Paranormal Now - Alan B. Smith

Paranormal Now - Alan B. Smith

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Open life’s mystery box with Alan B. Smith as he chats with authors and researchers about UFOs, alien life, cryptozoology, metaphysics, spirituality, wellness, religion, hauntings, fringe science, sci-fi, and more!
Welcome to this inquiring and sometimes strange platform where we challenge assumptions about alternative and paranormal phenomenon.
Surprising revelations from guests are common, and all sides of a story are welcome here on Paranormal Now. Live in the mystery!

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Paranormal Now - Alan B. Smith
  • Kat Brooks, Tiffany Mac & Tom Warner - 09.19.21

    Episode 1

    Joining Alan in the first hour is Kat Brooks, co-host of the UFO TEA vodcast with Angell Street. On their very well researched and entertaining show, Kat and Angell don't shy away from analysis of problematic ufological cases. Both Kat and Angell are experiencers. Unfortunately, due to the unexpe...

  • Ryan Musgrave-Evans - 09.12.21

    Episode 2

    Joining Alan this week is Ryan Musgrave-Evans, author of CHILDREN OF ORION: Finding The Cryptoterrestrials. Discover what strange things are said to live beside and above us. To find out more about Ryan and his work visit his YouTube channel:

  • Aage Nost - 08.29.21

    Episode 3

    Joining Alan this week is Aage Nost. Aage is a seasoned aircraft pilot, hypnotherapist, UFO researcher and cosmic explorer. A student of many sciences including metaphysics, theoretical physics and different forms and theories of spirituality. Aage also hosts a weekly show, The Universal Consciou...

  • Entity Voices - 08.15.21

    Episode 4

    Joining Alan this week are the amazing paranormal investigators that make up the popular show, ENTITY VOICES: Paranormal Evidence, on KGRA-DB! Take an in-depth look into what makes for quality ghost hunting. Goosebumps expected.

    Comprised of three sets of long-term paranormal investigator coupl...

  • Zen Benefiel - 08.08.21

    Episode 5

    Joining Alan this week is Bruce 'Zen' Benefiel, the author of "Stubbing My Toe: On Purpose". His work is described as a seminal view of consciousness, cosmology and the congruence of science and spirituality. We will be covering so much, including extraterrestrials, the spirit world, multiple di...

  • Kristin Lee - 08.01.21

    Episode 6

    Joining Alan this week is Kristin Lee to discuss encounters and stories of the Bellaire House. Built in 1847 on the banks of the Ohio River, the Bellaire House is reputed to be one of the most haunted houses in America. Since the early 20th century it has earned a reputation as a hotbed of parano...

  • Whitley Strieber, Rebecca Hardcastle Wright & Ken Cherry - 07.18.21

    Episode 7

    Joining Alan this week is Whitley Strieber, author of the best selling book, COMMUNION, about his bizarre encounters with alleged aliens from another world, time, or intersecting reality. Whitley discusses how he coped and has evolved since the book came out in 1987. Whitley also reflects on the ...

  • Jim Willis 07.04.21

    Episode 8

    Joining Alan this week is theologian, Jim Willis to discuss his new book. Why isn't the Book of Enoch in the Holy Bible, even though Enoch is referenced multiple times? Why were texts considered sacred by many, excluded by others? Who made the decisions and why? Jim Willis examines the historical...

  • Jim Willis - 07.04.21

    Episode 9

    Joining Alan this week is theologian, Jim Willis to discuss his new book. Why isn't the Book of Enoch in the Holy Bible, even though Enoch is referenced multiple times? Why were texts considered sacred by many, excluded by others? Who made the decisions and why? Jim Willis examines the historical...

  • David Oates & Ryan Sprague 06.27.21

    Episode 10

    Joining Alan this week is David Oats to discuss his theory that when recorded speech is played backwards, our deeper subconscious thoughts and motives may be revealed. While controversial, David will share fascinating recorded evidence that he says supports his theory.

  • Disclosure and The E.T. Presence with Brent and Blake Cousins - 06.21.21

    Episode 11

    Joining Alan is Blake and Brent Cousins to discuss their recent documentary, Countdown To Disclosure featuring Dr. Steven M. Greer and Dr. Michael Salla. Too much stock has been put in what US Presidents could possibly release or even know about UFOs or an extraterrestrial presence. And what we s...

  • Experiencer and Close Encounter Roundtable 06.13.21

    Episode 12

    Joining Alan this week to discuss and explore their similar yet unique experiences is Debbie Jordan-Kauble, Lisa O'Hara, and Terry Lovelace. Whether conscious recall or recovered memories through hypnosis, the alien abduction phenomena continues to mystify those interested in the subject, as well...

  • Winter Laake 06.06.21

    Episode 13

    Joining Alan is author and psychic tarot card reader Winter Laake to explore the philosophy of Luciferianism in our modern age - and to discuss the misconceptions of Luciferianism, as well as alternative Biblical interpretations, and the various forms of magic and neo-paganism. Are there differen...

  • Cheryl Costa 05.30.21

    Episode 14

    Joining Alan this week is UFO researcher, Cheryl Costa. Cheryl is the co-author along with Linda Miller Costa of their latest UFO Sightings Desk Reference 2001-2020. An essential statistical data analysis of UFO/UAP sightings that all ufological enthusiasts must have. Data can be colorful. With a...

  • Reality Is Supernatural Science and Metaphysics Mysterious Shakespeare Untold

    Episode 15

    Joining Alan is Dr. Bob Davis to discuss his book UNSEEN FORCES. Bob covers interactions with alternate realms, the dead, and non-human entities; out-of-body and near-death experiences; psychic and healing abilities; mystical and peak experiences and more have opened the door to unseen forces and...

  • Betty and Barney | The Latest and Full Story with Kathleen Marden - 05.09.21

    Episode 16

    Joining Alan this week is Kathleen Marden, Betty Hill’s niece, to discuss details from her discussions with Betty and from the evidence of the UFO abduction. She also looks at the Hills’ riveting hypnosis sessions about their time onboard the spacecraft. In addition, Friedman reviews and refutes ...

  • The Moon, E.T.s, and Metaphysical Reality - Constance Victoria Briggs 05.02.21

    Episode 17

    Joining Alan tonight is Constance Victoria Briggs to discuss some of the most intriguing mysteries out there! Constance is a writer with unique insight into extraterrestrials, conspiracy theories, metaphysical, spiritual and cosmic questions.

    It is her goal to investigate the mysteries of the un...

  • Spirit Guides Are Fascinating Friends - 04.24.21

    Episode 18

    Joining Alan is Natalie Fowler to share about her close contact with the deceased and her relationships with them. Natalie's experiences as a psychic medium bridging the ghost world to the source are emotionally moving and sometimes quite funny! A sense of purpose and spiritual way making are at ...

  • Behind The Scenes Of The UFO Reality Today | With MUFON TV Host Ron James

    Episode 19

    Joining Alan this week is MUFON TV host Ron James to break down the UAP and UFO phenomena from pop-culture to the latest exciting developments; including his own interest in eyewitness and alleged close encounter extraterrestrial cases. We'll be covering it all, so strap into your space belts and...

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