Podcast UFO - Martin Willis

Podcast UFO - Martin Willis

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What IS “UFO’s”?
Are they extraterrestrial in origin, or could there be another explanation? Martin Willis explores these questions and more. Podcast UFO is a vehicle where anyone can share their own UFO experiences.

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Podcast UFO - Martin Willis
  • Curt Jaimungal, UFOs and Theories of Everything - 12.27.22

    Episode 1

    Guest Curt Jaimungal of Theories of Everything joins us for his thoughts on UFOs, theoretical physics, consciousness and much more.


    BIO: Curt Jaimungal is a Torontonian filmmaker who decided to pursue the lens while studying Mathematical Physics at the Universit...

  • John Ramirez CIA (Ret), UFOs, the CIA & More - 12.20.22

    Episode 2

    We had Internet issues a few weeks ago and have invited John Ramirez CIA (Ret), is back to continue our conversation on his personal thoughts on the UFO subject, his own personal experiences and more.

    BIO: Mr. John Ramirez served from 1984 to 2009 in the CIA Directorate of Science and Technology...

  • Avi Loeb, Expedition for interstellar object that hit Earth in 2014

    Episode 3

    Return guest, Harvard Astrophysicist Avi Loeb discusses launching an undersea expedition to trace and collect the pieces of the first known interstellar object that hit Earth in 2014. The said object had crashed into the ocean just off the coast of Papua New Guinea. He also discusses what has bee...

  • Charles Lear, Behind the Scenes of UFO Cover-Up? - 12.06.22

    Episode 4

    Back again is Podcast UFO's longtime blogger and author of "The Flying Saucer Investigators"  to discuss his deep dive into his five-part blog series, "Behind the Scenes of UFO Cover-Up? Live!" 1-5 and what he uncovered while researching it and more.

    CHARLES LEAR has many interests, of which UFO...

  • John Ramirez, CIA (Ret), UFOs, the CIA & More - 11.29.22

    Episode 5

    Returning guest, John Ramirez Retired CIA Officer discusses his personal thoughts on the UFO subject, his own personal experiences and more.

    BIO: Mr. John Ramirez served from 1984 to 2009 in the CIA Directorate of Science and Technology, Directorate of Intelligence, and the ODNI National Counter...

  • David Marler, Mark Rodeghier & Barry Greenwood, National UFO Records Center Laun

    Episode 6

    Guests David Marler, Mark Rodeghier & Barry Greenwood discuss the launching of the National UFO Records Center, a non-profit based in New Mexico offering a vast array of historical data to the public and even the government if they choose to look into historical cases as mandated for 2023. Other ...

  • David Clarke, The Calvine UFO Incident & Recently Uncovered Image

    Episode 7

    Guest Dr. David Clarke speaks on his recent uncovering of the Calvine UFO photo, which is one of six known sequential images. For 32 years the image, dubbed the "Calvine photo," disappeared from the public eye, becoming the object of speculation, theories and myths. David speaks of his efforts an...

  • George Simpson, The Frederick Valentich UFO Incident - 11.08.22

    Episode 8

    Guest George Simpson witnessed the initial part of the final flight of Frederick Valentich on October 21st, 1978 from his family home in Beaumaris. This led him into deep research and his recent release of his book, Nothing on Radar: The Valentich Mystery. https://www.amazon.com/Nothing-Radar-Va...

  • Kevin Day - 10.04.22

    Episode 9

    Guest host Dean Alioto interviews Kevin Day about the post effect of his 2004 USS Princeton/ Nimitz tic-tax encounter, The upcoming congressional hearing at the end of October and more.

  • Ben Hurle - 09.20.22

    Episode 10

    Guest Ben Hurle on to discuss UFOs in Australia, his new radio show and more.

    BIO: Ben Hurle is an Australian UFO Investigator, based in East Gippsland, Victoria. Ben has been investigating UFOs for 12 years. He was Director of Victorian UFO Action, for 12 years, has appeared in National Geograp...

  • Dr. Jacques Vallee

    Episode 11

    Guest Dr. Jacques Vallée to speak on his latest book, TRINITY: The Best Kept Secret Breakthrough, in this book Research Reveals the Earliest Evidence of US Government’s UFO RecoveryHard evidence has existed since 1945 for the actual recovery of unidentified flying craft in the United States.


