The Rundown Live - Kristan T. Harris

The Rundown Live - Kristan T. Harris

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The Rundown Live goes deep into headlines and subjects your local news refuses to investigate, while having the most thought provoking guests in the industry leaving you always wanting more.

Host, Kristan T. Harris, features a national reputation as an independent activist, reporter and writer. His work is featured in “Censored 2017: The Top Censored Stories and Media Analysis of 2015-2016,” as well as in esoteric expert Jay Dyer’s “Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film.” Most recently Harris was sourced in Bruce Montalvo and Jordan Maxwell’s “The Language Of Symbols” and History Channel’s Hugh Newman and Jim Viera’s ” Giants on Records: Secrets in the Mounds and the Smithsonian Files.”

The broadcast blankets most pop culture including topics such as politics, futurism, philosophy, science, economy, trends, natural health, government corruption, ancient history and we're not afraid to cover fringe topics such as 9/11, UFO's and secret societies.

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The Rundown Live - Kristan T. Harris
  • Chemtrail Conspiracy to Geoengineering Reality, Nanoparticulate Rain - 03.07.23

    Episode 1

    Top psychist Brooks Agnew will be joining us to discuss HAARP and weather modification.  How weather modification conspiracy called chemtrails, became reality under geoengineering. Haarp, what is it? Can it control the weather? GROUP OF 60 SCIENTISTS URGE RESEARCH INTO GEOENGINEERING THE EARTH TO...

  • The Rundown Live #904 - A.I. Clones, Brainwashing Tech, Ohio, Farms on the Moon

    Episode 2

    We return this week with our amazing broadcast! Robots Could Be Doing Almost Half of Our Household Chores Within a Decade, AI-Human Romances Are Flourishing—And This Is Just the Beginning, Generative AI could be an authoritarian breakthrough in brainwashing, China Prepares to Police AI as ChatGP...

  • The Rundown Live #903 - Dan Willis, Secret Space Program, Bluebeam, UAP

    Episode 3

    Ex-radio broadcast engineer and former ABC news anchor Dan Willis joins the Rundown live.

    ABOUT: Dan is one of the Top Secret Military Witnesses that testified at the National Press Club in Washington DC in 2001 in front of the major mainstream media of the world. A world disclosure event prompt...

  • Ohio Derailment, Valentines Day Origin, AI Movies, Robots

    Episode 4

    Reporter Addy Ads joins on on scene in Ohio covering what maybe the worst pollution of natural resources in our lifetime, Occult origins of Valentine's day, Left activist: Straight men must date trans women to fight hate, One Third of Americans Would Use Genetics Tech to Make Their Offspring Smar...

  • UFO Craze, Epstein_s Client List, Blue Beam, Killing Grandma

    Episode 5

    On today's broadcast we will be discussing what is the great UFO distracting you from? There is no indication of aliens or extraterrestrial activity with these recent takedowns, 3 alleged UFO's shot down and media spreading conspiracies surrounding the objects shot down, '160 cronies' of Jeffrey ...

  • WWIII, Albert Pike Letter to Mazzini, Oregon Secession, HAARP, Sasquatch

    Episode 6

    Russia ‘massing 1,800 tanks, 700 aircraft & 500k men for new Ukraine assault in 10 DAYS’ after Zelensky begs UK for jets, 11 Oregon counties votes to secede from state, US accused of waging 'information warfare', Home Editing DNA CRISPER kits, Albert Pike Letter to Mazzini, The Illuminati Plan fo...

  • Police Use A.I. Sketches, Digital Dead People, Virtual Girlfriend Banned

    Episode 7

    The Rundown Live Right again - How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline, ‘Radical Traditionalist Catholic Ideology’ are new concerns, ITALY STRIKES CRUSHING BLOW TO AI-POWERED GIRLFRIEND, Says FBI, Developers Created AI to Generate Police Sketches. Experts Are Horrified, Super Bowl security ...

  • Surveillance State, Scary Balloon, Metaverse Police, Occult Grammys - 02.06.23

    Episode 8

    Office of the future will involve your boss reading your brainwaves and checking for productivity, expert claims, fusion centers, cell phone site simulators, wifi scanners,  Inside Interpol’s secret virtual HQ as police plan to hunt criminals in the metaverse, Buffalo, New York, area is hit with ...

  • Gavin Nascimento, Elitism, World Government & Population Control

    Episode 9

    Gavin Nascimento is a public speaker, author and internationally renowned researcher.

  • De-Extinction, Synthetic Telepathy, A.I. to Catch Cheating Spouses-

    Episode 10

    STARTUP BACKED BY "JURASSIC WORLD" PRODUCER SAYS IT WILL REVIVE EXTINCT DODO USING COMPLETE GENOME, Satanic Temple Announces Launch of Clinic to Provide “Religious Abortions” in New Mexico, Brain interfaces could let paralyzed people speak at almost normal speeds, Nebraska Dem's amdt. would ban k...

  • Portals, Digital Humans, Brain Transplant, Egg Crisis - 02.01.23

    Episode 11

    What are portals in mythology? We will now be using virtual portals to shop without leaving your home. Mysterious whirlpool in the sky, Digital humans created by AI could replace supermodels, Doctor want to do brain transplant, AI voice tool 'misused' as deepfakes flood web forum, Alien expert: ...

