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Night Vision Radio - Rene Barnett

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History is always written by the victors—not unpredictably putting themselves in the best light and secreting that which shows their own faults, frailties, and, yes, their crimes.
In my work in television and film, night vision cameras are utilized because they illuminate what hides in the dark. That, metaphorically speaking, is our mandate for NightVision radio on KGRA.
Following clues left by our ancestors, in part, in art, literature, and even song, we unbury the past to reveal not only treasures of gold and relics but knowledge of unfathomable value, putting us just a little closer to our true birthrights.
Some might say our true history is the real Holy Grail. So, whether it’s the secret history of the bloodline of Jesus, the secret history of America’s founders, or the secret history of extraterrestrial interaction with our planet, hosted by René Barnett, NightVision is here to shine a light on it all.

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Night Vision Radio - Rene Barnett
  • Celtic America and the Zeno Espedition - 12.17.21

    Episode 1

    Celtic America...we will also explore the controversy surrounding the Zeno Espedition of the Sinclairs.

  • Msgr. Stephen Rosetti - 12.10.21

    Episode 2

    This week: The Battle between Good and Evil... Msgr. Stephen Rosetti shares his experiences battling demons as chronicled in his book "Diary of an American Exorcist."

  • John Kachuba - 12.03.21

    Episode 3

    Are shapeshifters walking among us? Millions of people believe they are! We'll explore the magic and mystery surrounding shapeshifters over time and across cultures. Author, Ohio University creative writing instructor and avid ghost hunter John Kachuba takes us from vampires and werewolves of ol...

  • Haunted UK + Templar Discoveries - 11.26.21

    Episode 4

  • NightVision - Mahiema Anand

    Episode 5

    This week on NIGHTVISION, producer and truth seeker Mahiema Anand joins us from her home base in the Himalayas to share paranormal evidence from India and beyond. In the second hour, Mahiema explains how those paranormal experience brought her into a shift of consciousness and life and how it can...

  • Vampires! - 10.22.21

    Episode 6

    Vampires on NightVision! This week, René and James continue the Halloween theme with an in depth look at Vampires. Did they (and DO they) exist? We'll investigate the origins, the truth and the legends of the blood sucking undead. Please tune in and share your vampire stories, questions and (gulp...

  • Paranormal in Art/Literature, Haunted U.K. Sites, Carole Carle & Thom Reed

    Episode 7

    NightVision Historian and fan favorite James Martin returns to share some of his compelling experiences with England's Worsley Paranormal Group at some of the UK's most haunted sites. We'll also be taking a look at the paranormal through the ages through depictions in art and literature of uneart...

  • Ken DeCosta 10.08.21

    Episode 8

    True Crime and the Paranormal! This week Ken DeCosta shares his research into many stories illlustrating the crossover between some heinous crimes and the world of the supernatural. AND we will geta sneak peek at the newest show on KGRA, Ken DeCosta and George R, Lopez and Dead Air! Welcome to th...

  • Debbie Felton - 09.24.21

    Episode 9

    Friday on NightVision: We'll explore ghosts of the distant past with author Debbie Felton. Our ancient ancestors shared stories of ghostly spirits who return to this world to warn of danger, to prophesy, to take revenge, to request proper burial, or to comfort the living fascinated people just as...

  • Gretchen Cornwall - 09.17.21

    Episode 10

    TONIGHT...Did the Knights Templar truly make it to the shores of America? Where is the evidence? And is the veneration of Mary Magdalene just a modern construct or has her true history been suppressed? We'll explore both those questions and more with author/researcher Gretchen Cornwall. TONIGHT o...

  • Constance Victoria Briggs - 09.10.21

    Episode 11

    THIS WEEK on NightVision, author and researcher Constance Victoria Briggs takes us on an odyssey of exploration of lunar mysteries and legends throughout time. The Moon is an enigma. Ancients viewed it as a light to guide them and a god to be worshipped. In modern times, some see the Moon as just...

  • Ian Withers - 08.29.21

    Episode 12

    This week on NightVision: He tracked down the Hyde Park Bomber with an ingenious bluff, was involved in such high profile cases as the infamous Profumo Affair and the strange death of "God's Banker" Roberto Calvi, found hanging under Black Friars Bridge. IAN WITHERS. Britain's most controversial ...

  • NightVision - Tim Wallace Murphy Last Interview & France Recap with James Martin

    Episode 13

    This week on NightVision Radio, in another special edition LIVE from southwest France, Host René Barnett and Historian James Martin explore the Templar presence in the region. Was there a Knights Templar connection with the so-called heretic Christian sect known as the Cathars? What evidence for ...

  • The End of the Templars - 08.06.21

    Episode 14

    This week on NightVision, The End of the Templars. René and James share images and details of their most recent expedition to the location of the Council of St. Felix, a landmark meeting of Cathar bishops in 1167, and how this same location was connected to the end of the mysterious army of warri...

  • Colin Taylor - 07.30.21

    Episode 15

    INVESTIGATING THE PAST--THIS WEEK on NightVision, we take a look back at the unsolved murder of Abbé Gelis on Halloween Night 1897. Was it a plot carried out by, or on behalf of, two other priests? Who was pulling the strings? Colin Taylor, retired Detective Inspector, London Metropolitan Police ...

  • The Strange Side of Arcadia - 07.23.21

    Episode 16

    THIS WEEK on NightVision... the strange side of Arcadia.. UFOs, Apparitions and Visitations... How did this area inspire writer Lewis Carroll and his "Through the Looking Glass" (Alice in Wonderland) and a strange upside down mountain locals call a portal that has inspired authors and filmakers l...

  • Knights Templar Discussion - 07-16.21

    Episode 17

    This week on NightVision Radio, in another special edition LIVE from southwest France, Host René Barnett and Historian James Martin explore the Templar presence in the region. Was there a Knights Templar connection with the so-called heretic Christian sect known as the Cathars? What evidence for ...

  • Bloodline The Real Story 07.09.21

    Episode 18

    RENNIE ALERT! This week, LIVE FROM RENNES-LE-CHATEAU, NightVision historian JAMES MARTIN turns the tables on host RENE BARNETT. He's putting René on the hot seat to answer his probing questions about the 5 year documentary investigation which culminated in the film, BLOODLINE. The feature length ...

  • Marguerite Mary Rigoglioso Ph.D. & James Martin - 06.25.21

    Episode 19

    This week on NIGHTVISION, the Immaculate Conception and Arcadian Mysteries! First, Author Marguerite Mary Rigoglioso, Ph.D., reveals a truth that has been hidden for 2000 years---the secrets of the Immaculate Conception. Find out how Mother Mary belonged to a sacred order of women trained in div...

  • Lori Lambert Williams 06.18.21

    Episode 20

    Lori Lambert Williams was just naturally born with some pretty amazing psychic abilities. But it was finding her teacher, Project Stargate remote viewer Lyn Buchanan, that cemented her life's work. A star student, and now expert in her own right, Lori has gone on to form her own company, Intuiti...

  • Britton Buchanan 06.11.21

    Episode 21

    This week "The Voice" star Britton Buchanan brings to light the interconnection of musicians and artists with the supernatural or paranormal. We'll talk about musicians, modern and ancient, as well as how writers and artists of all stripes connect with supernatural energy to create their art. Br...

  • James Martin 06.04.21

    Episode 22

    James Martin is a British Trade Unionist, Historian, Economist and Lecturer having previously worked in finance, employment law and now is a lecturer in further and higher education.

    As an historian, James believes that ‘understanding the past is crucial to understanding our future’, noting that...

  • Cort Lindahl - 05.21.21

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  • Race Hobbs 05.14.21

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