Podcast UFO - Martin Willis

Podcast UFO - Martin Willis

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What IS “UFO’s”?
Are they extraterrestrial in origin, or could there be another explanation? Martin Willis explores these questions and more. Podcast UFO is a vehicle where anyone can share their own UFO experiences.

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Podcast UFO - Martin Willis
  • Mack Maloney & Graeme Rendall - 12.28.21

    Episode 1

    Friend of the show, Mack Maloney stops by for a few minutes, then our featured guest Graeme Rendall. We often think of UFOs as post Roswell, 1947, Graeme discusses his book that researched UFOs prior, including Foo Fighters of WWII.

    BIO: Graeme Rendall is a f...

  • Navajo Ranger Jonathan Dover - 12.21.21

    Episode 2

    Guest, Jonathan Dover who will touch on Navajo oral history of Sky People, and his 11 years of officially investigating Bigfoot, Hauntings, Navajo Witchcraft, and UFO's.

    JONATHAN DOVER is a veteran law enforcement officer. He has
    worked with the City of Winslow Arizona Police Department,
    The Na...

  • Shane Hurd & Christopher O'Brien - 12.14.21

    Episode 3

    HOUR ONE: Shane Hurd on the Phoenix Lights, and his book, "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena: A Beginner's Guide to Researching UFOs" and HOUR TWO: Christopher O'Brien on longtime UFO investigations, the current state of UFOlogy, and recent projects.

    SHANE HURD has spent his government career in the...

  • John Ramirez - 12.07.21

    Episode 4

    Guest, former CAI Directorate, John Ramirez discusses his own personal experiences, an official discussion he had about 'human origins', the UFO connection of him and several of colleagues that led to their careers and much more.

    BIO: Mr. John Ramirez served from 1984 to 2009 in the CIA Director...

  • Peter Maxwell Slattery - 11.30.21

    Episode 5

    uest Peter Slattery discusses his encounters since a young age, how he interacts, and his thoughts on what this may be about. Not just UFOs, but other facets of what is considered 'paranormal'. He also discusses his film, Multidimensional which is out on various platforms. https://www.amazon.com/...

  • Dean Alioto - 11.23.21

    Episode 6

    Dean Alioto discusses the overall state of UFOlogy from the past few years, the challenges for straight information, and what we may see to come.

    BIO: Dean Alioto is an award-winning feature filmmaker and TV documentarian who has produced numerous specials for A+E, Bravo, and Discovery, as well ...

  • 10th Anniversary Celebration Show - 11.16.21

    Episode 7

    Show guest Luis Jimenez along to celebrate our ten years of Podcast UFO, we will be hearing from Stephen Bassett (our very 1st episode guest), Alejandro Rojas (former UFO newscaster) Michael Lauck (former UFO newscaster, blog writer), Charles Lear (blog writer), Clas Svahn, Leslie Kean, Ralph Blu...

  • Stacey Wright, Marianne Robb, Tara Diulus, Earl Door, Dave Rich & More!

    Episode 8

    After observing the MUFON Field Investigator Boot Camp, Martin is broadcasting from location in Mesa, Arizona with Stacey Wright, Marianne Robb, Tara Diulus, Earl Door, Dave Rich with past show guests Matthew Roberts & Karen Brard along with local friend of the show, Dave Sestili.

  • Chris Pittman - 11.02.21

    Episode 9

    Guest Chris Pittman on historical North American UFO sightings, the Bridgewater Triangle and much more.

    BIO: Chris Pittman is a UFO investigator and historian. Born in Massachusetts in 1979, he began investigating local UFO sightings in the mid-1990s. His area of study widened over time, and he ...

  • Dr. Irena Scott - 10.26.21

    Episode 10

    Dr. Irena Scott received her Ph.D. from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine in physiology, did post-doctoral research at Cornell University, and has had a professorship at St. Bonaventure University. Her MS was from the University of Nevada, her BS from Ohio State University...

