SkyTour Radio - Marc Dantonio

SkyTour Radio - Marc Dantonio

6 Seasons

The weekly 2 hour show Sunday evenings starting at 8PM Eastern focuses on the science and potential science surrounding the search for extraterrestrial life. Listeners get to hear about the origins of the many outlandish and amazing objects that the Universe has spawned with an eye on science. The show also presents among an infinite supply of astro-topics, information that is science based on interstellar propulsion offering the latest speculation on what we may find once we leave the Earth.

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SkyTour Radio - Marc Dantonio
  • Massive Stars- The Behemoths of the Universe! - 12.18.22

    Episode 1

    Tonight we will spend time discussing the massive stars in the Universe. In fact what does MASSIVE mean in the context of the endless void of the Universe? Some stars are so large it would take us YEARS to cross their faces in a fast spacecraft. That and more tonight on SkyTour Radio!!!

  • What Will Happen to Our Sun and Stars Like It???

    Episode 2

    Tonight we will explore the lives of stars like our Sun and what exactly will happen to it as it ages... The prospects for Earth are ... NOT good... But by then perhaps Earth will be a faded memory anyway...

  • Understanding Geologic Time Scales

    Episode 3

    What is an Era? An Epoch? What is an Eon? All these questions will get answered with examples! Then we will go on a Deep Dive with Darrell and field questions from Tara's Cosmos!

  • Ouch We Hit An Asteroid!!! The DART Mission and More!

    Episode 4

    Tonight we will explore the NASA mission to try to move an asteroid. Its a tall order!? We hope it all works! If so, it means we have a semblance of defensive capability against an asteroid strike in the future.

  • The Lives of the Stars!

    Episode 5

    Tonight we explore how stars are born and how they die. The supernova is one of the most cataclysmic explosions that the Universe showcases. And... Its the reason YOU are here.

  • The JWST finds of the century so far! Plus, Cool facts about stars that go BOOM!

    Episode 6

    Join us for an understandable discussion about what the James Webb Telescope has found so far. So much more to come! Then we will discuss how it is that the Universe is littered with all this debris from what was once STARS.

  • Black Holes and Lunar Eclipses... The Strange Truth! - 05.22.22

    Episode 7

    Tonight we will talk about the Black hole that sits at the heart of our galaxy and discuss the new imagery and why all black holes will likely look the same.
    This will lead us to discuss what may live at the heart of other galaxies.
    Then we will talk about last week's Lunar Eclipse in the Deep ...

  • Its Galaxy Season! Where Do Galaxies Come From!? - 04.24.22

    Episode 8

    In this episode of SkyTour Radio we delve into galaxies, their origins and behaviors! Galaxies house life in the Cosmos so dont miss this primer on how they work, how they happened, how we classify them, and who we could be looking at when we examine them!

  • The SkyTour Radio Astronomical Potpourri! - 02.27.22

    Episode 9

    Tonight we explore the James Webb Telescope progress, Zodiacal Light, and a variety of other astronomical topics!

  • So Who Is This Guy Named Atom Anyway!? - 01.30.22

    Episode 10

    Tonight we learn about the journey our atoms took before they ended up becoming US... It is fascinating to think about. Do you have atoms that were in Shakespeare? Stalin? Or do you have a bunch of atoms from a Tyrannosaurus Rex? Ponder with us and then sit back and enjoy a great Deep Dive and c...

  • The James Webb In Depth plus more! - 01.09.22

    Episode 11

    Tonight we take a journey with Webb as we check out the instruments on board now that Webb is fully deployed. Then Darrell takes us on a deep dive into the night skies supplemented by our SkyTour LiveStream remote observatory imagery.