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The Rundown Live - Kristan T. Harris

The Rundown Live - Kristan T. Harris

3 Seasons

The Rundown Live goes deep into headlines and subjects your local news refuses to investigate, while having the most thought provoking guests in the industry leaving you always wanting more.

Host, Kristan T. Harris, features a national reputation as an independent activist, reporter and writer. His work is featured in “Censored 2017: The Top Censored Stories and Media Analysis of 2015-2016,” as well as in esoteric expert Jay Dyer’s “Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film.” Most recently Harris was sourced in Bruce Montalvo and Jordan Maxwell’s “The Language Of Symbols” and History Channel’s Hugh Newman and Jim Viera’s ” Giants on Records: Secrets in the Mounds and the Smithsonian Files.”

The broadcast blankets most pop culture including topics such as politics, futurism, philosophy, science, economy, trends, natural health, government corruption, ancient history and we're not afraid to cover fringe topics such as 9/11, UFO's and secret societies.

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The Rundown Live - Kristan T. Harris
  • Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, World Council for Health - 03.31.22

    Episode 1

    Shabnam Palesa Mohamed is a print, radio and broadcast journalist, an activist, and a mediation attorney. She is also a steering committee member of World Council for Health.

    In 2021, she founded SAHARI, the largest Ivermectin advocacy group globally, a movement of over 75 000 determined people,...

  • Mark Anderson, PF Lazor, Bilderberg 23, A.I. Writes Grimoire, Digital iGirl

    Episode 2

    Roving Congressional and Bilderberg reporter/editor Mark Anderson and protégé of Jim Tucker. Mark formerly was a regular RBN host from 2008 through 2012, usually under the name “When Worlds Collide.” His current RBN show is STOP THE PRESSES!

    TOPIC: The harrowing plight of California prison inma...

  • Cloned Pets, Invisible Drones, Dream Hacking, Smart Cities - 03.25.22

    Episode 3

    You could feel real-life pain in the metaverse including ‘bird pecking at your skin’ thanks to Japanese start-up

    Putin may unleash nightmare 'war toys' like invisible drones, robot tanks and attack dogs

    ‘metaverse vacation’ where a ROBOT explores holiday spot

    Inside plan for utopian metaverse...

  • Kevin Whitt, Child Sex Changes, Remembering Jordan Maxwell - 03.24.22

    Episode 4

    Kevin Whitt, a former drag queen who became a Christian is leading the opposition to library-sponsored drag queen story hours and testifying to the life-changing power of his new faith. We recently caught Kevin at a Austin Rally to stop Child Sex Changes. Kevin joins us to discuss the dangers of ...

  • The Return of Sean Stone - 03.23.22

    Episode 5

    Actor, Film Maker and Buzzsaw host Sean Stone Joins the Rundown Live to Discuss Transhumanism, UFO Disclosure, Ukraine and more!

  • Rachel Rae & Alex Drones, Kill Your Pets to Stop Inflation - 03.22.22

    Episode 6

    Rachel Rae & Alex Drones of the Liberty Broadcast on join the Rundown Live to get into headlines and news.

    The Great Reset is upon us, inflation, crazy gas prices

    Pfizer, FDA Hid Data Showing Clinical Trials Failed, Says Former BlackRock Advisor

    Let your pets die to combat inflat...

  • A.I. Reaches Consciousness, Digital Immortality, Cyborg Body Parts - 03.09.22

    Episode 7

    We return from our coverage of the People's Convoy in DC to bring you updates on news including all the things they want you to forget about due to the Ukraine story saturating the world. We will be coving the following headlines.

    United States Government Spent 1 Billion Dollars on Media Propaga...

  • Leo Lyon Zagami, Illuminati, Ukraine, New World Order - 03.02.22

    Episode 8

    Zagami, who is known for a brilliant career as Leo Young in the media and music industry as a Record Producer, became quickly popular on the web in 2006, because of his direct involvement in the New World Order and Secret Societies known to the majority of us as the “Illuminati.”

    His blog rose q...

  • Ukraine Fights for NWO, Inflation, Fake News Ukraine, William Cooper

    Episode 9

    Militia members make television appearance on mainstream TV and openly say they fight for the New World Order, Defining the new world order, $10 toothpaste is hear, More fake news out of mainstream media and Ukraine, Where are the fact checkers? Guerrilla Warfare Has Erupted In Ukraine, William C...

  • Myth-information, Child Cyborg, Micrometacognition, Facial Recognition

    Episode 10

    The public is saturated with misinformation and disinformation by the mainstream media on the Russia-Ukraine fiasco. Family choses to turn their son into a real Cyborg, Micrometacognition to control your thought process and emotions, Smart head bands, Digital ID, WEF rolls out global facial recog...

  • War in Ukraine, 92% Americans take Up Arms, Glass on Moon - Part 2

    Episode 11

    As Putin moves to disarm Ukraine and fight "nazi's," NATO is hesitant to join due to Russia's nuclear war threats. Video game footage aggregated as Ukraine war footage 92% of Americans polled would take up arms if the United States was Invaded. Facebook allows praise of Nazi battalion in Ukraine,...

