put on a Hell of a Show!


    INNER-SPACE TV is a casually interactive hour-long program that interviews those who have had an extraordinary l...

  • Calvin Parker - 01.03.22

    Episode 7

    The Pascagoula Abduction. On the evening of October 11, 1973, 42-year-old Charles Hickson and 19-year-old Calvin Parker were abducted while fishing near Pascagoula, Mississippi.