X-traordinary Stories

X-traordinary Stories

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The Universe is Vast, and so is the Human Experience. Do you have an interesting story? Let’s hear it! UFO Encounters, Paranormal Experiences, Extrasensory Gifts, Angel Encounters, Unusual Survival Stories, Connections to Historical Places, Interesting Achievements, and Stories of Courage & Resilience.

Every life is both ordinary and extraordinary. Let’s talk!

On this show, we will invite people who have had extraordinary experiences to share their stories. We will discover what they saw, heard, thought, and felt with supportive listening and how the experience changed their lives. When we put all of these stories together, we might find some answers to important questions about how the universe works and our role in it. Based on the story featured on the show, we may have subject matter experts to help shed some light on the topic.

We have both had our own extraordinary experiences involving UFOs and paranormal experiences and know what it’s like to be left with feelings of amazement and a lot of questions. We’re interested in the stories and the people who experienced them; we’re deep diving for answers. We’re building comradery and a place to belong.

Join us to hear and share some Extraordinary Stories!

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X-traordinary Stories
  • Debra Lynn Katz, Ph.D. - 05.27.23

    Episode 1

    Join us for an engaging discussion about Remove Viewing with Debra Lynn Katz, Ph.D. She is the President of the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA). She established and is a lead instructor at the International School of Clairvoyance. She has written several books including "Associ...

  • 2006 Angled Craft Accompanying a Flying Saucer Near Tempe, AZ - Pt 2

    Episode 2

    On July 4, 2006, Chris witnessed a flying saucer accompanied by a craft that was shaped like a carpenter's square. Join us for Part 2 of the discussion to hear more details of his experience,, the effect it had on his beliefs, and the research he has done about his sighting. This interview is t...

  • 2006 Angled Craft Trailing a Flying Saucer In The Sky Over Tempe, AZ - Part 1

    Episode 3

    Join us for a discussion with Chris. This is his first time publicly discussing an unusual sighting he had on July 4, 2006 in the skies over Tempe, AZ. From his apartment steps, he was shocked to see a flying saucer and even more shocked by the craft behind it that seemed to be over a mile wide...

  • Thom Reed - 02.25.23

    Episode 4

    Join us to hear personal details of Thom Reed's UFO encounter and his experience of growing up in a home where a murder occurred. Learn more about Thom Reed and the first UFO incident officially inducted into US history by checking out the website ufopark.org. He will be at the upcoming UFO XPO...

  • Spirits & Dreams - 02.18.23

    Episode 5

    Join us for a discussion with Gloria, who works in social services and is a mother. She discusses the interactions she and her family had with spirits in her home, sometimes during waking hours and sometimes during dreams or sleep paralysis. The experiences were frightening at times but she fo...

  • X-traordinary Stories: Michelle Emmerson & the White House Webcam

    Episode 6

    Join the hosts for an interesting conversation with Michelle Emerson about her observations from monitoring the White House webcam and a chance encounter with a Bigfoot type being.

  • X-traordinary Stories_ Rose

    Episode 7

    Join us for a fascinating discussion with Jon and Rose Little Thunder about their encounters with Bigfoot and Little People near their home, near the Badlands of South Dakota.

  • Ghosts, UFO, & Astral Projection - 01.28.23

    Episode 8

    Join the hosts and a young nurse, named Lindsey, for a discussion of her encounters with high strangeness - a ghost encounter, UFO sighting & astral projection.

  • Jerome AZ UFO Photo and Investigation Strategies with Shane Hurd

    Episode 9

    Join us for an illuminating discussion with Shane Hurd, Assistant Director of the Arizona Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). He shares information and a photo from an intriguing UFO sighting over the historic mining town Jerome, Arizona. He explains the steps taken to analyze the sighting and photo. ...

  • Josh Rutledge - 01.14.23

    Episode 10

    Join us for a discussion with Josh Rutledge. Josh studies places that are hotspots for UFO sightings along with other anomalies such as poltergeists and bigfoot sightings. He explores the mystery of why these events come together in a certain time period, at a certain place, and calls this the ...

  • X-traordinary Stories - Jennifer Stein

    Episode 11

    On this episode, we will talk to Jennifer Stein about her UFO encounter in Pennsylvania in 1975 when she was a teenager. We will also discuss one of the documentary films she has produced called TRAVIS: The True Story of Travis Walton. To learn more about Jennifer, check out her work at onwinge...