Soul Wanderings

Soul Wanderings

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“Stories connect us to ourselves and each other.”

Soul Wanderings is a weekly show dedicated to raising spiritual awareness and fostering connections through shared stories and personal experiences.

Each week hosts, AJ and Natalie, share time with each other and special guests to reflect on life’s journey. Let’s learn, laugh, inspire, and heal together.

These unique stories will not only open your mind to the endless possibilities the universe has to offer but also cultivate a deeper appreciation for your own authentic and beautiful soul.

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Soul Wanderings
  • John Russell - 05.11.22

    Episode 1

    John Russell is a professional psychic and medium with 50 years expertise and a worldwide clientele. As a paranormal investigator/researcher he's experienced way over 1,000 physical supernatural manifestations, some of which are documented on film and audio.

    -As an award-winning, best-selling au...

  • Wendy Rose Williams - 05.04.22

    Episode 2

    Wendy Rose Williams had 2 Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) in August 1997 while pregnant.
    She met her Angels for the first time while home alone, lying unconscious on the floor & again the night before surgery.

    Meeting the soul mate Wendy contracted with to 'wake her up spiritually' led her to Dr. ...

  • Tessa Adderley - 04.27.22

    Episode 3

    Tessa is a natural born Psychic Medium, her first messaged she delivered from spirit was when she was three years old. The loss of her father & grandfather were her catalyst for starting to fine tune her gifts and really dive deep into shadow work. After the meeting of her twin flame, these exp...

  • Marcela Benson - 04.20.22

    Episode 4

    Marcela Benson, M.A. will be joining us tonight. She is the author of Love, Peace and Vegetables.

    Love, Peace and Vegetables assembles what she learned, so that she can share and pass it along to the world. Embracing a spiritual approach to conscious living and total immersion into the Live Food...

  • Lesley Mitchell-Clarke - 04.13.22

    Episode 5

    Lesley Mitchell-Clarke is a Toronto based Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who specializes in in a number of modalities, including working with individuals who feel that they have had experiences with extra-terrestrial beings. Most of this fascinating work, as well as Metaphysical Therapies such...

  • Persei Ariane - 04.06.22

    Episode 6

    This week we receive the opportunity to connect with guest, Ariane Persei.
    Ariane created the online project of Aria Persei from the desire to serve a greater purpose, to add value in this world through the sharing of life experiences, knowing the material would be accelerating the process of ot...

  • Misty Rose Merck - 03.30.22

    Episode 7

    Misty began her journey in the healing arts after her second child was born and she began to experience health ailments. It was on her journey to recover her health that she discovered her spiritual gifts as an Energy Worker.

    Misty is currently a Certified Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master, Life Coach...

  • Karen V. Johnson - 03.23.22

    Episode 8

    Karen V. Johnson, JD, is a graduate of Georgetown Law Center, a former Fulbright Scholar in Afghanistan, and holds Masters Degrees in Public Health and Public and International Affairs.
    Karen is a retired federal administrative law judge who practiced criminal and energy law for more than 30 yea...

  • Walter Zajac - 03.16.22

    Episode 9

    For nearly 20 years, Walter Zajac has been hailed as one of the best psychics, on the West Coast. As an acclaimed psychic medium, certified Tarot reader, NLP Coach, Reiki Master and Love Coach, he has empowered and guided thousands through enlightening psychic readings, and inspiring coaching and...

  • Natalie Peace - 03.09.22 - Part 2

    Episode 10

    I could not come back to Soul Wander and not have one of your favorite guests from the get go!

    Natalie Peace is a Master Resilience Trainer and lovingly referred to as the Human Wilderness Guide. She meets you in the wilderness, where you are at, and assists you in navigating your way out of th...

  • Soul Wandering Returns - 03.02.22

    Episode 11

    Soul Wanderings Returns and we'll be catching up and sharing with you what's to come in 2022!
    New content, new guests, return guests and whole lot more!

    At the end of last year I introduced you to a new guest reader and you all adored her so much that I felt it fitting to have her come back my o...