  • Peoples Convoy, 700 National Guard to DC, Digital ID CBDC

    Episode 12

    The People's Convoy is due to take off from California and the United States government has called in the National Guard ahead of the Trucker Convoys arrival at the Capitol. Federal Reserve Central Banking Digital Currency set to systematically control how you spend your money through social cred...

  • Kristin Buckbee, Defeat the Mandates, Peoples Convoy, Canada Martial Law

    Episode 13

    Kristen Buckbee is an activism and protest organizer from New York, who works monitoring and analyzing potential threats to the medical Freedom movements. She works in an advisory role with organizers and groups nationwide including with Children's Health Defense and Defeat The Mandates DC.

  • Should We Believe Conspiracies? - 02.18.22

    Episode 14

    Do you believe in something paranormal or conspiratorial? Government cover-ups, secret space programs, Anti-Christ, human experimentation, UFO's, Ghosts, Time Travel, MK-ULTRA, Secret Societies, Mark of the Beast, New World Order or even Bigfoot? People around the world believe and claim to have ...

  • Social Credit Scores, Trudeau Freezes Bank Accounts, Ukraine - 02.17.22

    Episode 15

    US Trending Toward China's Social Credit System, Enabled By Big Tech: Former Facebook Analyst

    Canadian Officials Freeze Bank Accounts of Citizens Who Donated to Freedom Convoy

    Trudeau Mocked and Ridiculed at Parliament

    Clintons in Charge of the $60 Million in Black Lives Matter Assets?

    U.S. M...

  • Dictator Trudeau, Canadians Labeled Terrorists, Freeze Donor Accounts - 02.16.22

    Episode 16

    TODAY: Did CSIS use an Antifa Member to Dox and Honeypot Freedom Convoy?
    Trudeau’s State Media Labels ‘Freedom’ A “Far Right” Concept
    Man was reportedly kicked off a flight because he had “let’s go Brandon”
    Pentagon’s Latest Strategy: Promote Socialism To Combat China
    Canadian Civil Liberties Ass...

  • Leeroy Johnson, UN Soldiers in Canada, Transformer Robots - 02.11.22

    Episode 17

    Journalist Leeroy Johnson had his Twitter account disabled a few weeks ago and recently had his store demonetized and found himself getting arrested for covering mandate rally's and sit ins within New York City.

    DHS Suggests Those Who Spread “Misleading Narratives” That “Undermine Trust in US G...

  • Canadian Rebellion, Ukraine Nuclear War, Artificial Wombs - 02.10.22

    Episode 18

    Canada Rebellion Reaches New Level 'Freedom Convoy' protesters who block streets could be 'arrested without a warrant,' Ottawa police warn

    Blockade grows at bridge and Ottawa airport as US warns of Super Bowl copycat

    DHS bulletin warns trucker convoy could disrupt Super Bowl Sunday

    A school in...

  • Canada to Call on Military Vs Convoy, Headlines - 02.03.22

    Episode 19

    Canadian law enforcement calls on officials to bring in Military to reopen the borders as truckers have positioned themselves to blockade travel and deliveries from the United States. Other Headlines:

    Ottawa City Councillor Demands Government Seize $7 Million Raised By Canadian Truckers

    NOW - #...

  • Joe Rogan, Canada Revolt, Students Apologize for Being White - 02.02.22

    Episode 20

    Canadian authorities in many provinces are caving to the Trucker protest as farmers join in on rebellion against mandates:

    Majority of Canadians Now Want COVID Rules to End After Trucker Revolt

    BREAKING: The Quebec government has dropped the idea of taxing unvaccinated people.
    Joe Rogan under f...

  • Canada in Revolt, Biden Supports Neo Nazi's, Ukraine Drama - 02.01.22

    Episode 21

    Do you know anyone who was at the Canadian Trucker Convoy in Ottawa? We are looking to hear from people who attended the freedom convoy on today's radio broadcast of the Rundown Live. Digits are you know where.


    Canada in full revolt over mandates
    Fact Checking the Freedom Convoy

  • Dylan Charles Hunt, Addiction, Self Sabotage, Shamanism - 01,28.22

    Episode 22

    Dylan Charles has inspired millions of people around the world as the owner of Waking Times. Sharing a powerful message of transformation, his incredible journey from addiction and self sabotage to shamanism and self mastery is an example of courage and personal responsibility. As a certified FFS...

  • Drew Arnold, Ashley Babbit, Jan 6th, Documentary - 01.27.22

    Episode 23

    Drew Arnold is an award winning visual effects director working in the cross-section of technology and entertainment. Recently responsible for creating VR World and the Western Hemisphere's largest VR arcade. Drew has worked with a number of high profile clients in fashion and entertainment, incl...

  • Leeroy Johnson, Leeroy Press, Banned on Twitter - 01.26.22 KGRAdb

    Episode 24

    Independent reporter and streamer sourced by mainstream media Leeroy Johnson was recently banned for his coverage of Peaceful sit in protests across New York City over mandates and discrimination of healthcare choices. His viral footage of law enforcement throwing a flag on the ground and stompin...