Into The Portal

Into The Portal

2 Seasons

Jessica Jones is a remote viewer and paranormal investigator with over a decade of dedicated field research, including Bigfoot, UFO, interdimensional, ghosts, portals, and alien contact. Through her own experiences, she’s able to connect the dots between them all. Join her as she explores the world of cryptids – from everyday people who have experienced cryptid sightings, to top notch researchers in the field. Each encounter raises the consciousness of the planet, one Bigfoot sighting at a time.

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Into The Portal
  • Honobia Sasquatch with "Relics" Author John Vandeventer - 04.02.22

    Episode 1

    Join Jessica as she goes "Into the Portal" with author John Vandeventer.
    John was born in Dallas and raised in Plano Texas, he still has a lifelong fascination for military aircraft which he developed as a young boy. This fascination led to him serving in the USAF for 16 years. His fascination fo...

  • Bigfoot and Paranormal Researcher Kristen Payton - 03.26.22

    Episode 2

    Join Jessica as she goes "Into the Portal" with Kristen Payton. Kristen is a Bigfoot and Paranormal Field Researcher from northeast Georgia. She’s a registered nurse at her local hospital and has ADN and BSN with multiple certifications. She not only works full-time, but goes to school full-ti...

  • Jason Kenzie - 03.19.22

    Episode 3

    Join Jessica as she goes “Into the Portal” with Jason Kenzie!  Jason is an adventurer, photojournalist, and internationally recognized and critically acclaimed filmmaker. Born and raised in beautiful BC, Canada, Jason has spent many years exploring the natural beauty of North America.
    Jason has...

  • Bigfoot Michigan Rob and Tex Wesson - 03.12.22

    Episode 4

    Join Jessica as she goes "Into the Portal" with Bigfoot researchers Tex Wesson and Bigfoot Michigan Rob. Tex Wesson is the creator of Trinity Para-Cryptid Research and "Tex's Front Porch" on YouTube. He is a field researcher and has encountered Bigfoot, Dogman and the paranormal. Bigfoot Michig...

  • Bigfoot Anonymous - Connor Flynn - 03.05.22

    Episode 5

    Join Jessica as she goes “Into the Portal” with Connor Flynn of Bigfoot Anonymous! Connor is a Sasquatch enthusiast, a cryptid/paranormal researcher, explorer, historian, investigative journalist, author of several paranormal books, and an actor, starring in films such as Zillafoot and The Void ...

  • Mark Holt of Squatch'n Indiana - 02.26.22

    Episode 6

    Join Jessica as she goes "Into the Portal" with Mark Holt of Squatch'n Indiana! Mark was born and raised in Central Indiana. He goes by "Hoobilly" out on the trail. He's an ADT Trail advocate and loves camping. Mark saw his 1st Sasquatch in 1996 and has been doing field research for the past fou...

  • Joal Bioc - 02.19.22

    Episode 7

    Join Jessica as she goes "Into the Portal" with Holistic Energy Practitioner Joal Bioc. They explore Bigfoot language and the possible connection to Light Language - a heart-based, conceptual form of communication, both ancient and futuristic. The 1970's Berry/Morehead audio recordings, "The Si...

  • Paranormal Roundtable with Katie Gribowski & Renee Barnett - 02.12.22

    Episode 8

    Join Jessica as she hosts a paranormal roundtable with the ladies of KGRA Digital Broadcasting! Katie Gribowski of Mufon's What's Up and Rene Barnett of Nightvision Radio join Jessica to discuss everything paranormal, from cryptids and UFO's to ghosts and other mysteries of the world.

    Follow ...

  • Bigfoot Field Researcher David Pardue - 02.05.22

    Episode 9

    Join Jessica as she goes "Into the Portal" with Bigfoot Field Researcher David Pardue. He had his first bigfoot experience at the age of 16 on his aunt's farm and this sparked a deep interest in understanding just what that 6-foot-tall bipedal creature that he watched run across a tobacco field ...

  • Alfred Santariga - 01.29.22

    Episode 10

    Join Jessica as she goes “Into the Portal” with her guest Alfred Santariga.
    Alfred has over 53 years of experience in all aspects of the paranormal field. He is an intuitive, experiencer, investigator, researcher, and cryptozoologist. He has appeared in a half dozen independent films, along wit...

  • Sasquatch as A Manifested Being with Guest Barry Littleton - 01.22.22

    Episode 11

    oin Jessica as she goes "Into the Portal" with paranormal researcher Barry Littleton. They look into Sasquatch as a manifested being, along with the paranormal "X-factors" of the Bigfoot phenomenon.

    Barry Littleton was born somewhat awake with fragmented past life memories and began having pa...

  • Keith McClain 01.15.22

    Episode 12

    Join Jessica as she goes "Into the Portal" with Bigfoot field researcher Keith McClain. Keith has a lifetime of extensive outdoor related experience and credentials. He is an avid outdoorsman with a wide array of outdoor interests. To name a few: hiking, camping, mountain biking, hang-gliding, ...

  • Thomas Kardos of North Carolina Cryptid and Paranormal Project - 01.08.22

    Episode 13

    Join Jessica this as she goes "Into the Portal" with Thomas Kardos of the North Carolina Cryptid & Paranormal Project (NCCPP). Thomas is an active Bigfoot and cryptid researcher/investigator based in North Carolina. He has had some serious cryptid activity on his property and out in the field. Th...