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  • Accessing the Akashic Records: Emily Harrison - 12.07.21

    In this episode Emily Harrison, fouder of The Akashic Academy imparts her keyes and wisdom on accessing the Akashic Records.

    After becoming a certified Akashic Records practitioner in 2015, Emily’s life shifted dramatically. Leaving behind a career in Hollywood, Emily created a healing business...

  • Where Did the Media Go? Katie, Carolyn Transcript, Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

  • John Ramirez - 12.07.21

    Guest, former CAI Directorate, John Ramirez discusses his own personal experiences, an official discussion he had about 'human origins', the UFO connection of him and several of colleagues that led to their careers and much more.

    BIO: Mr. John Ramirez served from 1984 to 2009 in the CIA Director...

  • Cody Ray DesBiens and Satori Hawes - 12.06.21

    Join us Monday night December 6th for Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence as we invite Cody Ray DesBiens and Satori Hawes "The Paranormal Couple" on to the show.

    Cody Ray DesBiens and Satori Hawes are popularly known as "The Paranormal Couple". They are both paranormal investigators, but they also...

  • Dr. Irena Scott - 12.06.21

    Dr. Irena Scott holds degrees in veterinary medicine, astronomy and biologyand has taught at The Ohio State University College of Medicine, and the University of Nevada. Her publications include books, and works in scientific journals, magazines, and newspapers. Her photography has been shown on ...

  • Krystal (Garcia) Madison - 12.06.21

    Krystal (Garcia) Madison, "The Witch of Sleepy Hollow", is a Puerto Rican Bruja, Espiritista and Sancista.
    Krystal spent time in New Orleans and the Deep South, learning the art of Southern Conjure and New Orleans Voodoo. Presently, she is ordained in the Temple of Diana, a member of the Cabot K...

  • Solaris BlueRaven - 12.04.21

    GOT MIND CONTROL? olaris BlueRaven is a Published Author, Producer, Writer, Editor and Public Speaker with a professional background in covert technology, surveillance, investigative research, healing modalities and technology.

  • Les Velez - 12.05.21

    Les Velez is the co-founder of OPUS, an organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support which was formed in 1994. He’s a graduate of the University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Science in administration as well as a US Army Veteran, and former Vice President of Luscombe Engineering. In 199...

  • The True Story of an Extreme Haunting - Sean Austin - 12.05.21

    Though Sean Austin has always wholeheartedly believed in the ‘unexplained’, becoming a paranormal investigator was by chance. After over a decade of supernatural experiences that still baffle him to this day Sean continues to search passionately for evidence of the unexplained.

    Sean was a featur...

  • Neal VanDeRee - Highlights - 12.05.21

    The U.S. Transhumanist Party speaks with Neal VanDeRee, Officiator at the Church of Perpetual Life, to discuss his work in life-extension advocacy and how he has coalesced a dedicated community around the world’s first brick-and-mortar (non-denominational) Transhumanist church.

    This conversatio...

  • Trey from Squatch Me Now - 12.04.21

    Jessica's guest this week is Bigfoot researcher, blogger, and film documentarian Trey from "Squatch Me Now." Trey has been researching for many years and has an astonishing amount of information on sasquatch encounters. His upcoming docu-series "Masters of the Hunt" premieres in Spring 2022.


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  • John Kachuba - 12.03.21

    Are shapeshifters walking among us? Millions of people believe they are! We'll explore the magic and mystery surrounding shapeshifters over time and across cultures. Author, Ohio University creative writing instructor and avid ghost hunter John Kachuba takes us from vampires and werewolves of ol...

  • Andy Myers - 12.03.21

    Join "A World Awakening" on Friday December 3rd at 9 pm Eastern and 6 pm Pacific time as with invite Psychic Medium Andy Myers to the show

    Andy Myers is a psychic medium, inspirational speaker, life coach, and best-selling author of three books. He’s made hundreds of appearances on popular r...

  • Episode 3 - 12.03.21

    Bishop James Long discusses Demonolgy & the Paranormal!

  • Red Panda Koala - 12.03.21

    Andy & Dan are live again & joined by Documentary film maker "Red Panda Koala" bringing UFO documentaries from his youtube channel to a new younger audience finding and discovering the subject!

    Make sure you join in and share your views in the chat room

    Spotify listeners can now access premium...

  • John Ramirez - 12.03.21

    Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good day, and aloha! UCR is your home for credible news reviews and commentary on everything #UAPs and #UFOs! Your Host Luis Jimenez. And co-host Michael Mataluni! Come aboard, let's get weird!

    Today, we chat with John Ramirez. Mr.John Ramirez served f...

  • Explosive Driver Testimony, Live from Ghislaine Maxwell - 12.02.21

  • John Schuessler - 12.02.21

    This THURSDAY night, December 2nd, 2021, on the MUFON “WHAT’S UP” radio show, hosts Katie Griboski, Chris DePerno, and Katie Cook will welcome our guest, John Schuessler. John is one of the founding members of MUFON, and current aerospace consultant. After 36 years of service to the U.S. Human Sp...

  • Live from New York City Ghislaine Maxwell Trial - 12.01.21

  • John Sneddon & Ralph Cipriano - 12.01.21

    This WEDNESDAY night, December 1st, 2021, on the I Detective Show, do we really know what happened at PENN STATE? The I Detective team will be talking to the Special Agent, who investigated the scandal at PENN STATE, that brought down the President of the college and the beloved Joe Paterno. In...

  • Episode 5 Daniel from Train Like A Ranger - 12.01.21

    Daniel is the founder of Train Like A Ranger. He has numerous affordable programs to prepare you for ranger school, or even help you shed off that Covid 15. Check out his programs at

    Every episode supports veteran nonprofits:

  • Premiere Episode - 12.01.21

    "Search Warrant; What if...everything you thought you knew about the criminal justice system and high profile criminal cases...wasn't true? What if...the mainstream media was too corrupt and compromised to tell you about it? Join a veteran Buffalo City Detective, a veteran Canadian-Pacific Po...

  • Confessions of an Illuminati Princess: Christy Zagami - 11.30.21

    In this episode Christy Zagami discusses her wild adventures living the life of an Illumunati princess and being the wife of author and show host Leo Zagami. We will get into Marilyn Monroe, her death, and possible connection with UFOs/secret societies!

    Christy Zagami is author of "Confessions o...