KGRA Presents Grant Cameron

KGRA Presents Grant Cameron

KGRA Presents Grant Cameron
  • Grant Cameron: Skin Walker Ranch

    Grant Cameron expels conversation towards Skin Walker Ranch, also known as Sherman Ranch, located in Ballard Utah. He discusses how AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) also "Identifies" the paranormal/supernatural phenomena in places such as Skin Walker Ranch. Some stories ...

  • Grant Cameron: Gradual Disclosure

    The government has two choices regarding UFO's: disclosure or cover up. Grant Cameron discusses how the government does both, in what he describes as "Gradual Disclosure." All of which involve but are not exclusive to, The Department of Defense, ATTIP, The White House, NASA, Tom Delonge, To The ...

  • Grant Cameron: Personal Sightings

    Ever since a young man, Grant has been intrigued by the Alien/UFO subject. He discusses his first UFO sighting which triggered his interest. Grant Cameron is an amazing researcher, KGRA is happy to have the honor of working with him to help spread awareness of his work.