Meanwhile, Here on Earth... - Peter Robbins

Meanwhile, Here on Earth... - Peter Robbins

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This program features in-depth conversation/interviews with the leading names in the worlds of UFO and paranormal studies with special emphasis on how they became the public figures we’ve come to know and respect. Each week veteran investigative writer/researcher Peter Robbins brings you these as well as in depth conversations with experiencers and UFO abductees, and the best and the brightest of the next generation of writers, researchers and experiencers. “Meanwhile, Here On Earth.” will also depart from strictly UFO/paranormal topics in featuring accounts and panel discussions with a surprising variety of writers, authors, artists, filmmakers, musicians, mental health professionals, actors, directors, theologians, and a myriad of other unforgettable individuals who share your interest in the subjects in question. The show that breaks new ground and welcomes all listeners/viewers, be they new to these subjects or veterans of them.

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Meanwhile, Here on Earth... - Peter Robbins
  • Donald R. Schmitt - 01.03.21 KGRAdb

    Episode 1

    Donald R. Schmitt is the former co-director of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO studies in Chicago where he served as Director of Special Investigations for ten years. He was a special investigator for Dr. Hynek prior to that. A seven-time best-selling author, his first book UFO Crash at Roswell...

  • Rich Hoffman - 12.22.21

    Episode 2

    On Monday December 27th my guest will be Rich Hoffman, founder and executive board member of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies, has more than 55 years of experience investigating and researching UFO phenomena.

  • Ralph Blumenthal - 12.20.21

    Episode 3

    My guest on "Meanwhile, Here On Earth" on December 20 is Ralph Blumenthal, Distinguished Lecturer at Baruch College of the City University of New York and summer journalism instructor at Phillips Exeter Academy. Blumenthal was an award-winning reporter for The New York Times from 1964 to 2009 and...

  • Jordan Pease & Ron Janix - 12.13.21

    Episode 4

    December 13 guests on "Meanwhile, Here On Earth" will be Jordan Pease, Director of Rogue the Valley Metaphysical Library in Ashland Oregon, and Ron Janix, founder of The Observation Deck, an online source for information on speakers and events in and around the UFO community.

  • Dr. Irena Scott - 12.06.21

    Episode 5

    Dr. Irena Scott holds degrees in veterinary medicine, astronomy and biologyand has taught at The Ohio State University College of Medicine, and the University of Nevada. Her publications include books, and works in scientific journals, magazines, and newspapers. Her photography has been shown on ...

  • Dr. Oné R Pagán - 11.29.21

    Episode 6

    Dr. Oné R Pagán is a husband, father, scientist, blogger, and biology professor. He is in absolute awe of the natural world, especially the fact that it can be understood through science and mathematics. He is also the author of, among othr titles, the recently published "Drunk Flies and Stoned D...

  • David Marler - 11.22.21

    Episode 7

    David Marler has had a lifelong interest in the UFO subject and has actively investigated and researched the subject for 31 years. He is a MUFON Field Investigator, a former Illinois State Director, and is curator of the largest private UFO archive in the country.

  • Ralph Hull - 11.15.21

    Episode 8

    Irish ufologist Ralph Hull. Ralph served in the British Army Air Corps as an engineer and aìrcrew member during which time he spent two and a half years on active service in South East Asia. Prior to relocating back home to Ireland, he lived in Suffolk East Anglia and worked in the Rendlesham Fo...

  • Richard Dolan & Stephen Bassett - 11.08.21

    Episode 9

    This Monday November 8th, my return guests on "Meanwhile, Here On Earth" will be DIsclosure lobbiest and Director of the Paradigm Research Group, Stephen Bassett, and author, show host and ufology's leading historian, Richard Dolan. Steve and Richard will be picking up where they left off several...

  • Mike Stevens and Nomar Slevik - 11.01.21

    Episode 10

    Mike Stevens is a life long UFO abductee and experiencer. Norm Slevik wrote the book, "Granite Skies," which tells the story of Mike's extraordinary narrative

  • UAP's and Nuclear Weapons Press Conference Roundtable Discussion - 10.25.21

    Episode 11

    A discussion of Tuesday's historic UFOs and nuclear weapons press conference at the National Press Club will be the subject of the upcoming episode of "Meanwhile, Here On Earth." Panelists will include Director of Paradigm Research Group Stephen Bassett, UFO and civil rights activist/attorney Dan...

