KGRA Digital Broadcasting

Discover the wide variety of programming covering a large range of topics: Paranormal, Ufology, News, Conspiracy, Science, History, Secret Societies, Spirituality, Healing, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Radio + Video + Archives" explained.

The "Radio" tag is meant to signify the program airs on the radio.

The "Video" tag helps identify which programs go live on video.

The "Archive" tag dictates which programs are only available to members after going live.  If this tag is not present, it does not get archived for members.

Where can I listen to the Radio?

KGRAdb is a Digital Broadcasting Network.  This means the radio transmits digitally on the internet rather than a traditional AM/FM radio station.

The best place to listen to the radio is right here on the website

Here is a list of verified listening options:

Do I need a membership to watch/listen?

The Radio & Live Video programs are 100% Free.  You can create a free account to unlock video livestreams & chat.

Membership is only required to watch archived video content/programs or to part take in special events only available to members.

How do I access Audio Archives?

Audio Archives are hosted on each Show's Page below their about section.  Additionally, you can access audio archives on the following platforms:


Apple Podcasts


iHeart Radio

Google Podcasts

Amazon Music / Audible

Cast Box


Podcast Addict