Mystical Awakenings

Mystical Awakenings

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Deb & Arjay are multidimensional beings hosting topics from everything mystical, spiritual, paranormal, UFO'S, and topics from outer realms of existence. Deb is a Spiritual Medium and Arjay is a Numerologist so from time to time they offer readings. Interaction is more than welcomed.

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Mystical Awakenings
  • Making Contact with Kathleen Marden - 12.29.22

    Episode 1

    Kathleen Marden is an award-winning researcher, author, on camera expert, hypnosis practitioner, and international conference presenter. She is widely considered one of the leading UFO contact researchers of our time. Since 1990, she has researched and experienced the perplexing nature of contact...

  • Life As An Experiencer - 12.22.22

    Episode 2

    Join us as we welcome back Candace Isaacson as our special guest. Candace is an experiencer who recently went through hypnosis/regression and found many memories about her experiences of being taken by Extraterrestrial beings. We touched briefly on our last show with her about this but tonight ...

  • Arcane Knowledge with Frank Chilli  - 12.15.22

    Episode 3

    Frank Chille has been a self-proclaimed seeker of Arcane Knowledge for the past 45 years. He is a student of health, metaphysics, ancient civilizations, comparative religions, and has knowledge of mostly unknown contactee experiences from individuals he has met along his life path. He has had fi...

  • The Darker Side with Demonologist Lisa Girard - 12.08.22

    Episode 4

    Join us as we chat with Lisa Girard who has spent most of her life dealing with hauntings while growing up in a haunted home. To Lisa, having ghosts and beings around her was the normal way of being. Since the para-normal was her normal, she had little fear of things that would terrify most peop...

  • Void Chasers - 12.01.22

    Episode 5

    Join us with members of M.A.P.I.T (Michigan Area Paranormal Team). Founder, Daniel Makin along with members Barry White Crow and Arjay DeRousse as we discuss the evolution of paranormal investigating. We consider ourselves "Void Chasers" as we try to fill the void and connect all things paranor...

  • Q & A with Deb & Arjay

    Episode 6

    Deb and Arjay are dedicating this show to open discussion and questions from their listeners. They have been in the Paranormal field for well over 35 years and are also very deeply into the research of the UFO phenomenon.
    Being experiencers themselves they have a passion to help others to dea...

  • Cheryl Lynn Carter - 11.03.22

    Episode 7

    Cheryl Lynn Carter is a Psychic Medium, Remote-Viewer, and member of Project Psi: a team of psychic and forensic remote-viewers responsible for rescuing missing children, assisting with shutting down human-trafficking rings and closing cold case murders. To date they have rescued 502 children, cl...

  • UFO's in Michigan - 10.27.22

    Episode 8

    Deb and Arjay interview Bill Konkolesky, Michigan MUFON State Director.

    Bill Konkolesky has been the State Director of the Michigan Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network since 2004.

    After a lifetime of his own UFO and abduction encounters, he’s spent the last three decades actively investigating t...

  • UFO/E.T. Experiencers - 10.20.22

    Episode 9

    Tonight's guest is experiencer Candace Isaacson,
    What are the makings of a person who has contact, or any type of experience, with UFO/UAP's? There are many books out there that talk of famous cases like Travis Walton or Betty and Barney Hill, but what about the millions of "average" cases that...

  • Andrea Perron - 10.13.22

    Episode 10

    Discussion with Andrea about higher love and the Galactic connection. Andrea Perron is the author of “House of Darkness House of Light,” a supernatural trilogy that is the true story behind the 2013 feature film “The Conjuring.” She has also co-authored the historically-based mystery/thriller “In...

  • Michael J.S. Carter - 10.06.22

    Episode 11

    Michael JS.Carter is originally from Baltimore, Maryland. He moved to New York City in 1980 and lived there for almost 30 years working as a professional actor before moving to Asheville.

    Michael is an ordained Interfaith Minister and received his BA Degree in Letters from the College of New Ro...

  • Come Meet Deb & Arjay - 09.29.22

    Episode 12

    Deb & Arjay DeRousse are new to KGRAdb but they are not new to radio or the Metaphysical, Spiritual, Paranormal, or Ufology fields. They will talk about who they are, what their paths entail, and what their plans are for their weekly show on KGRA. Join in and feel free to ask questions as well ...

  • Live from Michigan UFO Contact - 09.22.22

    Episode 13

    Join Deb & Arjay for full disclosure. The Mothership is bringing her people to help us celebrate Mystical Awakenings evolving to KGRA Digital Broadcasting, as well as starting the Michigan UFO Contact in Houghton Lake, Michigan!
    Join us on our very first show on KGRA and help us welcome some o...