Night Vision Radio - Rene Barnett

Night Vision Radio - Rene Barnett

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History is always written by the victors—not unpredictably putting themselves in the best light and secreting that which shows their own faults, frailties, and, yes, their crimes.
In my work in television and film, night vision cameras are utilized because they illuminate what hides in the dark. That, metaphorically speaking, is our mandate for NightVision radio on KGRA.
Following clues left by our ancestors, in part, in art, literature, and even song, we unbury the past to reveal not only treasures of gold and relics but knowledge of unfathomable value, putting us just a little closer to our true birthrights.
Some might say our true history is the real Holy Grail. So, whether it’s the secret history of the bloodline of Jesus, the secret history of America’s founders, or the secret history of extraterrestrial interaction with our planet, hosted by René Barnett, NightVision is here to shine a light on it all.

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Night Vision Radio - Rene Barnett
  • Devil Church - 05.05.23

    Episode 1

    René and James travel to a very strange church in southern France which, with it's structure and odd art, seems to lead us to a very dark place.

  • Adventures in Arcadia - 04.21.23

    Episode 2

    James and René take you on a journey to a very strange church with unusual symbology that would not normally be found in any church anywhere!

  • Uncharted -- A rediscovery of visitors to the new world before Columbus

    Episode 3

    Friday March 31st, we welcome Guest Catherine Heymsfeld to "A World Awakening".

    Catherine uses a multifaceted spiritual and life coaching approach towards helping her Clients’ find a sense of wholeness, empowerment, inner peace and self-actualization. A natural born Intuitive, Catherine was mad...

  • Pirates of the High Seas - 03.24.23

    Episode 4

    Guest - trade unionist and history buff, Sean Halsell

    Pirates have long captured our global imagination with their daring exploits and adventures on the high seas. From the infamous Blackbeard to Captain Kidd, we'll explore the legends and the facts of these romanticized robbers.

  • It Followed Us Home! - 03.17.23

    Episode 5

    Veteran producer/videographer and creator of TV's "My Ghost Story", Barry Conrad,, shares some of his most harrowing experiences with the paranormal while on the job.. and off!

  • NightVision - UFO Reunion

    Episode 6

    A walk down UFO memory lane with UFO magazine founders Vicki Cooper Ecker and Don Ecker. We'll take a look back at some of the compelling cases in the past,(and some crazy ones, too!), as well as where the field of Ufology stands today.

  • Strange Characters of History - 02.03.23

    Episode 7

    The past is filled with a cast of real characters that easily rival any work of fiction... Like the man who was purported to live forever, another who was charged and convicted of practicing necromancy--raising the dead, and others who had kings and queens at their beck and call and hanging on th...

  • NightVision - Ken DeCosta & Ann Simank - Bad Houses

    Episode 8

    Bad Houses! Are Some Houses Cursed? with paranormal investigative expert Ken De Costa and Ann Simank, who lived in a 'bad house' for 15 years.

  • Outlaws and Ancient Treasure - 01.13.23

    Episode 9

    This week on NightVision. The great-great grandson of notorious outlaw Jesse James shares his family stories and his research leading to some very unusual connections. Author Daniel J. Duke will explain his unlawful ancestor's connections with secret societies like freemasonry, the Knights of the...

  • Katie Paige - 01.06.23

    Episode 10

    An expert view on high strangeness on Clearview Ranch also known as the OTHER Skinwalker Ranch. Katie Paige, Colorado State Director and STAR Investigator for the Mutual UFO Network and author shares the latest evidence of paranormal activity at this incredibly active site.