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The Rundown Live - Kristan T. Harris

Disclosure, Mermaids, Durham Probe, AI Reasoning - 05.17.23

Episode 5 • 1h 36m

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  • AI Nuclear Codes, May Day Illuminati,...

    The Rundown Live returns this week to discuss should AI have nuclear codes? May Day and the origins of the Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt and what happened to the remaining members after the dissolution of the Bavarian lodges, 3d printed food, AI to take over drive through duties, UAPs and more!

  • Mammoth Meatballs, Zombie Birds, Cube...

    Scientists create giant meatballs out of mammoth DNA, would you eat them? Scientists also create Zombie Drone Birds. Patents that support top secret aircraft maybe recent UFO sightings shot down by government. Belief in man made climate change drops across the globe, air bus, cattle mutilation a...

  • Richard Gage, Nine Eleven, Surveillan...

    Architect and engineer Richard Gage joins us to talk about his upcoming documentary as well as him being removed from Spike Lee's documentary on tonight's broadcast.