The Tracie Austin Show - Tracie Austin

The Tracie Austin Show - Tracie Austin

3 Seasons

KGRA-db presents Host, Tracie Austin, every Sunday to discuss the variety of topics expanding into the ever-deep world of the Paranormal.

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The Tracie Austin Show - Tracie Austin
  • Les Velez - 12.05.21

    Episode 1

    Les Velez is the co-founder of OPUS, an organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support which was formed in 1994. He’s a graduate of the University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Science in administration as well as a US Army Veteran, and former Vice President of Luscombe Engineering. In 199...

  • The Tracie Austin Show - Nikki Vasconez - Pet Communicator

    Episode 2

    As a professional animal communicator, I connect with your animal, living or deceased, through my own mental thoughts and images. I can ask how your animal is feeling, what they need, etc. I receive their answers via thoughts, images, feelings, scents, and even sounds. I may feel pain in my body ...

  • Peter Maxwell Slattery - 11.14.21

    Episode 3

    Peter's experiences have been detailed in an overwhelming amount of photographic and video evidence related to UFOs, otherworldly Beings, and apparitions, which have been analyzed by Jason Gleaves (Ex-U.K. Air Force and Aerospace), and remote viewed by John Vivanco (The Psychic Spy) and his group...

  • Mark Anthony - Psychic Lawyer - 11.07.21

    Episode 4

    Mark Anthony, JD Psychic Explorer® (aka The Psychic Lawyer) is a fourth generation psychic medium who communicates with spirits. He is an Oxford educated attorney licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D.C., and before the United States Supreme Court. Mark travels to mystical locations i...

  • Roundtable Halloween Special - 10.31.21

    Episode 5

    Paranormal Investigators - Tony Rathman, Dave Spinks, Joe Thompson, Tim Kaftanic. Dave Spinks has been investigating and researching the Supernatural since 1986 due to several experiences he had as a young man. Since that time he’s conducted several hundred investigations in the U.S. as well as...

  • Mona Van Joseph - 10.17.21

    Episode 6

    Mona Van Joseph is a famous psychic in Las Vegas and has been featured on the local FOX, NBC and ABC affiliates as well as her cameos on several media broadcasts, including the popular reality program SISTER WIVES!

  • Mariel Forde Clarke - 10.10.21

    Episode 7

    Where - do our loved ones go - After they die? This is the question that has traversed the universe for centuries and is considered one of life’s greatest mysteries. While many of the world’s renowned philosophers, scientists, theorists, doctors, and great mystics endorsed the existence of the af...

  • Jim Harold - 10.03.21

    Episode 8

    Jim began podcasting on the paranormal subject in 2005.
    His programs have stood the test of time and The Paranormal Podcast and Campfire remain among the most popular in the genre. Jim has developed a loyal following that spans the globe. In addition to his free podcasts at, Jim ...

  • Uri Geller - 09.26.21

    Episode 9

    He's the world's most investigated Paranormalist. With a career spanning more than 50 years, Israeli mystic Uri Geller has seen almost everything, from famous figures to historic events, and according to Uri, that even includes aliens and Nazis! Recently Uri has been in the headlines for his rol...

  • Michael & Marti Parry - 09.19.21

    Episode 10

    This unique husband and wife team are amazing as they combine the mediumistic abilities of Michael with the rare abilities of psychic artistry of his wife Marti. In the same caliber as other renowned psychics, Michael is able to make a connection with relatives and friends that have passed over t...

  • Christopher Bledsoe - 09.12.21

    Episode 11

    On January 8th 2007, Chris Bledsoe Sr. came face to face with celestial beings and had missing time. Although he wouldn’t recall the details of that first terrifying encounter until under hypnosis a year and a half later.

    While on the banks of the Cape Fear River, Chris, his son Chris Jr. and th...

