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Upcoming Broadcasts

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Upcoming Broadcasts
  • 06.14.21

    The Producers is a free weekly show dedicated to everything KGRA! Each Monday at 6pm Est. , Race Hobbs, Bill Skywatcher and Eric Braegger cover show content from the past weeks 'On Air' programming and and take a look forward to the week ahead! Take an insider look that only the KGRA Producers c...

  • Richard Dolan & Stephen Bassett

  • Experiencer and Close Encounter Roundtable 06.13.21

    Joining Alan this week to discuss and explore their similar yet unique experiences is Debbie Jordan-Kauble, Lisa O'Hara, and Terry Lovelace. Whether conscious recall or recovered memories through hypnosis, the alien abduction phenomena continues to mystify those interested in the subject, as well...

  • Yancy Spence - 06.13.21

    Have you ever heard of what’s known as the Brooklyn Bridge Abduction of 1989? It’s a case that is known to some degree, but has been very much suppressed for some 32 years - until tonight that is! Because my guest YANCY SPENCE is sharing the details about this very incident that he was witness t...