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The Travis Walton "Controversy"

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Episode 1 • 2h 1m
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  • Greg Bishop - 07.19.21

    July 19th's guest on Meanwhile, Here On Earth" will be be Greg Bishop, author, columnist, editor, former audio engineer at American Public Media, and host of the terrific, long-running weekly podcast, "Radio Mysteriouso."

  • Thiago Luiz Ticchetti - 07.12.21

    Join me us Monday July 12 when my guest on "Meanwhile, Here On Earth" will be researcher and investigator Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, one of Brazil's best-known and most respected UFO authors.

  • Kate Thorvaldsen & Marc Dantonio - 07...

    On Monday July 5 my guest on "Meanwhile, Here On Earth" will be Norwegian experiencer/abductee Kate Thorvaldsen. Kate is a multimedia artist, radio show host and public speaker. She also has several dozen well documented implants in her body and is the author of A Hybrid'sTale, Joining us will b...