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Upcoming Broadcasts

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Upcoming Broadcasts
  • Trey Hudson - 09.28.21

    Guest, Trey Hudson to discuss his book, “The Meadow Project: Explorations into the South’s Skinwalker Ranch” will take you along the amazing journey from its discovery to the most recent investigations. He also does a deep dives into UFO hotspots and areas of strangeness such as: The Hessdalen Va...

  • Elle Hari - 09.29.21

    This week on Soul Wanderings we have the opportunity to wander with Elle Hari.

    Elle knows from experience! It washer own painful Twin Flame journey that sent her on a search out of the miseryshe experienced at the loss of her Twin Flame relationship - short-lived as itwas! It was the single mos...

  • Jim Goodall - 09.28.21

    What secrets lie in the Nevada desert? Who are the true big wigs of the UFO disclosure community? Noone knows better than the one and only Jim Goodall!

    Jim Goodall is an aviation and science writer of over 20 books. He is the former Associate Curator of the Pacific Aviation Museum, Pearl Harbor...

  • Robert Long & James Bouck - 09.27.21

    The Monday September 27 episode of "Meanwhile, Here On Earth" will feature veteran UFO investigator/researchers Robert Long and James Bouck. Long and Bouck's recently published book, "UFO Abduction: The Control Factor" is one of the best-researched and most objective takes on the realities surrou...

  • Frank Kupka from Buffalo Phantom Hunters - 09.13.21

    Join us on Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence, Monday, September 13th at 9 pm Eastern and 6 pm Pacific time on KGRAdb.com as we invite Frank Kupka, Co-founder of Buffalo Phantom Hunters onto the show. Frank has many years of being a paranormal investigator and let me say, I have seen the clips Fr...

  • Consensus Vs. Science, Healthcare, Global Warming, Food Health 08.12.21