Into The Portal

Into The Portal

2 Seasons

Jessica Jones is a remote viewer and paranormal investigator with over a decade of dedicated field research, including Bigfoot, UFO, interdimensional, ghosts, portals, and alien contact. Through her own experiences, she’s able to connect the dots between them all. Join her as she explores the world of cryptids – from everyday people who have experienced cryptid sightings, to top notch researchers in the field. Each encounter raises the consciousness of the planet, one Bigfoot sighting at a time.

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Into The Portal
  • Guest Artist and Researcher Jesse Duke - 12.18.21

    Episode 1

    Join Jessica as she goes "Into the Portal" with artist and paranormal researcher Jesse Duke! Jesse grew up with one foot in this world and the other in the realm of the paranormal. His experience with the metaphysical and other-worldly inspired him to create mind-blowing works of art, some of whi...

  • Bigfoot Field Researcher Terry Windell - 12.11.21

    Episode 2

    Jessica's guest this week is Bigfoot field researcher Terry Windell. Terry has been actively investigating Bigfoot in the field with various groups since 2013. In 2018 he co-founded the Carolina Cryptid Field Research organization and is still an active member of that group. Most recently Terry ...

  • Trey from Squatch Me Now - 12.04.21

    Episode 3

    Jessica's guest this week is Bigfoot researcher, blogger, and film documentarian Trey from "Squatch Me Now." Trey has been researching for many years and has an astonishing amount of information on sasquatch encounters. His upcoming docu-series "Masters of the Hunt" premieres in Spring 2022.


  • Sasquatch Field Researcher Craig Jackson 11.27.21

    Episode 4

    Jessica’s guest this week is Craig Jackson, Bigfoot field researcher/investigator and avid outdoorsman from Northeast Georgia. Craig is a wilderness survival and tracking instructor. He is a cave rescue specialist and is a member of the National Speleological Society. Craig is a longtime amate...

  • Paranormal Field Researcher Bob "Grumpy" Wilson - 11.20.21

    Episode 5

    Join Jessica as she walks "Into the Portal" with the man who actually walked into a portal while doing field research! Paranormal field researcher Bob "Grumpy" Wilson will be her guest this Saturday at 8 p.m. EST.

    Grumpy has experienced a lifetime of paranormal activity and is the founder of Nor...

  • Bigfoot Field Researcher Matthew Delph - 11.13.21

    Episode 6

    Join Jessica as she steps into the portal with Matthew Delph - Bigfoot field researcher and the founder of Mountain Empire Cryptid Research Organization (MECRO).

    Matt has been researching for over 20 years after an awakening encounter. His research has included boots-on-the-ground experience t...

  • Sasquatch, ET and the Black Cube - With Guest Barry Littleton - 11.06.21

    Episode 7

    Joining Jessica this week is Barry Littleton, paranormal specialist and extraterrestrial contactee. He has done extensive research into the Black Cube, Sasquatch, and the world of extraterrestrials. They will discuss mutual encounters with Black Cubes and cryptids.

    Barry Littleton was born s...

  • Premiere Episode - 10.30.21

    Episode 8

    Tonight's Guest is Trey Hudson, Author of "The Meadow Project - Explorations into the South Skinwalker Ranch"