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War Party Paranormal

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War Party Paranormal Radio hosted by a team leader Eric Vanderlaan and cohost/paranormal investigator Mike Del Coro of the War Party Paranormal Research.

War Party Paranormal is a team of advanced technical investigators in paranormal research-based in South Florida. We are innovative in the research and development of our equipment and using the latest technology available in the field. In addition, we help people who have problems with the paranormal in their homes or businesses. We are a team that puts our clients first and stays with them until their issues are resolved.

Tune in as Team Leader/Host Eric Vanderlaan will be airing a live paranormal investigation from the previous weekend with his team member. Viewers can watch live. He will show the evidence captured on the show with a round table discussion with team members.

Each show can vary. We will be investigating 2 locations in one night to discuss which site is the most haunted—showing the evidence and including a round table discussion with the investigators who conducted the investigation.

Eric will be bringing in guest paranormal investigators from all over the U.S. to discuss their local haunted locations with evidence.

Other shows we will be conducting a live paranormal workshop on the latest paranormal equipment and how to conduct an investigation properly.

Stay tuned for some excitement and learning about all things paranormal from experts in the field! It will be like no other paranormal show ever seen!!

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War Party Paranormal
  • Warrior On The River | Guest Chaz Of The Dead - 12.05.22

    Episode 1

    Eric and Mike will be joined by guests Chaz of The Dead. This episode they will talk about & show audio and video clips of the crazy findings at the haunted Warrior On The River a well know concert venue in Tallahassee FL during the North Florida ParaCon Hosted by OutKast Paranormal. Plus dual DE...

  • Haunted Letchworth Village Asylum - 11.28.22

    Episode 2

    This huge facility was brought to the public eye by an amazing journalist in a documentary from 1972 named WILLOWBROOK: THE LAST GREAT DISGRACE by Geraldo Rivera. A shocking exposé of the deplorable conditions and abuses from the Willowbrook State School for children with intellectual disabilitie...

  • A Demonic Haunting Guests Julia & Philip Siracusa

    Episode 3

    Eric & Mike will be join by guests Philip and Julia Siracusa to talk about the real life haunting's of the Siracusa Family

    Philip & Julia are most known as the home owners of the Horsefly Chronicles house located in Easton, Pennsylvania.
    Philip is the author of two books
    "The Horsefly Chronicle...

  • Halloween Special - 10.31.22

    Episode 4

    War Party Paranormal - Halloween Special

    Eric & Mike will be joined by members of the team to discuss evidance captured , Their experiences and show some remarkable footage of the paranormal. Oh and did I mention we are going to have a surprise!

  • Episode 32 - Clampers Haunted Chapter Virginia City

    Episode 5

    Mike And Eric are joined by guest Gavin Kelly and Surprise Guests to talk about the Coming soon to HALLOFlixx “Clampers: The Haunted Chapter” exclusively on PARAFlixx paranormal+ as a part of the October ScreamStreams event. #StreamAndScream

    Get full access for only $3.99 a month and a free 3-d...

  • Episode 31 - War Party Paranormal

    Episode 6

    Eric & Mike will be joined by members of the team and special Guest Karly tarot card reader to discuss spiritual & occult practices preformed by some members of the team members, Their experiences and show some remarkable footage of the paranormal and spiritual rituals dating back to the age of s...

  • Episode 30 - Haunted Yesteryear Village - 10.10.22

    Episode 7

    Eric and Mike show clips and talk about this haunted history park located in West Palm Beach Florida. Yesteryear Village & War Party Paranormal Research Team host public events here and have captured some eerie and bizarre paranormal activity. This location is home of Riddle House that was chroni...

  • Episode 29 - Patti Negri & Natalie Jones

    Episode 8

    Eric & Mike with War Party Paranormal Talk Show will be joined by special guests Patti Negri & Natalie Jones. To talk about their experiences doing the DELCO Experiment & other activity captured during PEX.

    Patti is Psychic-Medium and "Good Witch" is best known for her recurring role on the Tra...

  • The New Reality Special Guest - 09.26.22

    Episode 9

    Eric & Mike with War Party Paranormal Talk Show will be joined by special guests the New Reality. Shawn and Cody are a paranormal group located out of Southern California. Their goal is to investigate the unknown and to gather evidence to prove or disprove supernatural or paranormal activity.


  • Episode 27 - Haunted Walsh-Osterhoudt House

    Episode 10

    Eric & Mike with War Party Paranormal Talk Show will be joined by fellow team mates to talk about their findings at The Walsh-Osterhoudt House, This house is among the oldest residential structures remaining in South Florida and is significant because it was built during the early agricultural de...

  • Episode 26 - Bigfoot Stacey - 08.29.22

    Episode 11

    Eric & Mike with War Party Paranormal Talk Show will be joined by special guest Stacy Brown Jr AKA Bigfoot Stacy. Stacy is a Filmmaker, Paranormal Explorer & Bigfoot Researcher. Stacy is also part of OutKast Paranormal. OutKast Paranormal is a global think-tank of paranormal researchers that expe...

