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The Rundown Live - Kristan T. Harris

Who Owns You, Meta Data, Thought Police, NWO - 07.28.21

Episode 55 • 2h 3m

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  • Doomsday, Code of Ethics, Aaron Rodge...

    Why are so many Americans obsessed with doomsday prophecies and conspiracies? FEMA, REX84, Police militarization, mark of the beast, transhumanism, prepping, zombies, guillotines and more.

  • Secret Societies Pt.5, Communism, Sku...

    On today's show Kristan T. Harris continues his ongoing Secret Societies segment. We will be covering the Banker Robber Barons, Communism, Skull & Bones Brotherhood of Death, Madame Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Adolf Hitler, Aliester Crowley and more

  • Richard Gage, 9/11 Truth, 20 Years La...

    On today's episode architect Richard Gage returns on the Rundown Live to discuss 9/11 truth and why it is still relevant joining us at the top of the second hour!

    Topics: 9/11, Twin Towers, Building Number 7, Pentagon Flight 93, Black boxes, Nano-thermite, Networking, Painters, Did Terrorists ma...