  • Alfred J. Quiroz 10.19.21

    Episode 11

    Alfred J. Quiroz, Professor Emeritus of Art, discusses his UFO/USO incidents while he served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War.

  • Dr. Robert Gross

    Episode 12

    Guest Dr Robert Gross to speak on the changes in the last few years on how the world views the topic of UAPs/UFOs and the potential for learning. BIO: In 1984, I earned a Doctor of Education Degree from Penn State University.

  • Neil Nixon - 10.05.21

    Episode 13

    Guest, Neil Nixon with a skeptical view of the UFO topic, and his latest book: UFOs, Aliens and the Battle for the Truth, A SHORT HISTORY OF UFOLOGY.

  • Bryce Zabel, Kathleen Marden & Deb Coyle - 09.21.21

    Episode 14

    THE FIRST HOUR is with Bryce Zabel & Kathleen Marden on legendary UFO Encounter Anniversary of Betty & Barney Hill. Bryce broaches some controversy from a journalistic view, speaks about his 10-part series featuring the Hills, and discusses his former series, Dark Skies, then SECOND HOUR GUEST, D...

  • Robert Salas & Martin Keller - 09.14.21

    Episode 15

    First half hour, Robert Salas comes on to make an announcement, It is time for the U.S. Congress to hold public hearings on the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP). There are many ex-military witnesses who can verify UFO incidents of nuclear weapons bases. Main show guest Martin Keller discusse...

  • David Marceau

    Episode 16

    Guest David Marceau witnessed in 1992 an Oblong-shaped UFO fly over the Canadian army base in New Brunswick where he was stationed. The oblong craft appeared over an acre long.

    David Marceau experienced a close encounter with an alien spaceship while on duty with the US Army Reserves in August, ...

  • Listener Call-In Show on UFOs and Encounters - 08.10.21

    Episode 17

    Martin Willis & Bill Skywatcher are taking your calls!~

  • Paul Acough - 08.03.21

    Episode 18

    Paul Ascough, UFOs – The Real Story.
    Guest Paul Ascough discusses the bigger picture with all of its complexities and is interlaced with many of the authors own sightings throughout his life.

    Paul Ascough has lived in Yorkshire all his life and investigated the phenomenon of UFOs and the p...

  • Chris Spark - 07.27.21

    Episode 19

    Guest Chris Spark discusses why science is a tremendously valuable contribution to humankind, but it has limits when it comes to the deepest questions, like those about UFOs and other ways in which science can and cannot offer explanations for these type of things in our world.

    BIO Born in rural...

  • F 16 Pilot Chris Lehto 07.20.21

    Episode 20

    After guest Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Chris Lehto heard that the FLIR1, GOFAST, and GIMBAL videos were debunked he came forward with his opinion. He was an F-16 pilot for 18 years and had done hundreds of these types of intercepts with this almost exact equipment. The "experts" that have been...

  • Paul Kirsch, Blueprint for Interstellar Travel - 07.13.21

    Episode 21

    Guest Paul Kirsch to speak on theory for the quantum physics of interstellar travel, his interest in UFOs, his work with the Bigelow Institute, novel forms of energy generation and ostracization in various settings and forms for his interest in this field.

  • Berkshires UFO Incident on Location Show - 07.06.21

    Episode 22

    On location Warner Homestead, Great Barrington, Massachusetts. All first-hand witnesses, two of which will speaking for the first time. Featuring: Tom Warner, Author & Artist, Bill Clarke, Retired Albany County NY Sheriff's Department, Mike Sisino, Retired 30-year Vermont State Police, Marisol Lo...

  • Zen Benefiel 06.29.21

    Episode 23

    Guest Zen Benefiel on advancing consciousness and quantum entanglement, sense-making, inter-specie interactions and some procedures that often are misunderstood and more.

    BIO: Zen Benefiel is probably best termed a ‘new millennial renaissance man’ due his varied accomplishments and skillset. He...

  • Preston Dennett - 06.22.21

    96.7 MB