  • Episode 25 - Haunted Savanna Georgia - 08.22.22

    Episode 12

    Eric & Mike will be joined by Joe Turino fellow Team Mate and Host of “Greetings From FLOWEIRDA” Podcast to discuss the Haunted Mecca that is Savannah Georgia. Joe is a huge history buff and has been investigating Savannah for years. Mike had recently joined Joe in Savannah to investigate the Sor...

  • Episode 24 LIVE Paranormal Investigation | Haunted Angry Warthog Saloon

    Episode 13

    Join the War Party Paranormal Crew as they take things to a whole new level. Experience an interactive Live stream Paranormal Investigation of The Haunted Angry Warthog Saloon. Mike will be moderating this mild chaos from the comfort of his work space. As Eric & Joe try and produce some paranorm...

  • Episode 23 - Gettysburg Battlefield Bash #ghosthunters

    Episode 14

    Eric & Mike will be joined by founders of the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash, Pam and Steve also joining the show speakers Bob Christopher, Founder/ Lead Investigator of Ghost Detectives TV & Gina Bengtson host of the Fox Den with Gina B and Mama D & of course War Party Paranormal Co-Founder “Scotti...

  • Episode 22 - Haunted Mass Grave - 08.01.22

    Episode 15

    Eric, Mike and some of the War Party Paranormal Team speak about and show paranormal evidence resulting from the Hurricane of 1928. This massive storm although slightly less powerful than Andrew, it took a extremely deadly path making landfall near west palm beach and crossing the state from east...

  • Episode 21 - Haunted Hotel Redland

    Episode 16

    Eric & Mike discuss and showcase video clips of some remarkable paranormal evidence captured by War Party Paranormal Research Team at this historical landmark. The Hotel Redland is an Historic hotel, built in 1904 it is the oldest building in The City of Homestead. This 13 room hotel was damaged ...

  • Episode 20 - Haunted Old Davie School - 07.18.22

    Episode 17

    Eric & Mike discuss and showcase video clips of some remarkable paranormal evidence captured at this historical structure. War Party Paranormal Research Team holds ongoing public Ghost Hunting Events at this beautiful campus all year long for more info please visit : https://www.olddavieschool.or...

  • Episode 19 - Special Guests World's Largest Ghost Hunt Crew

    Episode 18

    Eric & Mike will be joined by the Admins of the WLGH to talk about this great event see more info on the WLGH below:


    The World's Largest Ghost Hunt™
    will celebrate its fifth anniversary on
    Saturday, September 24, 2022

    Celebrate the official Nati...

  • Episode 18 - The Haunted Glades Correctional Institution - 06.27.22

    Episode 19

    Eric & Mike will be joined by fellow War Party Paranormal team members to discuss and show evidence captured of their findings while investigating the Haunted Glades Correctional Institution. This facility was a Florida Department of Corrections state prison for men in unincorporated Palm Beach ...

  • Episode 17 - Special Guest Brandon Alvis - 06.20.22

    Episode 20

    Eric & Mike are joined by special Brandon Alvis. Brandon Alvis was the paranormal technician of the “Ghost Hunters” team. His twin passions for history and the paranormal led him to establish the American Paranormal Research Association (APRA). Brandon has investigated over 200 public and private...

  • Special Guest Lindsey Paranormal - 06.13.22

    Episode 21

    Eric and Mike are joined by special guest Lindsey Paranormal. Lindsey is a Paranormal Explorer from Los Vegas and can be seen streaming on Paraflixx. Let's get spooky folks! #paranormalexplorer #haunted #paranormal #paraflixx #warpartyparanormal #Spooky #ghosthunters #Hauntedplaces

  • Episode 15 - The Haunted Viele House

    Episode 22

    Eric & Mike show clips and talk about the paranormal activity captured at Davie Florida’s oldest structure. This 1912 house has survived the hurricane of 1926 and the floods of 1947. It has even survived the westward rush of development that swept over Davie in recent decades.

    It's the Viele Hou...

  • Episode 14 - Cryptozoology and UAPs

    Episode 23

    Eric & Mike are pleased to announce that they'll be having 2 Awesome guests on the show! They will be discussing Cryptozoology and UAPs with Brit from the No Earthly Explanation Podcast and Matt from the Supernatural Spectrum Podcast!! They are highly experienced in these topics!

  • Episode 13 - The Haunted Last Chance Saloon - 05.16.22

    Episode 24

    Eric & Mike are joined by other teammates and discuss an extremely active paranormal hotspot the Florida Landmark The Last Chance Saloon. This location is the last stop before entering the overseas highway entering the Florida Keys. this historical landmark has produced some incredible paranormal...