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  • Erase Your Memories, Fake Comment Industry, Fake Protest 05.07.21

    Today on the Rundown Live Would you Erase your bad memories, fake comments and reviews, fake crowds on demand, IBM super battery, Christians under attack, humanizing robots, Businesses cant find help

  • Can't Quit Lockdown, Rotten Meat, Dog BBQ 05.05.21

  • I Detective

    This Thursday May 6th 2021, 2021, on the I Detective Show, our guest is 30 year veteran of Law Enforcement, Frank Borelli. In his 30 years, Frank has done it all, from Patrol, to Investigations, to Training. But retirement was not in his plans as he became an author and Editorial Director for...

  • Bruce "Zen" Benefiel, Regenerative Cities, Synthetic Bio 05.04.21

  • The Moon, E.T.s, and Metaphysical Reality - Constance Victoria Briggs 05.02.21

    Joining Alan tonight is Constance Victoria Briggs to discuss some of the most intriguing mysteries out there! Constance is a writer with unique insight into extraterrestrials, conspiracy theories, metaphysical, spiritual and cosmic questions.

    It is her goal to investigate the mysteries of the un...

  • Chris Sanders - 05.03.21

    Join us Monday Night at 9 pm Eastern and 6 pm Pacific time on Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence as we speak with Chris Sanders and review some of his top paranormal captures. Chris Sanders has been a Paranormal investigator for 14 years. Chris's number one goal is is to help out families in need...

  • Stephen G. Bassett - 05.03.21

    On Monday May 3 my guest on “Meanwhile, Here On Earth,” will be the executive director and treasurer of the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee, executive director of Paradigm Research Group, and this country’s first extraterrestrial life / disclosure lobbyist, Stephen G. Bassett.

  • Terry Lovelace | Incident at Devils Den & Devils Den: The Reckoning 05.04.21

    Universal Secrets LIVE Tuesday (5/4) at 8p ET exclusively on, KGRA's Facebook, Twitch & YouTube Channels. Also on the Paranormal Radio app.

    Kevin and Tiffany "spill the secrets" with Terry Lovelace - Abductee, Author.

    Terry will share his compelling story including proof of alien ...

  • Terry Lovelace 05.05.21

    This week on Soul Wanderings, we welcome to the show, Terry Lovelace. I don't believe this man needs an introduction, you may have already heard of his experiences, but have you heard about his journey story in life? This is soul wanderings, after all. We get to hear about it all.
    Terry Lovelac...

  • Erin Montgomery "Dirty Little Secret" 05.09.21