  • Mexico Bans Chemtrails, Schools Eats Bugs, Pfizer Video, Liquid Robot-

    Episode 12

    Canada: Judge Drops Case Against Guards who Killed a Woman for Not Wearing a Mask, Crushed Bug "Additive" Is Now Included In Pizza, Pasta, & Cereals Across The EU, Mexico Becomes First Nation To Admit Harms Of Geoengineering, Halts Future Experiments, Researchers reveal shapeshifting humanoid rob...

  • #893 - Roboland Amusement Park, Bio-Hacking, Do Humans Have Souls?, UFO

    Episode 13

    Inside Roboland, the US’ first-of-its-kind amusement park that lets guests to come face-to-face with robots in Orlando, Even Reality TV Hosts Are Being Replaced By Robots, Artificial intelligence chatbot passes elite business school exam, outperforms some Ivy League students, Artificial  Do human...

  • James Corbett, The Corbett Report, Lockdowns, 2021 - 01.24.23

    Episode 14

    James Corbett.

    An award-winning investigative journalist, James Corbett has lectured on geopolitics at the University of Groningen's Studium Generale, and delivered presentations on open source journalism at The French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation's fOSSa conference,...

  • Tara Szczepanski, Paris on Fire, Uber Robots, Cryofrozen - 01.23.23

    Episode 15

    We welcome reporter from "On the Ground with Tara," Tara "PoAm" Szczepanski to discuss her experience covering the protests in France over retirement legislation. Uber deliver now hiring robots, deepfakes ar eamong us and you may not even know, LAPD bans "Thin blue line flag", Robotic Rabbis, Ma...

  • Bilderberg Davos SS Origins, Wifi Spy, Where's Hell?, Facebook Files

    Episode 16

    On today's broadcast! Scientists Are Getting Eerily Good at Using WiFi to 'See' People Through Walls in Detail, Al Gore has made $330m on spreading climate misinformation, Davos conspiracies flourish, Freedom of speech top danger according to World Economic Forum, Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot gr...

  • Davos, 90% AI, Airbus, 3d Printing, Surveillance Capitalism - 01.18.23

    Episode 17

    Today on TRL, spread the love join, Thumbs up and star!! Madonna announces tour amidst trafficking investigation, DARPA Wants to Develop a Drug to Make People Resistant to Extreme Cold, FDA Will No Longer Require Animal Tests Before Human Trials for All Drugs, The Slow Death of Surveillance Capit...

  • MLK, Revive Extinct Animals, Above Phone, CBDC - 01.16.23

    Episode 18

    ( We will be on our Strike Zone Channel on Ytube) ‘Woke’ $10M MLK ‘p.e.n.i.$’ statue insults black community, How extinct animals could be brought back from the dead, San Fran's reparations committee proposes $5 million to each Black longtime resident, total debt forgiveness, As elites arrive in ...

  • Madonna Child Trafficking, Artificial Womb Facility, Telepathic Interfaces,

    Episode 19

    Madonna accused of trafficking and exploiting African children,
    Synthetic Dream, Psychedelic Interfaces, and Telepathic Interfaces Group,
    MIT receive funding from Army’s synthetic biology,
    Colorado's 'weather modification' program,
    Lab-Grown Retinas to Restore Vision Are a Step Closer...

  • Addy Adds, Will Turbitt, Ghislaine Maxwell, Fed Reserve - 01.12.23

    Episode 20

    Addy Adds is a best-selling ghostwriter, author, geopolitical commentator, reporter & public intelligence analyst from the American Midwest. His work has been featured in The Gateway Pundit & Unlimited Hangout, and he has had 8 YouTube channels terminated by the technocratic empire of Google for ...

  • Marc D'antonio, KK Propulsion, Zodiac, UFO, Space - 01.10.23

    Episode 21

    Marc Dantonio has a degree in Astronomy and is the Mutual UFO Network’s (MUFON) Chief Photo/Video Analyst. He is CEO of FX Models, a model making and special effects company specializing in digital/physical models, and organic special effects in the film industry. He has done extensive work in th...

  • Young Pharaoh, Esoteric Teachings, Symbolism, Adept - 01.10.23

    Episode 22

    Young Pharaoh is the first black "polymath" to successfully display multidimensional levels of self-awareness since Pharaoh Imhotep of ancient Egypt's 27th Century BC Period. He has historically became the first "Black Genius" CEO Millionaire by utilizing the teachings, disciplines, values, and s...

  • Will Turbitt, Auditing America, Federal Reserve, Globalism - 01.06.23

    Episode 23

    Will Turbitt has paved away from himself as one of the top 1st Amendment Auditors in America collaborating with the Youtube show Auditing America. Now, Will is taking on the Federal Reserve and hosting his own program Fake Mic, Real News!

  • Zoltan Istvan, Bionic Hybrids, Brain Cloud Interface, Synthetic Biology

    Episode 24

    Journalist and accomplished transhumanist activist, Zoltan Istvan joins the Rundown Live to discuss his new article on humanity and the future of ageless bionic hybrids.

    Zoltan Istvan is a top visionary, journalist and influencer within the Transhumanist movement. Istvan has written for Gizmodo,...