Meanwhile, Here on Earth... - Peter Robbins

Meanwhile, Here on Earth... - Peter Robbins

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This program features in-depth conversation/interviews with the leading names in the worlds of UFO and paranormal studies with special emphasis on how they became the public figures we’ve come to know and respect. Each week veteran investigative writer/researcher Peter Robbins brings you these as well as in depth conversations with experiencers and UFO abductees, and the best and the brightest of the next generation of writers, researchers and experiencers. “Meanwhile, Here On Earth.” will also depart from strictly UFO/paranormal topics in featuring accounts and panel discussions with a surprising variety of writers, authors, artists, filmmakers, musicians, mental health professionals, actors, directors, theologians, and a myriad of other unforgettable individuals who share your interest in the subjects in question. The show that breaks new ground and welcomes all listeners/viewers, be they new to these subjects or veterans of them.

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Meanwhile, Here on Earth... - Peter Robbins
  • Scotty Roberts 06.13.22

    Episode 1

    Monday on “Meanwhile, Here On Earth,” a conversation with Egyptologist Scotty Roberts. Roberts is also a published author, illustrator, publisher, broadcaster, conference organizer and historian.

  • Don Ecker - 06.06.22

    Episode 2

    Don Ecker is a writer/researcher/commentator currently living in the Los
    Angeles area. Serving as the former Director of Research and Media Liaison for
    UFO Magazine for 20 years, Ecker is an internationally renowned investigator of
    the UFO phenomenon. A former law enforcement officer and criminal...

  • Micah Hanks - 05.23.22

    Episode 3

    Micah Hanks is a longtime advocate for scientific research into unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). He is a contributing member of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU), as well as a frequent commentator and writer on the subject, and maintains an interest in the history, and possible s...

  • Doug Auld - 05.16.22

    Episode 4

    Doug Auld grew up with a love for and fascination with nature and wildlife, all things mechanical, and the subject of UFOs. He attended trade high school for auto mechanics, welding and autobody, is a competitive ice hockey player, musician and composer. An accomplished, award-winning professiona...

  • Cheryl Lynn Carter - 05.09.22

    Episode 5

    Cheryl Lynn Carter had her first paranormal experience as a child and soon realized she had a unique Sixth Sense. Throughout the years, she has maintained a vision of pursuing several avenues: writer, photographer, researcher, and explorer, in order to share “their” stories with the world. Cheryl...

  • UFOs in Texas panel discussion - 05.02.22

    Episode 6

    Noe Torres is a recognized expert in the field of UFOs and the paranormal, Noe Torres is an author, publisher, and former Texas state section director for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) who holds a Bachelor’s in English and a Master’s in Library Science from the University of Texas at Austin.


  • Stacey Wright - 04.25.22

    Episode 7

    Stacey Wright is the State Director for Arizona MUFON, and also the Director of Phoenix MUFON. Stacey is a certified Field Investigator and STAR Team member for MUFON and over the past 15 years, has helped to build the Phoenix MUFON chapter from ground up to become MUFON International’s 2017 Cha...

  • Grant Cameron & Nicole Sakach - 04.18.22

    Episode 8

    Grant Cameron had a UFO sighting in 1975 which caused him to spend most of his life looking into UFOs consciousness and the nature of reality. Grant is a respected conference speaker and author of several outstanding UFO related books
    Nicole Sakach is an experienced UFO researcher and investigato...

  • Pat Colligan - 04.04.22

    Episode 9

    Patrick Colligan was born in Buffalo, New York and entered onto Active Duty in the U.S. Air Force, in December of 1976. He served as a Sergeant and Nuclear Weapons Specialist and was stationed at RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge in England from July 1977 to July 1980. He departed the Twin Bases ...

  • Gus Russo - 03.28.22

    Episode 10

    Our guest is Gus Russo. Gus is a respected author of books on the JFK assissination, the mob, American/Soviet espinoge, professional guitarist, UFO witness, and one of the greatest (true) storytellers I have ever met. He was one of Oliver Stone's key advisors in the making of the film, "JFK."

  • Stephen Bassett - 03.21.22

    Episode 11

    Monday, Stephen Bassett returns to "Meanwhile, Here On Earth." Bassett is the executive director of Paradigm Research Group (PRG) founded in 1996 to end a government imposed embargo on the truth behind extraterrestrial related phenomena. He has spoken to audiences around the world about the impli...

  • Chase Kloetzke - 03.14.22

    Episode 12

    An in-depth biographical conversation with author Chase Kloetzke. Chase has investigated UFOs, strange creatures, and the paranormal for over twenty years. She is a former Deputy Director of Investigations and Star Team Manager for the Mutual UFO Network, the largest civilian UFO investigative or...

  • James Clarkson - 03.07.22

    Episode 13

    Monday March 7 on "Meanwhile, Here On Earth." James Clarkson has been an investigator for over 45 years, in criminal justice, law enforcement, and UFO research. He served as the MUFON State Director for WA from 2007 until 2017 and has investigated over 1,500 reported UFO encounters. Jim has lectu...

  • Kathleen Marden - 02.28.22

    Episode 14

    Returning as my guest on Monday February 28 is Kathleen Marden. Her newest book, "Forbidden Knowledge: A Personal Journey From Alien Abduction To Spiritual Transformation," has just been published and we will be joined by a panel of experiencers for the second hour of the program.

  • Seriah Azkath - 02.21.22

    Episode 15

    This Monday's guest on "Meanwhile, Here On Earth" will be Seriah Azkath. Seriah is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to the the paranormal and mysteries in history. He is host of the weekly show, "Where Did the Road Go?," encompassing every from Lost Civilizations to Ghost...

  • Dr. Michael Brien - 02.14.22

    Episode 16

    My guest on "Meanwhile, Here On Earth" on Monday February 14 is Dr. Michael Brien, publisher, world traveler, and investigator of the strange and unusual. He is the author and coauthor (along with the late, great Rosemary Ellen Guiley) of a series of unique books of travel stories on the paranorm...

  • Rev. Barry Downing, Rev Michael Carter & Paul Eno - 02.07.22

    Episode 17

    Monday February 7 on "Meanwhile, Here On Earth," Rev. Barry Downing, author of the classic, "UFOs and the Bible," will be discussing that very subject with me. During the second half of the show we will be joined by Rev Michael Carter, and author, broadcaster and scholar Paul Eno

  • Raymond Szymanski - 01.24.22

    Episode 18

    On Monday, a four-decade U.S. Government senior scientist turned paranormal researcher and author, Raymond Szymanski takes us inside the Top Secret Holy Grail of Ufology, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. His interest in Extraterrestrials and their connection to Wright-Patt was ignited during his ...

  • Dr. Robert Davis - 01.17.22

    Episode 19

    Dr. Robert Davis is an internationally recognized research scientist and a professor at the State University of New York for over thirty years. An invisted lecturer at Harvard, Cambridge, and Peking University, he has published more than sixty articles in scholarly journals and is the recipient o...

  • Marc Hartzman - 01.10.22

    Episode 20

    Marc Hartzman, author of books about ghosts, Mars, Oliver Cromwell's embalmed head, weird things on eBay, sideshow performers, unorthodox messages from God, and more. He is currently at work on a book about UFOs.