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  • Britton Buchanan 06.11.21

    This week "The Voice" star Britton Buchanan brings to light the interconnection of musicians and artists with the supernatural or paranormal. We'll talk about musicians, modern and ancient, as well as how writers and artists of all stripes connect with supernatural energy to create their art. Br...

  • Steve Siegel - 06.10.21

    This Thursday June 10th 2021, on the I Detective Show, we will be premiering “Criminals say and do the Dumbest Things”. Also do you have plans on pulling the pin and retiring, well our guest Steve Siegel is a consultant on how to plan your reti...

  • Fear in the last 20 Years, Robots, Weather Modification, Indiana Jones 06.11.21

    On todays show we discuss Indiana Jones 5, Fear in the last 20 years, robot takeover of America Weather Modification, the Holy Grail, headlines and American Conspiracies.

  • Immortality Pill, CRISPR to Engineered ‘Superbug’, No Jab, No Job 06.10.21

    On today's broadcast. Did mainstream media and social media partake in one of the biggest cover-ups in history with the Wuhan Lab revelations? Would you take an immortality pill? Hospital in Houston lays off 178 workers for refusing covid vaccine. Attacking Fauci is "Anti-Science" he self proclai...

  • Debra Lynne Katz 06.09.21

    Hello Wanderers! This week we are spending time with a new guest, Debra Lynne Katz (International School of Clairvoyance & Debra Lynne Katz).
    Debra Lynne Katz is an internationally renowned speaker, and founder and director of the International School of Clairvoyance (ISC) -- one of the first onl...

  • Rosa Koire, Behind the Green Mask, DELPHI, UN Agenda 21 06.09.21

    On this edition of the Rundown Live we Celebrate the life of frequent guest and democrat whistleblower, Rosa Koire as we dive into her book behind the green mask, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and headlines:

  • Mainstream News, Why People Believe Conspiracies, Language Brain Chip 06.08.21

    Do you believe the mainstream media, why or why not? Where do you get your news from? Why do so many people believe in conspiracy theories? We will have open lines on today's broadcast as we talk telepathy the one world language, life extension, why are children sexting? Headlines, and more!

  • What the EVPE team has captured 06.07.21

    Join us Monday night, June 7th on KGRAdb.com for the next episode of Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence. See, hear, and experience exactly what the EVPE team has been up to with their free time, where they have investigated, and of course what they have captured.

  • Winter Laake 06.06.21

    Joining Alan is author and psychic tarot card reader Winter Laake to explore the philosophy of Luciferianism in our modern age - and to discuss the misconceptions of Luciferianism, as well as alternative Biblical interpretations, and the various forms of magic and neo-paganism. Are there differen...

  • Gary Heseltine 06.06.21

    Gary is the creator of UFO TRUTH MAGAZINE based in the UK, and is a former police detective

    In 2002 while still an officer Gary created an unofficial national database - recording police sightings called PRUFOS (Police Reporting UFO Sightings). The database collates police sightings from several...