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War Party Paranormal

War Party Paranormal

18 Episodes

War Party Paranormal Radio hosted by a team leader Eric Vanderlaan and cohost/paranormal investigator Mike Del Coro of the War Party Paranormal Research.

War Party Paranormal is a team of advanced technical investigators in paranormal research-based in South Florida. We are innovative in the research and development of our equipment and using the latest technology available in the field. In addition, we help people who have problems with the paranormal in their homes or businesses. We are a team that puts our clients first and stays with them until their issues are resolved.

Tune in as Team Leader/Host Eric Vanderlaan will be airing a live paranormal investigation from the previous weekend with his team member. Viewers can watch live. He will show the evidence captured on the show with a round table discussion with team members.

Each show can vary. We will be investigating 2 locations in one night to discuss which site is the most haunted—showing the evidence and including a round table discussion with the investigators who conducted the investigation.

Eric will be bringing in guest paranormal investigators from all over the U.S. to discuss their local haunted locations with evidence.

Other shows we will be conducting a live paranormal workshop on the latest paranormal equipment and how to conduct an investigation properly.

Stay tuned for some excitement and learning about all things paranormal from experts in the field! It will be like no other paranormal show ever seen!!

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War Party Paranormal
  • Episode 18 - The Haunted Glades Correctional Institution - 06.27.22

    Episode 1

    Eric & Mike will be joined by fellow War Party Paranormal team members to discuss and show evidence captured of their findings while investigating the Haunted Glades Correctional Institution. This facility was a Florida Department of Corrections state prison for men in unincorporated Palm Beach ...

  • Episode 17 - Special Guest Brandon Alvis - 06.20.22

    Episode 2

    Eric & Mike are joined by special Brandon Alvis. Brandon Alvis was the paranormal technician of the “Ghost Hunters” team. His twin passions for history and the paranormal led him to establish the American Paranormal Research Association (APRA). Brandon has investigated over 200 public and private...

  • Special Guest Lindsey Paranormal - 06.13.22

    Episode 3

    Eric and Mike are joined by special guest Lindsey Paranormal. Lindsey is a Paranormal Explorer from Los Vegas and can be seen streaming on Paraflixx. Let's get spooky folks! #paranormalexplorer #haunted #paranormal #paraflixx #warpartyparanormal #Spooky #ghosthunters #Hauntedplaces

  • Episode 15 - The Haunted Viele House

    Episode 4

    Eric & Mike show clips and talk about the paranormal activity captured at Davie Florida’s oldest structure. This 1912 house has survived the hurricane of 1926 and the floods of 1947. It has even survived the westward rush of development that swept over Davie in recent decades.

    It's the Viele Hou...

  • Episode 14 - Cryptozoology and UAPs

    Episode 5

    Eric & Mike are pleased to announce that they'll be having 2 Awesome guests on the show! They will be discussing Cryptozoology and UAPs with Brit from the No Earthly Explanation Podcast and Matt from the Supernatural Spectrum Podcast!! They are highly experienced in these topics!

  • Episode 13 - The Haunted Last Chance Saloon - 05.16.22

    Episode 6

    Eric & Mike are joined by other teammates and discuss an extremely active paranormal hotspot the Florida Landmark The Last Chance Saloon. This location is the last stop before entering the overseas highway entering the Florida Keys. this historical landmark has produced some incredible paranormal...

  • Johnny Zaffis - 05.09.22

    Episode 7

    Eric & Mike are joined by the one and only “Godfather of the paranormal” Johnny Zaffis and War Party Paranormal Research Team’s well respected Co-Founder Scottie Burns.

    John Zaffis is a paranormal researcher born and based in Connecticut, United States. He starred in the SyFy paranormal reality...

  • Episode 11 - Gold Coast Railroad Museum - 05.02.22

    Episode 8

    ric & Mike are joined by other teammates and discuss an extremely active paranormal hotspot the Gold Coast Railroad Museum. This property was formally the Richmond Naval Air Station that once housed massive blimps that were used to protect the coastline during WWII until September 15, 1945, a hu...

  • Episode 10 - Special Guest - Daryl Marston - 04.25.22

    Episode 9

    Eric & Mike are joined by special guest Daryl Marston. Co-lead investigator of the “Ghost Hunters.” TV series. Hailing from Middletown, Delaware, Daryl’s investigation skills stem from his background as both a firearms instructor and a contractor, where he not only gained valuable knowledge of ho...

  • Episode 9 - Special Guest Susan Slaughter - o4.18.22

    Episode 10

    Eric & Mike are joined by special guest Susan Slaughter. She has stared on hit series such as “Ghost Hunter International” “Paranormal Caught on Camera” and much more. Susan recently investigated the Deering Estates with the War Party Team. Ironically this is where it all started for her, one of ...

  • Episode 8 - Special Guest April Busset - 04.11.22

    Episode 11

    Eric & Mike are joined by special guest April Busset The Psychic Housewife of New Jersey and Celebrity Psychic Medium, April is clairvoyant, remote viewer, automatic writer, Shaman and Ghost Hunter.  April was featured on Travel Channel’s hit series “The Holzer Files”.  April works with some of ...

  • Episode 7 - Haunted Abandoned Rocket Test Facility - 04.04.22

    Episode 12

    Eric & Mike are joined by fellow team members to discuss shocking evidence found at a creepy abandoned, once secret rocket test facility hidden deep in the Florida Everglades. Subcontracted by NASA during the Space Race. Now In shambles and covered in graffiti and occult markings, even signs of s...

  • Episode 6 - Special Guest "The Good Witch" Patti Negri Pattinegri

    Episode 13

    Eric & I and members of the team will be joined by special guest Patti Negri “The Good Witch” Patti is a psychic medium and is huge in the paranormal community you might also know her from a little show called Ghost Adventures! We will talk about last years and upcoming PEX (ParaExperience) Paran...

  • Episode 5 - Haunted History Fort Lauderdale - 03.21.22

    Episode 14

    Eric & Mike will discuss the teams findings from their paranormal investigations at History Fort Lauderdale. This location is home to a few historical haunted structures. Each having its own haunts and Florida history. The New River inn This beautifully crafted well-built two story building is Fo...

  • Episode 4 - The Devil Tree #thedeviltree - 03.14.22

    Episode 15

    Mike, Eric, Joe and Special Guest talk about the legend of The Devil Tree and our findings during several paranormal investigations at this location. In Port St. Lucie Florida on canal C-24, there’s beautiful 150-year-old oak tree located in Oak Hammock Park called the Devil’s Tree. This legend i...

  • Episode 3 Waverly Hills Sanatorium - 03.07.22

    Episode 16

    We will discuss the infamous haunted hospital. The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is on the U.S. National Register of Historical Places. The massive five story hospital was constructed in 1926. It housed 400 patients and was one of the largest facilities of its kind. Waverly served the community throug...

  • Episode 2 Cassadaga - 02.28.22 - Part 2

    Episode 17

    Cassadaga is a small unincorporated community located in Volusia County, Florida, United States, just north of Deltona. It is especially known for having many psychics and mediums, and has consequently been named the "Psychic Capital of the World" We will discuss our findings at several haunted l...

  • Premiere Episode - Riddle House

    Episode 18

    War Party Paranormal Radio Show Episode 1 ...The Haunted Riddle House.