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Podcast UFO - Martin Willis

Neil Nixon - 10.05.21

Episode 13 • 1h 54m

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    THE FIRST HOUR is with Bryce Zabel & Kathleen Marden on legendary UFO Encounter Anniversary of Betty & Barney Hill. Bryce broaches some controversy from a journalistic view, speaks about his 10-part series featuring the Hills, and discusses his former series, Dark Skies, then SECOND HOUR ...

  • Robert Salas & Martin Keller - 09.14.21

    First half hour, Robert Salas comes on to make an announcement, It is time for the U.S. Congress to hold public hearings on the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP). There are many ex-military witnesses who can verify UFO incidents of nuclear weapons bases. Main show guest Martin Keller discusse...

  • David Marceau

    Guest David Marceau witnessed in 1992 an Oblong-shaped UFO fly over the Canadian army base in New Brunswick where he was stationed. The oblong craft appeared over an acre long.

    David Marceau experienced a close encounter with an alien spaceship while on duty with the US Army Reserves in August, ...