Meanwhile, Here on Earth... - Peter Robbins

Meanwhile, Here on Earth... - Peter Robbins

16 Episodes

This program features in-depth conversation/interviews with the leading names in the worlds of UFO and paranormal studies with special emphasis on how they became the public figures we’ve come to know and respect. Each week veteran investigative writer/researcher Peter Robbins brings you these as well as in depth conversations with experiencers and UFO abductees, and the best and the brightest of the next generation of writers, researchers and experiencers. “Meanwhile, Here On Earth.” will also depart from strictly UFO/paranormal topics in featuring accounts and panel discussions with a surprising variety of writers, authors, artists, filmmakers, musicians, mental health professionals, actors, directors, theologians, and a myriad of other unforgettable individuals who share your interest in the subjects in question. The show that breaks new ground and welcomes all listeners/viewers, be they new to these subjects or veterans of them.

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Meanwhile, Here on Earth... - Peter Robbins
  • Meanwhile Here On Earth - Richard M. Dolan

    My guest April 19 is one of the best-known and most respected UFO researchers in the world. He is an author, historian, conference speaker, television show host, GaiaTV series creator, and radio program host here on KGRA. Join us next week for a unique, in-depth biographical conversation/intervie...

  • Taras W. Matla & Christopher Bartel - 04.12.21

    April 12th’s guests are Taras W. Matla, artist, curator, museum administrator and ufologist who will be curating the first major retrospective exhibition of Budd Hopkins’ paintings in 2023, along with an exhibit devoted to Hopkins’ UFO abduction work. Photographer and security services profession...

  • Nancy du Tertre - 03.22.21

    Nancy du Tertre. is an attorney who graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University, is a trained psychic detective working with law enforcement on homicides; a trained remote viewer and respected instructor of the technique, She is also an author, former CBS radio show host, well-known natio...

  • Guest Kevin D. Randle - 03.15.21

    Monday March 22nd’s guest on “Meanwhile, Here On Earth has been a guest on hundreds of radio programs and podcasts and appeared in on numerous documentaries and TV shows. While best known for his books on the Roswell UFO crash, Kevin D. Randle has spent the majority of his life actively investiga...

  • Guest Marla Frees - 03.08.21

    My guest on Monday March 8 is Marla Frees, one of the country’s most respected transformational psychic mediums. Her extraordinary life journey is the subject of the bestselling book, “American Psychic: A Spiritual Journey from the Heartland to Hollywood, Heaven, and Beyond” which will be the sub...

  • Meanwhile, Here on Earth... - 03.01.21

  • Guest Marc D'Antonio - 02.22.21

  • Lee Spiegel - 01.15.21

    Episode 8

  • Guest Donald R. Schmitt - 02.08.21

    Episode 7

  • Laird Scranton - 02.01.21

    Episode 6

  • Meanwhile, Here on Earth... - 01.25.21

    Episode 5

  • Robbie Graham - 01.18.21

    Episode 4

  • The Beginning - 12.28.20

    Episode 2

    This first program was recorded in audio only. In it, program host Peter Robbins introduces himself to listeners and lays out his aims, intentions and plans for the show. He talks about how he became involved in UFO studies, shares some stories, and talks about a number of the challenge facing so...

  • Kathleen Marden - 01.04.21

    Episode 3

    An interview with Kathleen Marden. Marden is one of the world’s most respected investigators of UFO abduction and contact with non-human intelligence. She is a published author, a featured on-camera commentator, and an international lecturer. She is a practitioner of regression hypnosis with an i...

  • Robert Salas - 01.11.21

    Episode 1

    An interview with Robert Salas. Guest Robert Salas served seven years on active duty before separating from the Air Force in 1971. While on active duty he worked as, among other things, a Weapons Controller and commanded inter-continental ballistic missiles as a launch officer. It was during this...