SkyTour Radio - Marc Dantonio

SkyTour Radio - Marc Dantonio

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The weekly 2 hour show Sunday evenings starting at 8PM Eastern focuses on the science and potential science surrounding the search for extraterrestrial life. Listeners get to hear about the origins of the many outlandish and amazing objects that the Universe has spawned with an eye on science. The show also presents among an infinite supply of astro-topics, information that is science based on interstellar propulsion offering the latest speculation on what we may find once we leave the Earth.

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SkyTour Radio - Marc Dantonio
  • Spotlight SkyTour LiveStream... A Remote Observatory For Public Outreach

    Episode 1

    On Tonight's SkyTour Radio show we will discuss some additional JWST discoveries and Deep Dive the Universe through the eyes of our flagship remote observatory organization, SkyTour LiveStream. Join us to see detailed views of objects we have captured in the last year of operations.

  • James Webb Newest Discoveries Plus Some Cool Astronomical Concepts!

    Episode 2

    The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has been the source of the most amazing discoveries in its short time in operation. Besides the FEAT of getting it to where it is, the results are equally astonishing. Tonight we look at some of the newest discoveries by the JWST and discuss the night sky as ...

  • Comet 2022 E3 ZTF is coming and its a doozy! Plus more JWST discoveries!!

    Episode 3

    Tonight we will be seeing the new comet that has graced our skies. Having passed the around the Sun on Jan 12, it heading out of the Solar System but not before passing within a few million miles of our planet.
    Also, the James Webb Space Telescope continues to astound us and we will see some of ...

  • Astronomical Potpourri! The Deep Dark Night - 01.15.23

    Episode 4

    Tonight we explore a number of cool discoveries in Astronomy! The latest exoplanet find of an Earth sized planet by the James Webb Space Telescope will be discussed including the latest comet that is currently whipping through our Solar System!