Night Vision Radio - Rene Barnett

Night Vision Radio - Rene Barnett

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History is always written by the victors—not unpredictably putting themselves in the best light and secreting that which shows their own faults, frailties, and, yes, their crimes.
In my work in television and film, night vision cameras are utilized because they illuminate what hides in the dark. That, metaphorically speaking, is our mandate for NightVision radio on KGRA.
Following clues left by our ancestors, in part, in art, literature, and even song, we unbury the past to reveal not only treasures of gold and relics but knowledge of unfathomable value, putting us just a little closer to our true birthrights.
Some might say our true history is the real Holy Grail. So, whether it’s the secret history of the bloodline of Jesus, the secret history of America’s founders, or the secret history of extraterrestrial interaction with our planet, hosted by René Barnett, NightVision is here to shine a light on it all.

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Night Vision Radio - Rene Barnett
  • Mat Gleason - 12.02.22

    Episode 1

    STARS & WARS... The cruel war in Ukraine rages on as women in Iran rise up to claim their own birthrights and the Chinese people continue to protest the tyranny of their leadership in a way the world has not seen before. Time to check in with master astrologer Mat Gleason for a look into the near...

  • The End is Near!! - 11.25.22

    Episode 2

    The End Is Near! Throughout time the end of the world has been predicted by various religious leaders and lone prophets. We're still here... but for the last several decades, science has warned us all is not well with the planet. What's the truth? How did climate get political? And what can we do...

  • Paranormal WWI & Life After Death - 11.18.22

    Episode 3

    This weeks show: Hour 1) Paranormal Events of The Great War and Hour 2) Life After Death... Does the extreme energy and emotion of battle cause a thinning of the veil between realities? The NightVision team explores the many reports of paranormal experiences from the trenches of World War I. Ma...

  • Secrets of Coral Castle - 11.11.22

    Episode 4

    The nightvision team, along with guest Cort Lindahl explore the mysteries of the strange Coral Castle in Florida and its even stranger connections to some very familiar locations.

  • Halloween: The Dark & the Light - 10.28.22

    Episode 5

    René and James explore all things Halloween, its origins, unusual Halloween traditions around the world and how this night of cultural rituals and fun truly does have a dark side.

  • Gobekli Tepe - 06.24.22

    Episode 6

    Gobekli Tepe .. with René, James and Sean. Has the world's oldest known temple in southern Turkey revealed evidence of what caused a sudden and cataclysmic climate event over 12,000 years ago??

  • KnightVision in Templar Town! - 05.20.22

    Episode 7

    Rene and James visit the only known town built entirely by the Knights Templar.

  • The Peasants Are Revolting - 05.13.22

    Episode 8

    The real stories of Revolution from the America and Europe. What were the real causes? What really happened? Special guest trade unionist and British politician Sean Halsall joins Rene and James TONIGHT on NightVision!!

  • Holy Blood Holy Grail Revisited - 04.29.22

    Episode 9

    It has been 40 years since the publication of Holy Blood Holy Grail, the seminal work of authors Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln. Back then this book caused international controversy and sparked hundreds of thousands of visitors to the mysterious village of Rennes-le-Chateau. Now, following decades o...

  • The Real Berenger Sauniere and secrets of Rennes-le-Chateau

    Episode 10

    This week on NightVision... The Real Berenger Sauniere and secrets of Rennes-le-Chateau revealed with new, incontrovertible evidence! Rene and James.

  • Gretchen Cornwall - 04.15.22

    Episode 11

    This week ---- Missing Women in the Bible and in history... and Templar Caves in England with Gretchen Cornwall.

  • Knights Templar Discoveries & History of Europe - 04.01.22

    Episode 12

    This week James and I will be continuing our discussion of Knights Templar discoveries as well as some of the history of Europe, including the area now known as Ukraine. I may have my friend Jacek from Poland pop in during the second hour with an update on the refugee situation.

  • Lisa Michelle - 03.18.22

    Episode 13

    Rennie Alert!!! This week on NightVision--Hidden meanings and messages in Renaissance art with art expert Lisa Michelle. When high born families commissioned art, there was more to it than just requesting a pretty painting. Many messages and ideas, some profoundly heretical, were transmitted to t...

  • Mat Gleason - 03.11.22

    Episode 14

    THIS WEEK ON NIGHTVISION: The world is in chaos. Could it all have been predestined... or, at least, forewarned? Master astrologer Mat Gleason will share the astrology of major players and countries in the headlines and on our minds. He will also give us an update on the current and future condit...

  • Danielle Egnew - 03.04.22

    Episode 15

    ON NIGHTVISION: War is raging in Europe at a level many thought would never be seen again. Is the world going backward? Is there any GOOD news ahead in all this? We will pose those questions to renowned psychic medium and NightVision friend, Danielle Egnew. No one we know can raise the vibe like ...

  • World's Most Accursed Locations - 02.25.22

    Episode 16

    Have you ever found yourself in a place that felt really creepy and just plain evil? Are there some locations that are just bad? TONIGHT on NightVision, René and James explore some of the world's most accursed places, with tales from long ago and modern times. They'll share some of their persona...

  • James Martin - 02.18.22

    Episode 17

    This week on NightVision.. The brainiac is back with new discoveries from his current trip to the north of the UK. Join host René Barnett and historian James Martin as they go over the latest finds!

  • John Edwards and Justin Cannady - 02.11.22

    Episode 18

    This week on night vision – new discoveries! First, a book that indicates an initiatory path or a map to something extremely important, now confirmed to have been in the hands of those around Otto Rahn, if not he himself. And second, an old box of antique fishing lures is accidentally discovered ...

  • Jacob Roberts - 01.21.22

    Episode 19

    Author and researcher Jacob Roberts shares his magnificent obsession and significant ( and shocking) discoveries in the life of the enigmatic Sir Francis Bacon. If you're a Rennie or an "Oakie" or just a lover of history and mystery, this is the show for you!

  • Don Phillips & Patty Kool Hale - 01.14.22

    Episode 20

    Tested, corroborated, verified, repeatable evidence. Not something we've been able to rely upon in the field of paranormal research.. that is, until now. Don Phillips, a veteran UK paranormal investigator is so connected with the other side that his attempts to communicate with the spirits work t...

  • New Years Traditions and Rituals - 01.07.22

    Episode 21

    This week; René and James explore New Years traditions and rituals through time and their ancient pagan roots... Also Poop Power, how the most important deals were made in communal Roman latrines. Also, just when did pooping go on the down low and other prudish Victorian legacies.