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Paranormal Now - Alan B. Smith

Disclosure and The E.T. Presence with Brent and Blake Cousins - 06.21.21

Episode 11 • 1h 50m

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    Joining Alan this week to discuss and explore their similar yet unique experiences is Debbie Jordan-Kauble, Lisa O'Hara, and Terry Lovelace. Whether conscious recall or recovered memories through hypnosis, the alien abduction phenomena continues to mystify those interested in the subject, as well...

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    Joining Alan is author and psychic tarot card reader Winter Laake to explore the philosophy of Luciferianism in our modern age - and to discuss the misconceptions of Luciferianism, as well as alternative Biblical interpretations, and the various forms of magic and neo-paganism. Are there differen...

  • Cheryl Costa 05.30.21

    Joining Alan this week is UFO researcher, Cheryl Costa. Cheryl is the co-author along with Linda Miller Costa of their latest UFO Sightings Desk Reference 2001-2020. An essential statistical data analysis of UFO/UAP sightings that all ufological enthusiasts must have. Data can be colorful. With a...