X-traordinary Stories

X-traordinary Stories

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The Universe is Vast, and so is the Human Experience. Do you have an interesting story? Let’s hear it! UFO Encounters, Paranormal Experiences, Extrasensory Gifts, Angel Encounters, Unusual Survival Stories, Connections to Historical Places, Interesting Achievements, and Stories of Courage & Resilience.

Every life is both ordinary and extraordinary. Let’s talk!

On this show, we will invite people who have had extraordinary experiences to share their stories. We will discover what they saw, heard, thought, and felt with supportive listening and how the experience changed their lives. When we put all of these stories together, we might find some answers to important questions about how the universe works and our role in it. Based on the story featured on the show, we may have subject matter experts to help shed some light on the topic.

We have both had our own extraordinary experiences involving UFOs and paranormal experiences and know what it’s like to be left with feelings of amazement and a lot of questions. We’re interested in the stories and the people who experienced them; we’re deep diving for answers. We’re building comradery and a place to belong.

Join us to hear and share some Extraordinary Stories!

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X-traordinary Stories
  • X-traordinary Stories: David (Phoenix Lights UFO Experiencer/Hospice Nurse)Pt 2

    Episode 1

    David was a previous guest on X-traordinary Stories and discussed his up close view of the Phoenix Lights UFO. He's back by audience request, to talk about his work as a long-time hospice nurse. Join us to hear his insights from caring for individuals at the end of life and about some visits h...

  • Doctor Found No Cancer - 12.24.22

    Episode 2

    In the spirit of Christmas Eve, we'd like to share an extraordinary story that involves hope and healing. Lisa was told that she had 2 massive tumors and that treatment would involve removal of parts of several organs and that she only had a few months more to live. She woke up from surgery to fi...

  • 1982 Willernie. , MN UFO Eye-Witness - 12.17.22

    Episode 3

    Meet Julie Ohlson. In 1982 when Julie was a teenager, she and her family experienced a green light illuminating the bedroom and looked out to see a 40 foot wide cigar shaped light hovering near their home. When it took off, fiery remnants scattered on the snow packed ground and were collected b...

  • Close Encounter with Phoenix Lights UFO - 12.10.22

    Episode 4

    Join us for a chat with David, a hospice nurse, who was driving home at just the right time to hop out of his car and get a close up view of the UFO from the well known 3/13/1997 Phoenix incident. David will also discuss a strange encounter he had more recently out in the desert.

  • Bruce "Zen" Benefiel -

    Episode 5

    X-traordinary Stories: UFO Encounters, New World Order, and the Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement with guest Bruce "Zen" Benefiel

    Zen’s childhood was marked by a guiding voice, out of body experiences, and encounters with a cigar-shaped cloud that hovered near his home in Indiana. These e...

  • Survival Story - 11.12.22

    Episode 6

    X-traordinary Stories – Survival Story. Meet Teresa, when her teenage son was in an auto accident and expected to die or remain in a coma, she used everything she knew to help him survive – traditional nursing, Reiki (hands on healing), healing music, and oils. Her husband even saw small lightn...

  • Sarah Breskman Cosme - 11.05.22

    Episode 7

    Sarah Breskman Cosme, expert on Atlantis and renowned hypnotist, will be on X-traordinary Stories on Saturday 11/5/2022! Sarah is the best-selling author of "A Hypnotist's Journey to Atlantis" and "A Hypnotist's Journey to the Secrets of the Sphinx." She is a Master Hypnotist, a Level 3 practitio...

  • Halloween Special - 10.29.22

    Episode 8

    We’re telling real ghost stories and giving away t-shirts! Host Susanne Crabtree, Ph.D. will tell her story of living in a haunted house when she was a young child. Then hosts Susanne and Billie will tell the tale of their creepier than expected trip to Tombstone, Arizona, “the town too tough to...

  • Int'l UFO Congress - X-traordinary Style - 10.22.22

    Episode 9

    Join hosts Susanne Crabtree, Ph.D. and Billie Davis, M.S. for insights, updates, and photos from this year's International UFO Congress.

  • Scientist Nancy Rynes' Near Death Experience - 10.15.22

    Episode 10

    In this episode, you will meet Nancy, a geologist who nearly died when she and her bicycle were hit by an SUV. During surgery, when her heart stopped, she was transported to another world where she encountered beings who gave her a new perspective on life and the afterlife. Don’t miss this int...

  • "I SEE DEAD PEOPLE!" - Daphne

    Episode 11

    Come hear the story of Daphne who started out as a kid, terrified of the spirits in her room and became an x-traordinary psychic, medium, & empath. If you liked Whoopie Goldberg in the movie Ghost, you're not going to want to miss Daphne.

  • Les Velez - 10.01.22

    Episode 12

    X-traordinary Stories with Guest Les Velez, Co-founder of Opus, The Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support, and author of the book "The Unknown Other". Les has many additional accomplishments including his work with MUFON as a Field investigator, Training Coordinator for field ...

  • Armed Police Response to Ghost - 09.24.22

    Episode 13

    In this episode, you will meet Karl, a hospital administrator, who experienced some shocking ghostly encounters soon after purchasing a home. The family thought the first encounter was a burglar and called the police, who arrived armed and ready to deal with a home invader, but not the ghostly k...

  • Premier Episode - 09.17.22

    Episode 14

    In this premier episode, hosts Susanne Crabtree, Ph.D. and Billie Davis, M.S. share the details of the UFO encounters they each had and how these experiences led them on a path to explore the unknown. The hosts discuss their goal of offering support and listening for other audience members who ha...