  • Jim Weiner & Charlie Foltz - 10.11.21

    Episode 12

    My guests for Monday October 11 will be Jim Weiner and Charlie Foltz, two of the four men involved in the Allagash, Maine, UFO abductions in August 1976. This shattering and extremely well documented event was the subject of Raymond Fowler's book, The Allagash Abductions: Undeniable Evidence of A...

  • Tracy Torme - 10.04.21

    Episode 13

    Tonight's guest will be screenwriter Tracy Torme, best known for his work on the films Fire in the Sky, I Am Legend, and Sliders. He has also written for Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Saturday Night Live, among his many credits. And, he's the man who introduced Dr. David Jacobs to Budd Ho...

  • Robert Long & James Bouck - 09.27.21

    Episode 14

    The Monday September 27 episode of "Meanwhile, Here On Earth" will feature veteran UFO investigator/researchers Robert Long and James Bouck. Long and Bouck's recently published book, "UFO Abduction: The Control Factor" is one of the best-researched and most objective takes on the realities surrou...

  • Ryan Sprague, Jason Mclellan, Shane Hurd & Robert Salas - 09.20.21

    Episode 15

    "Meanwhile.." 9-20-21 - SALAS 10-19-21 UFO-NUKE PRESS CONFERENCE
    The respected military witness, Robert Salas, now has his UFO UAP/nuclear weapons press conference confirmed for October 19 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. In the first hour of this special episode of "Meanwhile, Here...

  • UFO's & Religion Panel Discussion - 09.13.21

    Episode 16

    On the September 13 episode of "Meanwhile, Here On Earth" will be a panel discussion on UFOs and Religion, the impact of Disclosure on people of faith, UFOs and the Bible, and related subjects. Panelists will include ministers, lay Catholic scholars and a rabbi. Don't miss this unique broadcast.

  • Bryce Zabel - 09.06.21

    Episode 17

    This Monday September 6, Bryce Zabel, Former CNN news reporter, TV producer, writer and creator of the popular cult series, "Dark Skies."

  • Denise Stoner - 08.30.21

    Episode 18

    Monday August 30's guest on "Meanwhile, Here On Earth" is Denise Stoner, lifelong abductee/experiencer, and UFO abduction researcher and activist. Denise, along with Kathleen Marden, is coauthor of the outstanding book, The Alien Abduction Files.

  • Friends & Colleagues of Budd Hopkins - 08.23.21

    Episode 19

    Tonight's "Meanwhile.." Saturday August 21 marks 10 years since the death of pioneer UFO abduction researcher, investigator and author Budd Hoplins. The August 23rd episode will feature memories and reminiscences of an assortment of guests who were friends of Hopkins' or who worked with him as co...

  • Paul Davids - 08.16.21

    Episode 20

    Tonight on "Meanwhile Here On Earth", Guest Paul Davids. Paul is a filmmaker, writer, artist, and executive producer of the outstanding film about the Roswell UFO incident and Jesse Marcel Sr., "Roswell."

  • Christopher Munch - 08.09.21

    Episode 21

    Tonight on "Meanwhile, Here On Earth," a conversation with filmmaker Christopher Munch, writer, director and producer of "The 11th Green," a uniquely original take on the 'what if' possibility that President Eisenhower met with non-human intelligences in the nineteen fifties.

  • Deb White-Kauble, Kathleen Marden, Denise Stoner, Tiffany Mac & NK Kranda

    Episode 22

    Monday August 2 on "Meanwhile, Here On Earth," I'll be joined by five extraordinary women, all experiencers and/or UFO abductees who are all activists in the field - authors Deb White-Kauble, Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner, Tiffany Mack, and experiencer chronicler and researcher NK Kranda.

  • The Travis Walton "Controversy" - 07.26.21

    Episode 23

    Panelists will include (but not necessarily limited to) abduction researchers and authors of The Abduction Files, Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner; James Clarkson, retired police detective, former MUFON Director of Washington State, and author of Tell My Story: June Crain, the Air Force, & UFOs,...

  • Greg Bishop - 07.19.21

    Episode 24

    July 19th's guest on Meanwhile, Here On Earth" will be be Greg Bishop, author, columnist, editor, former audio engineer at American Public Media, and host of the terrific, long-running weekly podcast, "Radio Mysteriouso."