Soul Wanderings

Soul Wanderings

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“Stories connect us to ourselves and each other.”

Soul Wanderings is a weekly show dedicated to raising spiritual awareness and fostering connections through shared stories and personal experiences.

Each week hosts, AJ and Natalie, share time with each other and special guests to reflect on life’s journey. Let’s learn, laugh, inspire, and heal together.

These unique stories will not only open your mind to the endless possibilities the universe has to offer but also cultivate a deeper appreciation for your own authentic and beautiful soul.

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Soul Wanderings
  • Natalie Peace - 12.14.22

    Episode 1

    This week on Soul Wanderings, we wrap up the year of live shows, welcome a return guest and make a big announcement for the future of Soul Wanderings.

    Our guest this week is Natalie Peace and we'll be learning ways to deepen our emotional intelligence through the holidays.

    The holidays are ful...

  • Marty Rawson - 12.07.22

    Episode 2

    Marty Rawson, a requested return guest, is an Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church, and an Ayurvedic Practitioner. He is certified in Advanced EMP Balancing, a Level 5 Facilitator of the (now defunct) Melchizedek Method and a Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master. His lifetime of experience...

  • Michelle Carpenter - 11.30.22

    Episode 3

    Michelle Carpenter has a gift of seeing into a person’s body, mind a spirit. She can sense when a person’s heart “contracts”, when it feels sadness or pain, and expands when their vibration shifts in the moment of grieving or allowing vulnerability. She is shown where feelings are held within the...

  • Adam Gell - 11.09.22

    Episode 4

    Adam Gell is a shamanic mentor who specializes in helping his clients recognize traumas, setbacks, and obstacles through various modalities, assisting them to better understand a path to a more fulfilling and balanced life.

    Having overcome life-altering losses and physical traumas, he traveled ...

  • Dr. Scott Taylor - 11.02.22

    Episode 5

    Dr. Scott Taylor is the President of the Expanded Awareness Institute. EAI helps people interested in near-death and shared death experiences explore what that experience means to them and to our culture as a whole.

    Taylor has served as President and Executive Director of The Monroe Institute. H...

  • Joshua Louis - 10.19.22

    Episode 6

    Joshua Louis, someone with a troubled past, struggled to understand the world around him and his purpose within it. Following a simple spiritual path, he would come to understand his purpose in a very profound way.

    In 2012, his intuitive nature drew him to seek the truth regarding paranormal ev...

  • Natalie Zett - 10.12.22

    Episode 7

    Natalie Zett is a writer, actor, photographer, and musician and has worked as a freelance journalist for magazines and papers since her late teens. Her favorite writing job was working for an award-winning community newspaper in Saint Paul, “The Park Bugle”. Natalie also taught others how to wri...

  • Dan Baldwin and George Sewell

    Episode 8

    We have two guests tonight!

    Dan Baldwin is a professional writer, often a "ghost writer" for other professionals. He has written and co-written or ghosted more than fifty books and has won numerous local, regional and national awards. He is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, plays the Native ...

  • Todd Wilcox - 09.21.22

    Episode 9

    Todd Wilcox, known as the “Slipstream Shaman” will take us on a journey into the Quantum Field as he discusses how you can learn to use your natural abilities in Quantum Healing.

    Todd has had a lifelong fascination with alternative healing, consciousness expansion, and human potential. His firs...

  • William Peters - 09.14.22

    Episode 10

    William Peters, M.Ed, MFT, is the founder of the Shared Crossing Project whose mission is to positively transform relationships to death and dying through education and raising awareness about shared crossings and their healing benefits. As the director of the Shared Crossing Research Initiative ...

  • Toni Bubb - 09.07.22

    Episode 11

    Toni calls herself a Professional Lover of Life! And she’s obsessed with the Spiritual Awakening process, and the transformation she gets to witness people go through. She combines her energy healing with creative consulting for clients who are looking to take things to the next level spiritually...