  • Euclid Paranormal Investigations - 08.15.21

    Episode 12

    Euclid Paranormal was founded by Tim Kaftanic, an Army Veteran with a passion for understanding the paranormal. Tim and other veterans began researching areas in and around Sierra Vista, Arizona. After several successful investigations, Tim's family began to join him, each bringing a unique per...

  • Joe Thompson - 08.08.21

    Episode 13

    Joe Thompson is a US Navy Vet, a published author, paranormal investigator and researcher and has been involved in the paranormal world since 1987!
    He was stationed in Italy at the time of his very first investigation and has been hooked on the Paranormal subject ever since. He investigates anywh...

  • Dave Spinks - 08.01.21

    Episode 14

    Dave Spinks has been investigating and researching the Supernatural since 1986 due to several experiences he had as a young man. Since that time he’s conducted several hundred investigations in the U.S. as well as Europe.  Dave served in the U.S. Air Force for 8 Years and went on to work as a Fed...

  • Dr. Louis Turi - 07.25.21

    Episode 15

    Dr. Turi is recognized in The Marquis Publication Board, of “Who Is Who in America” and ranks among the world’s top gifted mediums. Dr. Turi is a legitimate UFO’s contactee with numerous close encounters of the fifth kind. Since 1985, as a medium, Astrologer and UFO lecturer, with his uncanny ab...

  • Dean McMurray - 07.18.21

    Episode 16

    Dean McMurray (AKA The Military Medium) is a 24 year Army Veteran who was not aware of his abilities to communicate with spirits until after his overseas deployment with the Army. His spirit guides decided it was time for him to step into his gifts and they paid him a visit! Although it was a s...

  • David Sereda - 07.11.21

    Episode 17

    A part from David Sereda being heavily involved with the subject of UFOS, he has studied Meditation, Yoga, Vegetarian diet, world religions, ancient history, Physics, Math, Astronomy, Alternative Zero Point Energies for over 40 years. He took physics in school to college level and continued his ...

  • Yancy Spence 06.13.21

    Episode 18

    Have you ever heard of what’s known as the Brooklyn Bridge Abduction of 1989? It’s a case that is known to some degree, but has been very much suppressed for some 32 years - until tonight that is! Because my guest YANCY SPENCE is sharing the details about this very incident that he was witness t...

  • Gary Heseltine 06.06.21

    Episode 19

    Gary is the creator of UFO TRUTH MAGAZINE based in the UK, and is a former police detective

    In 2002 while still an officer Gary created an unofficial national database - recording police sightings called PRUFOS (Police Reporting UFO Sightings). The database collates police sightings from several...

  • James Trey Hudson 05.30.21

    Episode 20

    There are several epicenters of such strangeness that have been ingrained into our collective consciousness over the decades. The Hessdalen Valley in Norway, the Hoia-Baciu Forest in Romania, Japan’s Aokigahara Forest, the Mesa Verde dwellings in New Mexico, Stardust Ranch near Rainbow Valley, A...

  • Erin Montgomery "Dirty Little Secret" 05.09.21

    Episode 21

    My special guest tonight is ERIN MONTGOMERY who is a 4th generation UFO contactee who began experiencing strange phenomena as early as 7 years old and has been able to retrieve some of those memories through hypnotic regression in order to help relieve some of the trauma that was created by those...

  • Don Philips - 04.25.21

    Episode 22

  • The Tracie Austin Show - Mike Anthony

    Episode 23

    Tonight we talk to Mike Anthony about the unexpected passing of his father which lead him down a remarkable path of discovery. This personal experience completely shifted Mike’s understanding of how the universe works. Now he spends his time investigating and writing about various lines of eviden...

  • Jorge Martin Miranda - 03.28.21

    Episode 24

    My guest tonight JORGE MARTIN MIRANDA, is a Journalist and UFO researcher, and studied Political Sciences at the University of Puerto Rico. He began his work of investigative journalism specializing in the enigma of unidentified flying objects and the alleged extraterrestrial presence in our worl...