  • Ariel Phenomenon Aftermath- Unpublished Sighting Accounts and more

    Episode 12

    Guest Randall Nickerson to speak on the aftermath of his brilliant film, Ariel Phenomenon, betrayal of an online streaming platform., people he met on the journey of filming in Africa and their unheard of encounters.

  • Chris Rutkowski, Canada's UFOs: Declassified - 07.05.22

    Episode 13

    Guest, Canadian UFO researcher, Chris Rutkowski comes on to discuss his latest book, Canada's UFOs: Declassified, the book touches on decades of reported sightings by military & civilians in Canada.
    Check out his book here: https://amzn.to/3bA8eNI

    BIO: Chris A. Rutkowski is a science writer who ...

  • Caroline Cory, David Altman & Dave Mason - 06.28.22

    Episode 14

    HOUR ONE: Caroline Cory on to speak about her film, A Tear in the Sky. HOUR TWO: David Altman & Dave Mason to elaborate their involvement in film on location, the equipment and more.

    Watch A TEAR IN THE SKY here:

    BIO: Caroline Cory is...

  • AF Sargent Mario Woods, (ret) Ellsworth AFB Close Encounter

    Episode 15

    Guest, Mario Woods discusses his highly unusual UFO and beings encounter with lost time when he was assigned to the surveillance and protection of weapons and nuclear materials at the Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota. With a Situation-4 security alert, Mario joined Michael Johnson (at the...

  • Philip Mantle & Charles Lear - 06.14.22

    Episode 16

    GUEST ONE: Philip Mantle on his new book which looks at UFO landing cases in the UK only (with the addition of the Republic of Ireland) beginning long before the modern era of UFOs began in 1947 right the way through to today. GUEST TWO: Charles Lear, longtime blogger for Podcast UFO on his book;...

  • Nathan, UFOs & High Strangeness - 06.07.22

    Episode 17

    Nathan is the co-host of two shows focused on UFOs and High Strangeness, Calling All Beings and Liminal Phrames. While he spent half of his life steeped in the Christian tradition ultimately culminating in the completion of an MDiv, he no longer considers himself religious although finds that his...

  • Alejandro Rojas, The Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU) and More!

    Episode 18

    Special Guest Alejandro Rojas joins in for a conversation on recent UFO/UAP events, his involvement with the SCU (The Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies) and much more!

    Bio: Alejandro is a Freelance Journalist and currently works for a software company as a UAP Researcher. He also serves as a ...

  • Leslie Kean - 05.24.22

    Episode 19

    Exclusive interview with journalist Leslie Kean who was in Washington for the Congressional Hearing on UAP. We'll discuss the path that led to the hearing, her speaking with committee chair André Carson and breaking the announcement in The New York Times, what it was like being present, and what ...

  • Ralph Blumenthal & Sean Cahill - 05.17.22

    Episode 20

    Guest One: Ralph Blumenthal on what we know by air time on the House panel public hearing on ‘unidentified aerial phenomena', Guest Two: Sean Cahill, Retired U.S. Navy Chief Master-at-Arms that was aboard the USS Princeton during the 2004 Tic-Tac UFO encounters, we will discuss that, plus current...

  • Chris Lehto, Fighter Pilot's Analysis of UAPs & More - 04.26.22

    Episode 21

    Guest Chris Lehto discusses what he has been up to in the UAP world since our last show together, and his involvement with the UAP Society which aims at discovering the secrets of alien life, by uniting dedicated enthusiasts and scientists from all over the globe, in the search for the truth.


  • Micah Hanks - 04.12.22

    Episode 22

    Guest, Micah Hanks to discuss his longtime look into the UFO topic, the changes in the last few years, the success of the Debrief as a UAP news source and more.

    BIO: Micah Hanks is a writer, podcaster, researcher and speaker whose interests cover a variety of subjects, including history, archaeo...

  • Listener Call In Show - 03.29.22

    Episode 23

    Call-in with your encounters, questions and comments. Join Martin for Podcast UFO's 500th show!

  • Jack Brewer - 03.22.22

    Episode 24

    Guest Jack Brewer got interested in the many overlaps between NICAP and intelligence agencies. Then, through the FOIA, various archives, newspaper clippings and so on, it got increasingly interesting, to the point that he wrote about it. Frankly, Jack was surprised how much material he has obtain...