  • Tess - 08.31.22

    Episode 12

    Tess has been speaking to spirits for as long as she could remember. She counts her blessings daily having these abilities and being able to help others through their pain, grief, accomplishments, relationships and life in general!
    The road to stepping into her abilities hasn't been the easiest o...

  • Machiel Klerk - 08.24.22

    Episode 13

    Machiel Klerk is a social entrepreneur, licensed mental health therapist, international speaker, dream worker, and published author. He has been a mental health therapist since 2006, and currently has an online private practice.

    Machiel is fascinated by healing traditions. He earned a master’s d...

  • Pat Benincasa - 08.17.22

    Episode 14

    Pat Benincasa is an artist, art educator and podcaster who loves to give form to a good idea! She will use paint, steel and even words to tell a good story!

    Her art has received national and international recognition and she has been awarded National Percent for Art and General Services Adminis...

  • Michelle Freed - 08.10.22

    Episode 15

    Michelle Freed is a graduate of the Alternative Practitioner Academy and received certification from the National Guild of Hypnotism. She completed the beginning, intermediate, and advanced training programs through the International School of Clairvoyance, where she learned to integrate her intu...

  • Tom Paladino - 08.03.22

    Episode 16

    This week on the show we will have Tom Paladino joining us!
    Tom Paladino began research with scalar energy during his undergraduate years. Inspired by various scientists, especially Nikola Tesla (the genius who invented alternating current), he was curious to learn more about the existence of an ...

  • Nicole Newquist - 07.13.22

    Episode 17

    Nicole Newquist graduated with a Bachelor of Science and spent over ten years working in primary care, internal medicine, cardiology, gastroenterology, endocrinology and most recently, oncology excelling in her career and being recognized with numerous awards and promotions.

    In 2014, Nicole expe...

  • Michael Vanderplas - 07.05.22

    Episode 18

    Michael Vanderplas RN, CCRN is a complete healer. An ICU and Psychiatric Nurse for 17 years, Michael has been in more life and death situations than most. He has saved numerous lives as well as been present during the last moments of others. This has given him an incredible perspective into the t...

  • Tessa - 06.29.22

    Episode 19

    Tessa is a natural born Psychic Medium, her first messaged she delivered from spirit was when she was three years old. The loss of her father & grandfather were her catalyst for starting to fine tune her gifts and really dive deep into shadow work. After the meeting of her twin flame, these exper...

  • Yudi and Coco - 06.15.22

    Episode 20

    This week we will be wandering with two guests, both independently talented in their unique ways, both powerful women with messages to share as singer song writers.
    In the first hour, we will be getting to know Yudi.

    Yudi is a female singer-songwriter who started singing when she was a toddler...

  • Lindsey Scharmyn - 06.01.22

    Episode 21

    Lindsey Scharmyn is a Shamanic Healer and Teacher who recovered from severe childhood trauma in order to bring transformative teaching and healing first to students in public schools and now to students of all ages and to the fans of her shows, Rogue Ways and Middle Path.

    Lindsey offers spiritu...

  • Dr. Elsbeth Meuth & Freddy Lental - 06.08.22

    Episode 22

    Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and FreddyZental Weaver are out guests this week.

    Meuth and Weaver, a longtimecouple in life and work, come from dramatically different backgrounds…she aGerman immigrant to the U.S. who was a top management consultant for manyyears, and in her adult years consciously moving awa...

  • Misty Rose Merck - 05.25.22

    Episode 23

    Phone lines will be open and ready for you to call in for a gifted Intuitive Reading with Misty Rose Merck.

    Misty began her journey in the healing arts after her second child was born and she began to experience health ailments. It was on her journey to recover her health that she discovered he...

  • Elly Molina - 05.18.22

    Episode 24

    Former University Adjunct, and highly recognized educator, Elly holds a Master's Degree in Linguistics from NYU and has been educating for four decades. She has appeared on network TV discussing intuitive development in children. She is the founder of Psi-Kids, where children and adults learn to ...