Veteran's Action Report

Veteran's Action Report

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Veteran's Action Report will bring you the latest interviews with veterans all around the country. We will be bringing attention to the struggles veterans face spanning from homelessness to mental health crisis. We will bring in veteran entrepreneurs, business owners, and nonprofit leaders to share their knowledge and stories of how they got to where they are now.

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Veteran's Action Report
  • Episode 33 - Nick Devlin

    Episode 1

    Nick is an Army Veteran 2008-2012 with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Nick is a life coach helping people realize their dreams and helping others move to that next level in life. Check out his website at:

    Every episode supports veteran nonprofits:

  • Episode 32 Joshua Lee - 07.27.22

    Episode 2

    Today we are updating everyone on what has been going down the last few weeks! I'm selling my house to buy a house in the country so we can rent out a piece of the property to Warriors Next Adventure for the Mental Wellness Retreat MWR.

    Every episode supports veteran nonprofits:

  • Episode 31 - Team Emotive

    Episode 3

    Team Emotive is a British Veteran Row team for the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge December 12th 2022. Team Emotive is raising funds for an organization called Veterans At Ease. Check them out at:

    Every episode supports veteran nonprofits:

  • Episode 30 - Carl Whalen - 06.22.22

    Episode 4

    Carl is a Co-Founder of Back the Heroes Rumble! He is an OIF combat medic veteran and continues to serve his community with the annual car show benefitting families of fallen police officers, fire and military. This year, Back the Heroes Rumble is supporting The Fallen 13 from Afghanistan. Pre-re...

  • Josua Lee - 06.15.22

    Episode 5

    Josh is here with me today and we will chat about multiple projects, self-realization and how to walk the walk.
    Every episode supports veteran nonprofits: and

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  • Episode 28- Andy Baseman - 06.08.22

    Episode 6

    Andy is a Peer Recovery Support Specialist, Army veteran and is now 22 Months sober from a 20-year meth addiction. Andy has made a major uturn in live and is the leading points scorer for the WNA Dirt Track Race Team.

    Every episode supports veteran nonprofits:

  • Episode 27 - Andrew Canales - 05.25.22

    Episode 7

    Its been a while since Andrew has been on the show so we're going to catch up with him and Houses For Warriors.

    Every episode supports veteran nonprofits: and

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  • Episode 26 - 05.18.22

    Episode 8

    Today is a toss up...who will it be? what will we talk about?

    Every episode supports veteran nonprofits: and

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  • Episode 25 Zach Pennington - 04.27.22

    Episode 9

    Zach is a We Defy Foundation Ambassador and medically retired veteran. Zach uses jiu-jitsu to combat the effects of PTSD and stress. He is also an expert in Pointillism and hyper realism art. Check out to support veterans training jiu-jitsu to fight ptsd.

    Every epi...

  • Episode 23 - Stacey Kean 04.13.22

    Episode 10

    Stacey was a medic in the military and a paramedic for over 20 years. She recently received a master's degree in recreation science with specialization in therapy. Licensed in recreation therapy and opened Recreation Xperiences (RX) after recognizing traditional health care and therapies were not...

  • Episode 22 Will Janssen - 04.06.22

    Episode 11

    Will is a veteran entrepreneur, Warriors Next Adventure board member and is also rowing the ocean with Nick, Tommy and Chad December 12th this year with Fight Oar Die! We will talk about why Will is rowing and share some info about the boat. Check out to check out what Fight Oar Die ...

  • Episode 21 Evan Stratton - 03.30.22

    Episode 12

    Evan is the president of Fight Oar Die nonprofit organization. Evan rowed across the Atlantic for Fight Oar Die in 2019 in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challange and is helping the 2022 team prepare for their row in December. Check out Fight Oar Die here:

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  • Episode 20- Patriot Homes

    Episode 13

    Jay is the owner of Patriot Homes MN. We talk about entrepreneurship and what is like to own your own business. Check them out at:

    Every episode supports veteran nonprofits: and

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  • Episode 19 Andrew Farrer - 03.16.22

    Episode 14

    Andrew and I met through the Irreverent Warriors nonprofit. Andrew has one hell of a comeback story and is an inspiration to veterans that may be struggling.

    Every episode supports veteran nonprofits: and

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  • Episode 18 - Annette Whittenberger - 03.09.22

    Episode 15

    Annette is an Army Major Veteran and put out a book called "The Wall Between Two Lives" talking about suppressing your trauma and how to break free. Go check out her website and all social media at:

    Every episode supports veteran nonprofits:

  • Trisha Wohlfeil - 03.02.22

    Episode 16

    Trisha is a licensed marriage and family therapist and certified daring way facilitator as well as a military spouse. Trisha works with individuals, couples, families, children, adolescents, and teenagers from a systematic perspective at Minnesota Renewal Center in New Brighton MN. She has a pass...

  • Episode 16 - Chad Miller - Part 2

    Episode 17

    Chad is one of my partners that is rowing the ocean with me in December for Fight Oar Die. Go check out Fight Oar Die at

    Every episode supports veteran nonprofits: and

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  • Episode 15- Tommy Hester - 02.09.22

    Episode 18

    Tommy is one of the 4 veterans rowing for Fight Oar Die in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challange December 2022. We will be in a 28ft rowboat for 45+ days for a 3000-mile race from Spain to Antigua. Check out Fight Oar Die at

    Every episode supports veteran nonprofits:...

  • Episode 14 Brian Tally - 02.02.22

    Episode 19

    Brian is a Marine veteran who ran his own small business until the he sustained an injury due to VA medical malpractice. He was misdiagnosed multiple times and using a legal loophole, they were trying to avoid compensating him for his injuries. Brian authored 4 bills that he presented to congress...

  • Joel Hunt from MBR - 01.26.22

    Episode 20

    Joel is the President of Military Broadcast Radio and the host of H Train Show. Joel is also a We Defy sponsored athlete and Nick is his athlete engagement mentor. Check out the H Train show at:

    Every episode benefits veteran nonprofits:

  • Episode 12 Homes For Veterans - 01.19.22

    Episode 21

    Today we have on Francessca from Homes For Veterans. They are a nonprofit that helps do remodels for vets and they help fund projects for Houses For Warriors. Check out their website at

    Every episode supports veteran nonprofits: ...

  • Vic Tise & Jim Lacey 01.12.22

    Episode 22

    Vic and Jim work for CSD Cyber and did some work for us. Jim and Vic are both West point graduates and had some pretty interesting stories to share about intel work and deployments to Iraq with the cobra squadron.

  • Episode 10- Hicksstrong - 01.05.22

    Episode 23

    Hicksstrong is an orginization created by a mother and father of a Navy veteran, Macoy Austin Daniel Hicks, who took his own life. Jolee and Mike connect military, veterans and more with qualified therapist while waiting to get help from the VA. They will pay for a portion of your therapy so our ...