Join the KGRAdb Crew as Katie Paige guides us through discussions with Speakers, Film Producers, & UFO Experiencers that attended the UFOXPO 2023 in Roswell, New Mexico.

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  • Katie Paige Speaks with Tony Angiola

    "I believe this craft landed because it was failing - something wrong with it." - Tony Angiola
    In 1964, a law enforcement officer, Lonnie Zamora, witnessed what he described as "beings" after a UFO had a rough landing.
    The UFO appeared to have caused vitrification around the landing area. Lonnie ...

  • Derrel "The Alien Hunter" Sims

    Derrel "The Alien Hunter" Sims has personal experiences involving contact and abductions from ages 4-17. These experiences have followed his family from his father to his own son. Derrel, in return, has dedicated his life to helping others through similar experiences while collecting data to fu...

  • Melissa Tittl

    Melissa Tittl discusses her new film, Code 12. Melissa believes the key to understanding the universe is to understand the universe's "mathematical code."
    Check out the Code 12 Trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8w7srOQc4uk&ab_channel=HathorStudios

  • Travis Walton

    Travis Walton talks about his "Abduction." Travis believes it was more of an ambulance call rather than an abduction. Be on the lookout for his upcoming projects and visit traviswalton.com

  • John Yost

    John Yost is a film producer with personal experiences with contact/abductions. Producing films for over 30 years, John used his knowledge to create the new documentary: Alien Abduction: Answers.
    Katie asks more about his experiences with abductions starting as a 7-year-old boy.
    Check out Alie...

  • Robotics Expert Frank Renda

    Frank Renda is part of a builders club. He specializes in robotics and brings Star Wars to life with his homemade droids.

  • Jim Mann

    Katie sits down with Jim Mann, Host of Dark Window on KGRAdb. Jim talks about his show and his personal experiences. Check out Dark Window: https://live.kgradb.com/dark-window

  • Michael Podesta, Aztec UFO

    Michael Podesta was born and raised in Aztec, New Mexico. Michael's research focuses on the Hart Canyon Aztec Crash Site. This crash occurred in March of 1948. A policeman viewed something in the sky he could not identify. The Officer follows it until he witnesses the craft ricochet off the mo...

  • Don Schmitt - Roswell UFO Museum & Research Center

    Katie Paige speaks with the beloved Don Schmitt. Don is the Lead Investigator and Advisor to the Executive Director at the Roswell UFO Museum and Research Center. Don dives into disclosure, government coverups, and cases.
    The Roswell UFO Museum and Research Center is a must-see. The KGRAdb C...

  • Toby Martinez of The Roswell Daily Record

    Toby Martinez works for The Roswell Daily Record. Toby focuses his writing on UFO and cover-up articles. Born and raised in Roswell, New Mexico, Toby always had an interest in UFO phenomena. He has worked for years interviewing people and researching the infamous crash in Corona, New Mexico, c...